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David Clarke

Founder of GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Technology Group Join Now! ABOUT THIS GROUP Possibly the Biggest Challenge to Business this Decade. Who should join? -Those who are responsible for personal data . *Company Leaders *Technologists looking to support existing Data Infrastructures. * GDPR Specialists * GDPR Consultants * Data and Privacy Technologists * Business Analyst * Process Experts. * Privacy Experts. * Cyber Privacy Consultants. * Data Privacy Consultants. _________________________________ GDPR has been likened to Y2K . "biggest change to EU data protection law for two decades" -SC Magazine "This is perhaps one of the most significant milestones achieved in data protection in our lifetime and the democratisation of the world’s biggest single digital market is now complete". Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP "GDPR as the biggest legal change of the digital age" Mark Lomas

Blood Testing and Data Protection

GDPR Expert.