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According to a New Theory, People With RH-Negative Blood Don’t Come From Earth. The Facts:In the 1980s, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund became the authority of global warming.

According to a New Theory, People With RH-Negative Blood Don’t Come From Earth

Why would they do this? Are these people really concerned about our planet or simply profiting and justifying heightened states of security for ulterior motives? Astonishing Updates On The Potential Alien Body Unearthed In Nazca, Peru. Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Found – Collective Evolution. Astonishing Updates On The Potential Alien Body Unearthed In Nazca, Peru. Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Found – Collective Evolution. UFO Researchers: 82 Alien Species Are Currently In Contact With Earth — And At Least Four Are Fighting For Control Over Earth. A three-part video (see below) purports to set aside the confusing New Age mumbo-jumbo in favor of the testimony of highly reliable whistleblower sources of information about the known extraterrestrial species visiting Earth.

UFO Researchers: 82 Alien Species Are Currently In Contact With Earth — And At Least Four Are Fighting For Control Over Earth

Information about alien species visiting Earth comes from a variety of sources. The first sources are alien abductees and contactees. The second sources are whistleblowers, including former military personnel, intelligence officials, and government scientists or employees. Real Aliens caught on Camera. John E. Mack Institute. 16 Apr 2008 Stephen Coan, The Witness American film maker Randall Nickerson is currently visiting southern Africa to make a documentary that follows up an incident that happened at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994, when 62 children aged between eight and 12 reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during their morning break.

John E. Mack Institute

Those children are now young adults scattered around the globe. Nickerson is tracking them down and interviewing them about the experience. “Their stories have not changed at all,” he says. The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 'Royal' Families. Excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation The leader of the Earth's Illuminati is called the "Pindar". ...

The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 'Royal' Families

Excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation. Alien Captured Alive In New Mexico. ‘Mummified Alien’ Discovered In Russia Proves Extraterrestrial Life, UFO Conspiracy Theorists Say [Photos/Video] The alien and UFO conspiracy theory blogosphere is revisiting the famous case of the missing body of Alyoshenka (Aleshenka), also known as the Kyshtym Alien or Kyshtym Dwarf, a mysterious, diminutive humanoid corpse found in May 1996 in rural Kaolinovy, near Kyshtym in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, but which later went missing mysteriously.

‘Mummified Alien’ Discovered In Russia Proves Extraterrestrial Life, UFO Conspiracy Theorists Say [Photos/Video]

While conspiracy theorists claim that detailed expert autopsy reports, surviving photos, and videos (see below) give definitive proof that the alleged “alien body” was of extraterrestrial origins, skeptics insist that rumors of autopsy reports proving Alyoshenka was non-human were urban legend and that, on the contrary, reports from official sources proved the mummified corpse was a human female fetus born prematurely with severe deformities. But conspiracy theorists allege there were belated efforts by the Russian authorities to cover up the truth about the body. Alien Or Demon Skulls Found In Russia? Hitler May Have Been Involved. (Alien Mysteries)

The Greys. Extracted from Matrix II Since the primary species involved is that of the Greys, we will concentrate on that species.

The Greys

Over the last several years , researchers have unearthed plenty of evidence that: The United States made one or more agreements with a species described as the tall Greys, and has agreed not to interfere with alien operational plans in trade for technology. Agreements made In 1934, 1964, and 1972. The Orion Project - Aliens List. DRACONIANS. Commentary from Dan Winter: The politics of the interventionist Draco trading colonies (see Dune - whose Arrakeis - the home star of Dracos and Dune - is correctly located in Alpha Draconis) - definitely became represented by Enlil / Yahweh / Michael side of the An - Annunaki family.


Also should be seen as the roots of insurance and banking on Earth. The templar followers of the MAG (draco matriliny) line are often credited with 'inventing' insurance and banking for the west. The Zeta Reticuli Incident. Route map.

The Zeta Reticuli Incident

Click here. The route map above shows the culmination of our efforts. This group of stars is a "natural" for exploration when we achieve interstellar flight. Project Serpo - The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program. Release 29 The “Yellow Book” and Universe explained(16 June 2008) • UPDATE: ANONYMOUS comments on “The RED and YELLOW BOOKS” and PROVIDES NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED SPECIFIC STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ACCESS “The YELLOW BOOK!”

