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Magento Ecommerce News and Updates

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Hire Magento Developer & Programmers for your Online Business. Significance of Mobile Engagement - A Trend Shaping an E-commerce. The meaning of trend is “a general direction in which something is developing or changing”.

Significance of Mobile Engagement - A Trend Shaping an E-commerce

But it would be an absolute foolishness to append the term trend with technology. Technology is nibbling at such a brisk pace, that it gets difficult to decode the actual trend. E-commerce and m-commerce world face the same problems. By the time they detect the trendy wind, they end up in the outmoded environment. Ever since mobility and handiness of mobiles have pushed its growth and user base, online commerces are eyeing at mobile engagement techniques.

Online Payment Modes : Global eCommerce Market Sales. When I was in a primary school, a question that kept triggering my curiosity was, “What would the world without money be like?”.

Online Payment Modes : Global eCommerce Market Sales

To answer my curiosity, my mentor took a little while, and then she came up with a legit response regarding transactions. She said, “No money, no transaction! No transaction, yes barter”. To further solve my query, she explained barter with the given matrix: The barter system is a matrix which involves the assignment of exchange rates to each pair of products. Get Ready to Achieve More Sucess and Sales on your eCommerce Store with Magento Modules.

Trends: Stats of Amazon Same-day Delivery in UK and USA. “Time is a valuable resource and the most costly outlay, use it strategically.”

Trends: Stats of Amazon Same-day Delivery in UK and USA

When it comes to business and livelihood, we all know the importance of time and pivotal role played by it in moulding them. Since whole world believes in superiority of time and its influence on business, how is it possible for an eCommerce world to discard such a socially accepted fact! Same day delivery is one such trend which proves that eCommerce world has already jumped in the race of saving their own and more importantly their customer’s time. Earlier it was said that, “To reap good services, you have to disburse a little money from your pockets” from the consumer’s perspective but the tagline seems to roll out in a reverse direction now. It emphasize more on “what kind of a service a producer can offer to his client”. Same Day Delivery : A Trend which Creates a Bonanza of Opportunities for Merchants and Buyers Both.

Secret Functions of Magento Theme Design to Grow Oline Business. Here are few ways to leverage Magento theme capabilities which will increase the efficiency of your eCommerce store and increase the conversion ratio by tenfold.

Secret Functions of Magento Theme Design to Grow Oline Business

It will allow you to make creative design changes every now and then without creating themes from scratch. The fact that you are using Magento for your eCommerce store is a welcome sign, and it surely opens up new avenues for you to explore and take advantage of it. Magento’s greatest strength is its flexibility and workability.

With that, no expense was spared to create a strong, robust theming system that merchants and developers can simply command. Magento Theme Customization service is a merger of mini-processes, all building to an imposing, relevant conclusion. The Bigger and Better Key Features of the Magento Updated Software. eCommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics & Strategies. Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges facing by eCommerce store owners.To maximize sales and conversion it is most important to have better shopping experience & checkout.

eCommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics & Strategies

See here statistics and most effective tactics to decrease cart abandonment & increase sales & revenue. Being an online seller is a strenuous task. Imagine a physical store having the number of visitors, to be precise, potential customers to be 1000. Out these 1000, only 300 make it to the billing counter and actually pay, the others just stand there, look at your things while taking care of their baby, or checking items available at your adversary’s shop through some window, or watching movie trailers. A few of them are holding your products in one hand while their gaze is on the other product from some other store. Shopping cart abandonment has become one of the biggest issues that the e-commerce world is facing today. 10 E-Commerce Trends to Consider for the Better Online Business.

Darshit Parmar Darshit Parmar is working as a Magento eCommerce Consultant at M-Connect Media.

10 E-Commerce Trends to Consider for the Better Online Business

He has gained expertise and experience on php programming, open source technology and internet marketing projects within his nine years of tenure in Magento, eCommerce and SEO industry. Along with managing the marketing team he shares his knowledge through M-Connect Media’s blog page and guides his Global clients with the eCommerce UI and UX solutions. Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2 - Find the Products with minimum effort. KENNESAW, Ga., Jan. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- M-Connect Media, the company that offers Magento Solutions, has launched a new extension for Magento 2 in the form of the Part Finder.

Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2 - Find the Products with minimum effort

The extension facilitates the customers to find the products with minimum effort. A feature that comes along with this extension is that one can display the part finder on the web page itself or as a part of categories in the drop down menu on the web pages. Majority of the products come in with specific characteristics to which the customers pay a lot of attention. An advanced search option would definitely help find the products very easily in the website. Black Friday Sales Analysis Results from 2011-2015. The company is releasing its data and findings for a study they conducted between 2011 and 2015, reports

Black Friday Sales Analysis Results from 2011-2015

Kennesaw, GA – November 14, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ — M-Connect Media, a leading eCommerce firm which provides solutions in Magento development, today announced the results for a Black Friday sales analysis they conducted using data collected between 2011 and 2015. Based on the statistics from this research, M-Connect Media hypothesized that Americans will likely spend $1.876 billion in online shopping on Black Friday 2016, that $600 million in sales will come through mobile devices (including phones and tablets combined), and that Black Friday 2016 will be the 2nd largest shopping day of the year.

