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What Buyers Look for in an Ecommerce Business. Companies and investors have been buying and selling businesses for a while, but with the emergence of ecommerce as a major player in the economy, buying and selling businesses has taken on a new digital edge.

What Buyers Look for in an Ecommerce Business

Valuing and ecommerce business is a lot like valuing and brick-and-mortar business, but it does come with some nuances. Here, we’ll discuss those nuances, and explore the different factors that buyers consider before acquiring an ecommerce business. What Do They Want? In short, buyers want a return on their investment. For example, if a buyer acquired your ecommerce business for $10,000, he or she simply wants to make $10,001 as soon as possible. When valuing an ecommerce business, buyers look mostly at the profit and projected profitability of a business. What Don’t They Want? Another thing that really turns buyers away is brand reliance. 7 Powerful Ways to Convert Neutral Traffic - Four Ways To Get Your Retail Business Online.

It’s almost comical to imagine it, but there are still a ton of businesses that are not online.

Four Ways To Get Your Retail Business Online

I know, right? That includes retailers. But it is never too late to get online and discover how the Internet can make your business take off, as Brian Young discovered. He got punched in the face, but you don’t have to take it that far to see why getting online makes good business sense. Here are a few ways to quickly get online. 1. How to Make Your Ecommerce Site an Engagement Factory! There are so many ecommerce websites littering the internet these days that there’s not much to differentiate one from the other.

How to Make Your Ecommerce Site an Engagement Factory!

But what sets the best ecommerce sites apart into their own category? Great user engagement When you love a website you also shop at, it’s difficult to stop coming back; so great user engagement can be an essential part of customer retention. Great user engagement can also increase general traffic to your ecommerce site, social media engagement, and even your conversion rates: all affecting your bottom line. So, without too much preamble, here are a few tips to help turn your site into an engagement factory. M-Connect Media sur Twitter : "Checkout Page #Strategies to Improve your #eCommerce Site #Conversion Rates. Checkout Page Strategies to Improve your eCommerce Site Conversion Rates.

A business owner can witness profits only if there are more sales in his store.

Checkout Page Strategies to Improve your eCommerce Site Conversion Rates

The same applies to the online business owner too. Like it happens in the offline store, there are last minute drop-outs from making a purchase in the online stores too and it is called shopping cart abandonment. So as to minimize the number of drop outs at the last stage of a purchase, the store owner has to ensure that the checkout page is perfect in all aspects.

He has to ensure that the user does not get any reason to abandon the items in the cart. eBay and PayPal Splitting and What it Means for Your Business. The end of a 13-year partnership In 2002, eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion, however that partnership is slated to end this week.

eBay and PayPal Splitting and What it Means for Your Business

On July 17th, eBay and PayPal will act as independently traded companies, but will begin trading as distinct companies three days later. On July 20th, eBay and PayPal will officially end the 13-year old partnership. Online Commerce and the Supposed Death of the American Shopping Mall. Via Shutterstock The story that has already been told about the American shopping mall is one of great commercial success up until the advent of the internet, when the whole industry crashed and burned.

Online Commerce and the Supposed Death of the American Shopping Mall

As online shopping rose, so goes the usual narrative, the fortunes of places of public commerce fell precipitously. But, as it turns out, it's more complicated than just the idea that more people are shopping from home. As the New York Times examined in depth in 'The Economics (and Nostalgia) of Dead Malls,' while online commerce sites like Amazon may have taken a bite out of the retail industry, a great many other factors are involved. A major one is the growth of income inequality in the United States. WordPress eCommerce: The Definitive Guide. Resources Comparing Ecommerce Platforms and Plugins These resources compare the top platforms head to head and gives you all the options you have to build an e-commerce site on WordPress.

WordPress eCommerce: The Definitive Guide

While there are many pro’s to hosted platforms, this entire guide focuses on WordPress. Ecommerce WordPress Plugins 6 free basic WordPress plugins (and their upgrade costs) WooCommerce – Endless premium features to customize your store.WordPress ecommerce – Comes with out-of-the-box features like marketing automation. Creating a User-Oriented eCommerce Website. An eCommerce store is an online representation of your business so treat it as if it were your brick-and-mortar store.

Creating a User-Oriented eCommerce Website

Treat the homepage as your storefront and your product pages as each store isle. You want to create a seamless shopping experience online just as you would in-person. A well-designed and easy-to-use website will increase the likelihood of making a sale. While creating or redesigning your website may seem like a daunting task, implementing and updating a few key features will turn traffic into sales.