Project Serpo - The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

• WHAT THE EBENS KNOW ABOUT OUR UNIVERSE and THEIR VIEWS ON The BIG BANG and INFLATIONARY THEORIES OF COSMOLOGY! • REVEALED: The NAME OF THE ACTUAL UFO CONTROL-STUDY GROUP WHICH COMPLETELY MANAGES THE UFO SUBJECT MATTER ... AND IT AIN’T “MJ-12!” Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2007, 7:53 a.m. 10-5 seconds = QUARKS combine to form PROTONS and NEUTRONS 10-3 seconds = Formation of HYDROGEN and HELIUM atoms 1-3 minutes = Formation of light elements up to BORON 370,000 YA = Emission of CMB [Cosmic Microwave Background]: the universe becomes transparent 200 MYA - 13.5 billion of years ago = Birth of first STARS; reionization 3 billion years - 10.4 billion years ago?

Nordic Aliens and the Grail Race (Abridged) Nordic Aliens and the Grail Race (Abridged) ©2012, This is a condensed version of Gnosis Part 6: Nordic Aliens and the Grail Race Introduction Who forged the Grail?

Nordic Aliens and the Grail Race (Abridged)

Who brought it to Earth? Alien types. Alien Species from A-Z: "The Second Edition" UFOs-ET Base: French farmer taken by agreement. By Colin Andrews. RL: The yoga session that you just saw, this is a yoga that I learned with the hosts, the Biologist and the Ethnologist: no music, no speech, holding the posture, the feeling. But it's a very different approach because I went to yoga classes in Rodez and it seemed less life-like, less interesting, I didn't learn this method at all. Concerning the actual testimony, I'd like to thank Mr.Metz and Mr. Venturini for the enormous amount of research they've done, especially concerning the pilots when I made an excursion in France in a spacecraft which was following a Mirage III.

It's true that, considering that forty years had passed, I wanted to find someone who could help me make this testimony known, as I was aware that it was something important. I think there are other people who have experienced things just as significant or moreso, and who prefer not to make it known, unfortunately. So we're going to step back forty years. It was haying season. I went back home, and I saw my parents. Google Translate. UFOs-ET Base: French farmer taken by agreement. By Colin Andrews. Sixtopazwells. Bodies of Aliens Roswell UFO Crash 1947, as no one had ever seen. Aliens. Conversations with Extraterrestrials: Nine Case Studies. Alien Species: Advanced Humans, Greys and Reptilians. (Before It's News) According to the “Disclosure Project on the 9th May 2001 by 1989, 57 different varieties of alien beings had been catalogued.

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. A former Army Sergeant who worked at NATO, Clifford Stone, has said the US Government had tried to suppress what he actually seen one strange day in Pennsylvania, back in 1969. ”I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers.

There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrial Technology And Reverse Engineering - Tecnología Extraterrestre y Retroingeniería. - Alien Agenda. Alien Intro What we call “aliens” are hyperdimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perceptions and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years and continue to live here, mostly in underground bases.

Some “aliens” helped genetically engineer the human race, while other factions later crippled human genetics in order to turn mankind into little more than a source of physical and etheric food. Today, those interacting with humanity via abductions have a negative orientation and intend to create a race of human-alien hybrids capable of ruling over humanity while having total allegiance to the interdimensional alien empire. Hostile “aliens” are 4D and 5D dark entities: Consist of beings who have evolved beyond limited three dimensional linear time status. They have weaknesses: They are prone to wishful thinking due to their narrow probable reality range.

The real Men in Black, Hollywood and the great UFO cover-up. Hidden among the avalanche of documents leaked by Edward Snowden were images from a Powerpoint presentation by GCHQ, entitled The Art of Deception: Training for a New Generation of Online Covert Operations. Images include camouflaged moths, inflatable tanks, women in burqas, and complex diagrams plastered with jargon, buzzwords and slogans: "Disruption Operational Playbook", "Swap the real for the false and vice versa", "People make decisions as part of groups" and, beneath a shot of hands shuffling a deck of cards, "We want to build Cyber Magicians".

Curiously, sandwiched in the middle of the document are three photographs of UFOs. Not real ones – classic fakes: one was a hub cap, another a bunch of balloons, and one that turned out to be a seagull. Reptilians: Understanding the Hive Consciousness by James Bartley.