“Shopping trends will never remain same, as they are constantly changing year by year. The trends generally depend upon customers’ shopping behavior. News - Magento 2.0 Architected for the New Era of Fashion eCommerce 2016. If you belong to Fashion industry and own an eCommerce store for Fashion and you are unhappy with the features offered by the store platform, as it does not match the current fashion trends, then this is the time you should think of moving your store to another eCommerce platform.

News - Magento 2.0 Architected for the New Era of Fashion eCommerce 2016

Being the most popular eCommerce platform, Even Magento is even perfect for your fashion ecommerce store because of its flexible and scalable features. You can provide a personalized shopping experience to the each and every buyer who visits your store. Holiday Sales Improvements Guide for Magento Website Released by M-Connect Media. Holidays are the best time to relax and enjoy, but this is not true for online store owners.

Holiday Sales Improvements Guide for Magento Website Released by M-Connect Media

With the holiday sales approaching, their task and responsibility also increases. Georgia, 25 October 2016 – The problems starts to rise as the time comes for the Holiday Season Sales in USA. Online retailers face challenges of attracting and then managing lot of traffic. The website should be perfect to allow the customers to make purchase from there, and the list goes on. Magento Hosting Types : Which One to Choose ? Magento is a useful and strong platform that helps you flourish your business as per your needs. But, some factors influence the performance and profit of your store and Magento Hosting is one of them.

However, to get the best results in your business, you should take care of each factor before deciding your final option. At first, you need to understand which hosting and server is suitable for you. There are multiple types of hosting available for Magento: Shared, Dedicated Server, VPS, Managed and Cloud Hosting. And these hosting services help in the Site Performance Optimization. On a shared server, there can be hundreds to thousands websites. New Security Update : Magento Patch Bundle SUPEE 8788. With the increasing technology, chances for the information getting hacked or leaked is also increasing simultaneously. These security issues also occur with Magento platform too. These issues cause loss of informations, spamming, loss of credentials etc.

To resolve such issues faced by Magento platform and maintain its performance, several upgrades are released Magento team. This provides a tool to keep your store safe and secure. The upgrades which are released to solve the security issues are called as the Security patches. Now let us talk about the Security patch SUPEE-8788. Essential Security Patches for your Magento Ecommerce website. Magento can be termed as one of the most popular and fastest growing ecommerce platform that is the reason it comes under the threat of attacks from the hackers. The hackers can get inside your online shop and spam the customers, steal customer data and credit card information.

The hackers are always and trying to steal the customer information. Many of them are after the credit card details; if they get successful, it might lead to stressful thing for both the company and customer. Most customers who shop from the online store have trust that it is safe and companies should not break that trust and lose that customer forever. Easy Price Range Selection With Magento 2 Price Slider Extension. There are many customers who prepare a budget for shopping and then buy the products accordingly.

People also look for the products of a certain price range to suit their style or convenience. However, to make your customers shop effortlessly within the defined price range, M-Connect Media has released a Price Slider Extension for Magento 2. Kennesaw, Georgia, 4rd October 2016 – M-Connect Media recently declared a new extension for Magento 2 platform, Price Slider. This extension displays a slider under the price filter instead of various defined price ranges to make the customers select the range as per their convenience. How to Create Product Attribute Sets in Magento 2 Web store ? There are certain things which we like in particular color, shape or size.

In the world of online shopping, the products with different variations are very important. Most Common Magento 2 Extension Issues and Solutions. Tutorial : How to Setup Magento 2 Contact Us Page ? Different companies or Different websites have their defined products, services or brand name. But the thing is common in every website is Contact Us page. Through contact page, your visitors or customers can send you queries, messages or emails. Help the owners in Retaining Customers using Magento 2 Quick View Extension.

Product Quick View Extension People who come to purchase some specified products on online stores, they just want to confirm some of the necessary details of the product before they actually purchase it. And The Quick View Extension by M-Connect Media, gives them the option to check those details quickly and then buy that product from the pop up itself. How to Choose the Best Suited Shipping Service For your eCommerce Store? The shipping process is the major part of your business, if you belong to the eCommerce or online selling platform. How a Customer Review Affects the Buying Decision of Another Customer ? Not everyone in this world is a seller but most of us have played the role of a buyer and purchased some or the other thing either offline or online.