Beginners Guide to Social Media for eCommerce Sellers. If it isn’t already, social media should be an integral part of eCommerce business’s marketing strategy.

Beginners Guide to Social Media for eCommerce Sellers

As a way to connect with current and prospective customers, social media provides valuable insight. There is no “one size fits all” social media strategy. It takes time and practice to find a successful marketing strategy on social media. One of the best parts of social media is that a majority of it is free! Through engaging posts, website integration and tracking your results, your business will be a social media pro in no time! eCommerce News This Week: June 25, 2015 Update. Should You Be Offering Small Business Delivery?

With the new year upon, it’s time to think about ways you can innovate and grow your business in the new year.

Should You Be Offering Small Business Delivery?

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on the latest changes and trends within the small business marketplace. In addition to competition from big box stores, small businesses are also facing increased competition from the proliferation of delivery on demand services. These days, it seems there is a delivery based company capable of providing or connecting to every kind of product imaginable. Gail Gardner on Twitter: "Growth Pains? How to Automate Your #SmallBiz Processes @GrowMap @AllBusiness_com #ecommerce.

Growth Pains? How to Automate Your Small Business Processes. Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "How Do Barcode Scanners Work? Find out here @waspbarcode #ecommerce... Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "Growth Pains? How to Automate Your #SmallBiz Processes @GrowMap @AllBusiness_com #ecommerce. Growth Pains? How to Automate Your Small Business Processes. The #3 Ecommerce Rule. Here’s an excerpt from my webinar: Revenue-based SEO for Ecommerce Identify traffic sources and keywords with the most impact on KPIs and revenue. In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. But if you have Google Analytics Ecommerce setup for your store you will see revenue for each channel and more detail about which keywords brought in revenue.

This is useful when organizing keywords and naturally leads to prioritizing keywords based on revenue. Converting keywords that rank wellConverting keywords that do not rank wellNewly discovered keywords that convertKeywords that rank well but do not convert. Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "How Do Barcode Scanners Work? Find out here @waspbarcode #ecommerce... Datafeeds 101 - Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. - Datafeeds are key to success now a days when it comes to Online Marketing.

You cannot be in Google Base without them, Affiliates use them, Comparison Engines become easier and even Amazon makes life simple when you can list your products via a simple datafeed. The thing though is that many Merchants don’t realize how to properly use, set up or promote their feeds. eCommerce News This Week: June 18, 2015 Update. Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "How Do Barcode Scanners Work? Find out here @waspbarcode #ecommerce...

Coming Soon: Pinterest Buyable Pins. It has seemed inevitable for some time, and now it’s happening: soon Pinterest users will be able to buy products directly from their Pinterest app on iOS smartphones and tablets. Pinterest joins the league of social networks who have started to blur the lines between creating, sharing and exchange of information and commerce. Joining Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google who have delivered or announced “buy buttons”, Pinterest has rolled out what they company calls “a limited test” of enabling pinners to begin buying what they have seen on over 1M boards. Social channels have been tending toward commerce at a dramatic rate over the past two years, with the advent of Pinterest rich pins, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, and various smaller channels – such as Polyvore – putting more emphasis on product discoverability.

Practical Ecommerce sur Twitter : ""27 Free Twitter Tools for Small Businesses" 27 Free Twitter Tools for Small Businesses. Twitter is arguably the most powerful social network for monitoring and promoting the real-time presence of a brand. And with an abundance of free tools to enhance the platform, Twitter can help a small business reach a big audience. Here is a list of free Twitter tools for small businesses. There are tools to track and manage followers, discover and share content, monitor brand presence, run group chats, and more. All of these tools offer free plans. Practical Ecommerce sur Twitter : ""5 Tools to Plan and Post Social Media Content"

5 Tools to Plan and Post Social Media Content. Planning social media content across multiple platforms can be complicated. Social media schedules typically include multiple events and wider marketing initiatives; a seemingly simple social media plan can quickly turn complex. In this post, I’ll describe five tools to organize your social media content and create an easy-to-follow posting schedule. Free Tools In my experience, free tools can be just as valuable as paid versions. Free tools are the starting point for most social media schedules. Excel and Google Docs. Practical Ecommerce sur Twitter : ""8 Questions before You Choose an #Ecommerce Platform in 2015"

8 Questions before You Choose an Ecommerce Platform in 2015. Practical Ecommerce sur Twitter : ""WordPress’s WooCommerce Acquisition Could Improve Support, Features" #ecommerce. WordPress’s WooCommerce Acquisition Could Improve Support, Features. The announcement that WordPress’s parent company, Automattic, would purchase WooThemes and its widely used WooCommerce plugin could be good news for online sellers using the ecommerce platform. WooCommerce, which by some estimates powers more than 1 million ecommerce-enabled websites worldwide, is already tightly integrated with WordPress.

