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Book Outline | Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective. This book contains eight chapters. Chapter One introduces the key themes for the book. Chapter Two briefly describes the technology that makes electronic commerce possible, while Chapter Three introduces the topic of Web strategy. The major functions of marketing are described in the next five chapters: Promotion (Chapter Four); Promotion and Purchase (Chapter Five); Distribution (Chapter Six); Service (Chapter Seven); and Pricing (Chapter Eight). The final chapter takes a broader, societal perspective and discusses the influence of electronic commerce on society. More details about each chapter are provided in the following sections. Chapter One: Introduction Chapter One introduces the key themes covered in this book. Chapter Two: The technology of electronic commerce Chapter Two deals with the technology that underlies electronic commerce.

As the Internet is used to facilitate exchanges, it has the potential to create new forms of money (e.g., electronic money). Chapter Four: Promotion. Practical Ecommerce | Insights for Online Merchants. Marketing & Sales Funnel Software, Analysis and Conversions | 3funnel. E-junkie Shopping Cart for selling downloads & tangible goods.

British Red Cross. British Red Cross (BRC) is one of the world’s longest-established and best-known humanitarian organisations. It is part of a global network – the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement – that helps communities and individuals in crisis. The organisation is volunteer-led and depends heavily upon the kindness of others. To support its benevolent programmes, BRC needs to raise funds through campaigns and appeals.

These take place in tandem with the day-to-day operations of its nationwide retail shop network where both donated and bought-in goods are sold. BRC has 323 shops across the UK, from the Channel Islands to the Outer Hebrides. Life before Cybertill Before engaging with Cybertill, BRC relied upon simplistic equipment: a telephone and fax in each shop, plus a TEC electronic till. Another downside of BRC’s lack of technology was the operational isolation of the shops, both from each other and from the BRC head office with its systems infrastructure and data. Shop. Purchase Policy. Magento SEO - The Definitive Guide. 2 Magento Template Optimization 2.1 Headings By default the logo is an <h1>, which is should only be on the front page, and on all other pages it should be no more than an <h3>.

The most important thing is to get the title of the content in an <h1>tag, e.g. for a category page should it be the category name and for a product the product name. The next step is to clean up the over usage of headings. To learn more about why proper headings are important read this article on headings and why you should use them. 2.2 Clean up your code All that javascript and CSS you might have in your template files, move that to external javascripts and css files, and keep your templates clean, as they’re not doing your Magento SEO any good. 2.3 Aim for speed A very important factor in how many pages a search engine will spider on your shop each day, is how speedy your shop loads. You can do two things to increase the speed of your Magento install: Enable caching. 3 Advanced Magento SEO and Duplicate Content. Online and distance selling for businesses. You must provide certain information for your customers if you’re selling goods online, through digital TV, by mail order or by phone, text message or fax.

Before an order is placed All distance sellers must follow certain rules before and after an order is placed. You must display information such as: your business name (and address if you want payment in advance) a description of your goods or services the price, including all taxes how a customer can pay delivery arrangements, costs and how long goods will take to arrive the minimum length of their contract conditions for terminating contracts of over 1 year or open-ended contracts information about the customer’s right to cancel It’s also good practice to explain who pays for returning goods if the customer cancels.

After an order is placed You must get in touch with your customer in writing after an order is placed and before the goods have been delivered. There are extra rules if you’re selling online or selling overseas. Magento Guides and Tips | Magento. Invoicing and taking payment from customers: the law. Send money online | Dwolla. Ecommerce Information. Further Information If you have spent a considerable amount of time and money developing a good website it makes sense to ensure that it complies with relevant regulations. There are two reasons for this: It's the law, and Your customers are more likely to buy. There are three items of regulation that are particularly relevant to UK businesses trading online: The Data Protection Act 1988 The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 as amended by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) (Amendment) Regulations 2005 The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002.

To comply with the above is not onerous: the regulations are generally sensible and practical, you just need to read through the information and apply it. There are some modest costs but these are small in relation to the likely scale of business and the grief that could conceivably follow non-compliance. The Data Protection Act 1988 The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. Card Readers Will Win Mobile Payments. Ecommerce Software & Ecommerce Platform Solutions | Magento. UK's Ecommerce Software Solution | Shopping Cart Software - Shopify Britain. Ecommerce solutions | Ecommerce software. Monsterbeds The easy way to build an online shop Everything you need to build and run an ecommerce website Catalogue, shopping basket, payment and marketing Sell your products effectively - to people all over the world Point-and-click set up, with no technical stuff to worry about All prices ex VAT (charged at 20%) eshop1 £9.99 p/m Everything you need to launch an online shop 150 products ProductsThe number of individual products you may sell online. 20 categories CategoriesThe number of categories you can organise your products into. 500 mailboxes MailboxesSend and receive email.

Each mailbox is an area on our server where your email is stored. Each mailbox is usually associated with one email address Includes webspace and bandwidth Multiple payment optionsMultiple payment optionsLet your customers pay the way they want Read more | Full comparison Start selling online Get everything you need in one easy package Ecommerce features | Ecommerce FAQ Get the look Market your products. Ecommerce Website Hosting Packages - Volusion. +What does the 30-day money-back guarantee cover? If you are dissatisfied with our ecommerce plans for any reason, you will receive a full refund of the fees paid with respect to a new shop plan you purchased if you cancel your account within 30 calendar days of the original purchase.

This guarantee only applies to the monthly plan fee, and does not apply to any additional products or services you may purchase from us or our partners, including, without limitation, design services, marketing services, Fraud Score and SSL Certificates. Accounts cancelled or terminated by us for violations of our Terms of Service, including our Acceptable Use Policy, do not qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee.

+Do you charge transaction fees? No. +Can I upgrade between plans? Yes. +Will you help me set up my store? Yes. +How do I pay? Simply enter your credit or debit card information on the checkout page. +How do I accept payment from my customers? Yes. +How do annual plans work? Yes. No. Yes. UK's Ecommerce Software Solution | Shopping Cart Software - Shopify Britain. Pricing - The Best Ecommerce Platform, Now Free for 14 days. General Questions Is there a setup fee? No. There are no setup fees on any of our plans. Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up? No. Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. How long are your contracts? All Shopify plans are month to month unless you sign up for an annual or biennial plan. Do you offer any discounted plans? Yes, we offer a 10% discount on an annual and a 20% discount on a biennial plans, when they are paid upfront. Can I change my plan later on? Absolutely! Is Shopify PCI Compliant or PCI Certified? Yes. Why use the Professional plan? The professional plan has a lower credit card rate when using Shopify Payments (2.5% +30¢ online, and 2.4% + 0¢ swipe) as well as the following additional features: The Professional plans gives you the option to sell gift cards through your online or retail location. Why use the Unlimited plan? Do I have to sell the same products in-store as I do online? No, you can choose exactly what products to sell online, in-store, or both.

Yes. No.