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Open Source Platform To Empower Ecommerce Business

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In the recent years more than 76% of websites run on open source platform, as they provide robust and search friendly shopping sites. Provided here is the information on eCommerce development tools, features and their business benefits.

Beginner's Guide to Building an E-commerce Business. 8 Most Powerful PHP Based Development Platform for Building Ecommerce Websites. Posted in - e-Commerce Development Date - 10 Mar. 2015 Did you know that setting up your business online is an ideal way to reduce costs and increase your profitability?

8 Most Powerful PHP Based Development Platform for Building Ecommerce Websites

Are you planning to establish your very own PHP eCommerce store? If yes, then you need to finalize from a lot of PHP based eCommerce frameworks available in order to sell your products and services online. This article explains how to leverage the benefits of widely used PHP based shopping carts. One of the main difference between setting up your own eCommerce store and a conventional retail physical store is that you face less hassles like investments in infrastructure, costs and need for human resources to serve potential customers.

Apart from setting up your eCommerce store, you need to ensure that your website is operational, approachable and attractive so as to encourage the potential customers to purchase your products. Top 5 E-Commerce Platforms in 2016. How To Create A Successful Online Store With WordPress, From Start To Finish. So you want to start your own shop – well we think that is fantastic!

How To Create A Successful Online Store With WordPress, From Start To Finish

Being your own boss is challenging and rewarding since you can see your hard work directly impact your revenue. We want to help make your venture a success so we’ve put together an easy to follow guide for creating your online store and a few helpful tips for promoting it. Online Shopping Selling goods from a physical storefront isn’t always feasible or practical. Especially in this day and age where online shopping has become more and more prevalent.

In addition, the same survey reported that more than two thirds of online shoppers are heavily influenced by social media as well as comments and review for a product. Don’t get overwhelmed just yet, we have a clean cut plan for you to build your online store and promote it to help you make your business a success! The Easy Way To Create A Website Before you can build an online store and start adding products you first need a website. Find The Right Hosting 1. 2. 3. 5 Reasons Why App Integration Will Benefit Your Ecommerce Website. Chances are that, as a designer, developer, or consultant, you’ve already dealt with clients inquiring about “app integration”, or “deep linking” with other business apps they use.

5 Reasons Why App Integration Will Benefit Your Ecommerce Website

Your clients need all of the apps to work together and, as their partner, they look to you for advice. Even if you already have a pretty good grasp of what it does, it’s never a bad idea to go over its benefits once more. So what exactly is “app integration” and why is everybody talking about it? As more and more business apps become available, you will inevitably come across cases when your clients’ companies rely on more than one app at a time. Though they use Shopify for all their ecommerce needs, they may use a myriad of other apps for different functions such as MailChimp for email marketing, Salesforce for all CRM related tools, or QBO (QuickBooks Online) for accounting. The growing number of standalone solutions is undoubtedly a game changer. 1. Reviews, Ratings, Complaints, Comparisons. Overview: Zen Cart is an open source, PHP/MySQL-based eCommerce shopping cart solution.

Reviews, Ratings, Complaints, Comparisons

It’s free to use, and the source code is completely customizable by anyone who wants to modify or develop it. As far as open source software goes, Zen Cart is a giant. Even though it’s free, it gives some commercial carts a run for their money in terms of services offered. Zen Cart has been around for awhile. Zen Cart is a very powerful piece of software–some programmers and designers won’t use anything else.

Pricing: As an open source PHP/MySQL system Zen Cart is completely free. If you choose to host your Zen Cart software on a 3rd party server, then you will have to pay monthly hosting fees according to the type of plan that works best for your business. Web-Hosted or Licensed: What are the advantages of using popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, OSCommerce, Zencart vs using WordPress with e-commerce extension? - Quora.