But once it is part of Automattic proper, the ecommerce plugin will almost certainly enjoy accelerated growth and expansion. Automattic announced that it would acquire WooCommerce last month. In an email discussing the acquisition and how it might impact current WooCommerce users, Automattic’s CEO, Matt Mullenweg, said the purchase “means that WooCommerce will have the full support and resources of Automattic behind it, including our engineers, designers, bankroll, systems, and experience. WooCommerce should notice the plugin evolving to become faster, more secure, and meet their needs even better than it has in the past.” Corporate Support. Practical Ecommerce sur Twitter : ""Eliminate Checkout Frustration with Custom Error Messages"

Eliminate Checkout Frustration with Custom Error Messages. If you’ve ever tried putting together a piece of furniture without the instructions, you know how frustrating it can be when it doesn’t go as expected. You stand there, staring at all the loose pieces, asking yourself, “What did I do wrong?” Chances are, shoppers run into this problem somewhere in your website. No site is perfect. Practical Ecommerce sur Twitter : ""18 Tools for Writing Compelling Content, to Attract Customers"

18 Tools for Writing Compelling Content, to Attract Customers. Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "10 Reasons to Consider Tumblr for #Ecommerce by @pchaney @practicalecomm cc @Tamar @GoDataFeed. 10 Reasons to Consider Tumblr for Ecommerce Blogging. Tumblr is a fast growing social blogging platform suited to the creation of short form, multimedia content. Positionly sur Twitter : "Great #ecommerce #tools in one place! @DivanteLTD @SALESmanago @uxpin @PayLane @landingiapp. Ecommerce bundle. Robots take over ecommerce-driven logistics from humans - timesofindia-economictimes.

Anirban Chowdhury, ET Bureau May 16, 2015, 04.22AM IST (At courier firm DTDC’s…) MUMBAI: At courier firm DTDC's Delhi hub, a 25-arm monster sorts packages in lightning speed: 3,600 items an hour, or one in every second. The robotic sorter is one of the highlights of eight automated hubs DTDC is setting up in the country for Rs 50 crore over the next year and half, executive director Abhishek Chakraborty said in a recent interview. How eCommerce is affected by Cash on Delivery.

Cash on delivery (CoD) is the most preferred payment method for online shopping in India. This method allows buyers to make the payment by cash at the time of delivery of the product. CoD was introduced with the aim to build confidence among the Indian consumers and encourage them to shop online. In India, CoD is used as the mode of payment for 5 out of 10 online transactions. On the contrary, the situation is completely reversed in western countries where approximately more than 80% of the online transactions are made by debit or credit cards, net banking or any other alternate channel of online payment.

Although CoD has aided the growth of the Indian eCommerce industry, its pitfalls cannot be ignored. * Some major problems with CoD payments are - 10 Ways a Time & Attendance System Updates Your Small Business. Investing in a time and attendance systems may not be the first thing small business owners think of when considering ways to achieve their expected revenue growth. Improving customer service and investing in new customer acquisition methods are cited far more often, but failing to do so is taking a risk. According to a report by AffinityLive, failing to properly track time spent working costs the average professional services business over $110,000 in lost revenue each year.

While we’ve allowed technology to transform the way we communicate and do business, time and attendance software has lagged behind, forcing employees to recount their work days and hours manually, often days later. Delivering Products on Time with Zebra Barcode Printers. One of the most challenging aspects in any business — big or small — is improving logistical efficiency with growth. As the ebb and flows of your business becomes more complicated, how do you build a network that sustains accuracy and productivity? Dynamic & Targeted Content: Stay Competitive in e-Commerce. 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic]

12 Effortless Shipping and Fulfillment Solutions for Ecommerce Sites. Ide Bisnis sur Twitter : "20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic] #ecommerce #etail. 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic] Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "Barcode: The Ultimate Guide to Barcodes via @waspbarcode #ecommerce #upc #barcodes. 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic] Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "Barcode: The Ultimate Guide to Barcodes via @waspbarcode #ecommerce #upc #barcodes. Barcode: The Ultimate Guide to Barcodes. Gail Gardner sur Twitter : "Hi Kerry @kesbutters I thought you might be interested in this new data #ecommerce. 20 Best Shopping Engines for Retailers [Infographic]