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Puzzle | AIMS Education Foundation. This week’s Puzzle Corner activity is a magic trick with a mathematical, as well as a slight-of-hand, component. I first came across this trick in one of Martin Gardner’s many books on recreational mathematics. I liked it so much that I have been stumping students, friends, and family members with it ever since. In order to make this trick work, you will need to practice it by yourself until the moves (illustrated at bottom) become automatic, before trying it out on someone else. Its success, like the success of many magic tricks, depends on diverting the audience’s in this case, your students’ attention. You can’t do this if you are uncertain of all the moves and take too much time making them. We’ll start by looking at how the trick is performed and then look at the mathematics involved.

You will need at least three cups to perform this trick. Begin this trick by explaining that the goal is to get all three cups facing up after making exactly three moves. Performing the trick: 1. 2. 101questions. Games that make you think. Yummy Math | We provide teachers and students with mathematics relevant to our world today

iPad Maths. Lemon LawChange the numbers on the apples so that the number on the lemon is the given total.NumskullInteractive, randomly-generated, number-based logic puzzle designed to develop numeracy skills.AddleArrange the numbers from 1 to 14 in the spaces to make the sums correct.Pairs Twenty OneFind the pairs of numbers that add up to 21.Suko SujikoInteractive number-based logic puzzles similar to those featuring in daily newspapers.ExpediteDrag the numbered cards to produce a multiplication fact. Complete twenty mixed times tables questions to earn a trophy.MathopolyA game of buying and selling property with maths questions thrown in for good measure.Connect 4 FactorsThis a game for one or two players. The winner is the first to line up four numbers with a common factor. Successfully complete an activity and you will earn a Transum Trophy. Collect trophies in your own personal Transum Trophy cabinet and, for some activities, you can work on improving your personal best Transum scores.

Math Word Problems for Children. Investigations. What is investigative maths? First of all, what investigative maths isn’t ! It’s not the same thing as practical work (though practical work may be involved) – and it’s not just a different sort of problem-solving. In investigative maths, children are given a starting-point and some clear procedures to try out but they usually have no idea at the outset what sort of results they’re going to get. This is where the interest comes. Good investigations generate patterns of different sorts and it’s these patterns we want children to look for and identify in their results. What’s the point of investigative maths for children? Too many people have the idea that maths is a fixed body of knowledge with a rigid set of rules and procedures; they see it as a subject where you get right answers by just learning how to apply the rules correctly. Our investigations. 52-4_9_lighter_side. Starter Of The Day.

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