How to Setup UPS Carrier Shipping Method in your Magento 2 Store ? You have learnt the configuration process for the DHL Carrier and FedEx Carrier in our two previous blogs. You can use the UPS carrier shipping as it supports more than 220 countries in shipment of products. However, to take the advantage of its flexibility, we are here with the configuration steps of UPS carrier shipping. Easy Way to Protect your Magento From Brute-Force Attacks. Configuration of the FedEx Shipping Carrier in Magento® 2 Stores?

We have discussed about the DHL carrier shipping in our last blog post. In that post you have learnt about the configuration steps of DHL carrier in your store developed in Magento® 2. In the current blog, we will see how the FedEx carrier is configured in Magento® 2 based eCommerce stores. The configuration of FedEx carrier is divided into five segments: Exclusive Features of Magento Enterprise 2.1 For Better Shopping Experience. View Product on Category and Search Page with Angular Product Scroller. If you are losing sales and valuable customers just because your products are taking too much time to load while their search. Nowadays, nobody likes to wait. They want everything to be fast and quick, whether it is their life, gadgets or eCommerce stores.

But people want quality work along with quick results. And our Angular Product Scroller Extension gives both i.e. quick and quality results. Featured Products Magento 2.0 Extension Shows a New Way to Capture Customers and Increase Sales Rate. Kennesaw, Georgia, July 27, 2016 – M-Connect Media has declared about their new Magento 2.0 extension “Featured Products”. Deep Dive into Magento 2 Shipping Methods. Like any other process, Shipping Methods also play a very crucial role in an eCommerce store , to make it a success.

After buying a product from an online store, a customer expects the product to be delivered to them on a specified time and in good working condition. But when they are in the process of purchasing something from you, they want some choices under Payment and Shipping Methods section. How To Calculate Country Wise Flat Shipping Rates Per Product ? 5 Ways to Improve Speed and Performance your Magento Website. The Current Status of Magento in the European eCommerce Market. Multiply Your Customers By Notify Them about Product Stock Updates Extension. Best Magento 2 Extensions To Enhace your Website Functionality. Yahoo ! Finance : Out of Stock Alert Notification Extension for Magento 2 By M-Connect Media. Want To Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment and Increase Sales ? Follow The Trends.

CRO Tips To Increase Your eCommerce Website Conversion Rate. Useful Magento 2 Extensions For Your eCommerce Store. 4 Steps To Add Magento Watermark To Your Product Images. Embarking onto Magento 2 from Magento 1? What Is Latest Updates In Magento 2 ? Reasons Why B2B eCommerce Compnies Need Responsive Sites. How Can Migrate To Magento 2.0 From Specific Data Extensions? Essential Tips for Selling Product on Ecommerce Website. How You Protect Your Magento Store From Ransomware Attacks? Setup Authorize.Net Payment Gateway With Magento 2. eCommerce Strategy : What To Sell In Summer and Holidays ? Git Driven Environment For Your Magento 2.0 Store - Cloud Service. Recommendations For Customer Protection On E-Commerce. Steps By Step Guide To Create an XML Sitemap in Magento 2.0.

Want To Increase Sales Of Magento 2 Store? Add Tier Price. How To Change Magento 2 Copyright Notice ? How To Import and Export Product in Magento 2.0 ? How To Manage Related, Cross-sell & Up-sell Products in Magento. How The eCommerce Conversion Loopholes Can be Detected ? Compose Engaging Product Description To Increase eCommerce Sales. How To Configure Secure Socket Layer(SSL) For Magento ? Business Guide On Magento Ecommerce Platform. How To Explore Magento As a Content Management System ? Various Methods To Install Magento Patches For eCommerce Store. An Emerging Retail Necessity For eCommerce - Omnichannel. Easily Integrate Magento Theme With WordPress for eCommerce Website.

Most Essential SEO Tips for Your eCommerce Site. What Technology You Are Going To Use For Your eCommerce Website? How You Are Going To Market ? Marketing And Sales. What the Market Says - Market Analysis. 10 Magento Security Tips To Improve your eCommerce Store. Design is Important in eCommerce Website User Experience. Why Every eCommerce Website Loves A/B Testing. How to Decide? Magento Enterprise OR Community. Get Better UI and UX By Magento Design Work Flow. Magento 2.0 Tutorial - How to Add or Manage Product [ Part -1 ] One Page Checkout vs Multi-Page One. Frequent Misperceptions About Conversion Rate Optimization. Build Psychological Behavior For Your eCommerce Website. Static or Custom Blocks are not Working – Magento

Why Customers do not Trust your Magento Store? How to Choose A Perfect Magento Theme for your eCommerce - M-Connect Media.