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The ufo sightings. Adventures in Data Analysis-UFO Sightings and Visualizations in CartoDB. Today my project was to visualize time series data in CartoDB.

Adventures in Data Analysis-UFO Sightings and Visualizations in CartoDB

I discovered CartoDB about two weeks ago, read their blog (check out Fredo Baart’s water current simulation to see if the Alcatraz escapees could have survived) and fell in love. Excited to get started I grabbed the UFO sighting dataset from the National UFO Reporting Center and went to work. It is very easy to get started with the software. Manipulating data within CartoDB wasn’t difficult and I was able to develop a basic torque visualization within 15 minutes. My very first CartoDB visualization can be found below:If you are using WordPress embedding the map is as simple as pasting the CartoDB url into the page.After 20 minutes I am in love with the software. Untitled. Sightings of unidentified flying objects in the territories we know today as European Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics, Belarus, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Siberia and Far East began thousands of years ago.


Some fascinating sightings took place in the tumultuous 17th century. Map of the Euro-Russia area. UFOs over Georgia. The New Germany and the Hollow Earth. There is another Germany inside the hollow surface of our planet.

The New Germany and the Hollow Earth

This inner or New Germany grew from the first or outer surface Gemany, and both have full(but secret ) relations with each other. According to the book "Genesis for the New Age" by John B. Leith, the story begins in 1572 when 500 Germans from Sax-Coburg, including some Prussians and Bavarians were hired as soldier-mercenaries by the King of Portugal(Sebastian I) to build a fort and man a garrison up the Amazon River in a fight against the Spaniards. As they sailed the river they were fiercely attacked by the native Indians, and both the Germans and Portuguese and their families were forced to flee to the jungles where they came across a cave entrance which the Indians feared and fled from.

The new colonists made their home in and by the cave and eventually traveled further inward and downward into the caves's passages ultimately leading to the Earth's inner concave surface -which they reached in 1647.


WWW.WORLD UFO PHOTOS.ORG. Crop circles. An Overview of "The Gift" By Doug Ruby. "The Gift" is a book about the decipherment of the crop circles.

An Overview of "The Gift" By Doug Ruby

Many of the people who have read the book whole heartedly agree with me that I have, indeed, deciphered the crop circles. This statement should be tempered with the acknowledgement that there are many forms of information being communicated by the crop circles. Consequently, it will be through a group effort that the crop circles are deciphered in their entirety.

Aliens, An Introduction To The Truth - They Exist.

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Disclosure. Entrevista Jaime Maussan a Edgar Mitchell BeWitness / Sé testigo. Jaime Maussan Presents the Smoking Gun. Noticia importante de Jaime Maussan. Ufo and et in art. Project Blue Book Collection - Powered by The Black Vault. Seeking the Third Story. Blue Book Archive. List of UFO sightings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article lists some alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), including supposed cases of reported close encounters and abductions. 2nd millennium BCE[edit] Classical antiquity[edit] 8th century[edit]

List of UFO sightings

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