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Main Features Of An Ecommerce Website

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10 Most Important Features of Ecommerce Product Pages. Editor’s Note: We welcome Pablo Palatnik as our newest contributor.

10 Most Important Features of Ecommerce Product Pages

He is director of search marketing and search engine optimization for Fortune3, a shopping cart company. Palatnik’s articles will address strategies for improving ecommerce product pages. His first piece is below. Internet merchants have many challenges when it comes to turning visitors into customers. One element that is often overlooked is the product page. Here are the most important and critical features to have on your product pages to improve conversions. 1. When you go shopping at an actual store, you may talk to someone about the product in person — although ecommerce sites often have more accurate and in-depth descriptions of a product than someone who works at the store — but the visual process of shopping is the most crucial.

Enlarge This Image Apple uses careful product photography to present its products, including the iPhone in this image. 2. Enlarge This Image 3. 4. Shoppers care what others have to say. 10 Essential Shopping Cart Features. There are hundreds of ecommerce platforms that online merchants can choose from.

10 Essential Shopping Cart Features

The differences between these carts can be significant, so knowing what features matter is important. In this article, you’ll find a list ten “must-have shopping cart features” that either improve the shopping experience for the consumer or make it easier for the merchant. In truth, this probably should be a much longer list, since narrowing down shopping cart features to just ten important ones necessarily leaves out a lot of other important capabilities too. This list is also something of a matter of opinion. But at the moment, in mid-2011, these are the shopping cart features that I could not live without. Finally, it may be helpful to quickly define “shopping cart.” You may also notice that features near the top of the list are relatively more important, in my view, and get a bit more ink, so to speak.

Large, Functional Product Images Product Reviews Layered and Faceted Navigation. 5 All Important Things Every E-Commerce Site Should Have. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there on how to turn your online shop to a sales machine, but today I’ll focus on ecommerce user experience features that are an absolute must-have.

5 All Important Things Every E-Commerce Site Should Have

No excuses! Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) If a shopper decides they want to make a purchase on your website, they need some form of assurance that their credit card data will not be intercepted, sold, or otherwise misused. You can’t control their computer and ensure the 100% security of their credit card information, but you can control your website and the interaction between your website and the consumer. You do this through use of an SSL certificate. If a website URL contains “HTTPS” instead of the original “HTTP”, then it is secured with an SSL certificate. Google uses an SSL certificate for other reasons, mostly privacy-related issues. Call to Action (CTA) If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that you need a call to action on each and every page at least once.

Sony Apple Basecamp Savings and Sales. The Best Ecommerce Platforms Compared 2016, Shopify & More. Best E-Commerce Software for Small Businesses. We know that businesses have diverse needs in e-commerce software based on their budget, products and other factors.

Best E-Commerce Software for Small Businesses

We researched and reviewed dozens of e-commerce software to find the best ones for small businesses. Here is a roundup of our best picks and how we chose them. To help you find the right e-commerce software for your business, check out our buyer's guide: Choosing the Right E-Commerce Software for Your Needs. Shopify has everything you need to launch, run and manage a successful e-commerce business. In addition to providing you with an online storefront and payment processing capabilities, the software includes a Web host, website builder, inventory management, back-end functionality, marketing tools, customer relationship management (CRM) and more. Editor’s Note: Looking for an e-commerce website builder for your business? Buyerzone widget. Does Your eCommerce Website Have These 7 Important Features? – Technology-gig.

If you’re looking to enter the world of eCommerce and sell your products online, then putting up a decent store with product images and description will no more suffice.

Does Your eCommerce Website Have These 7 Important Features? – Technology-gig

With the ubiquitous eCommerce, it is important to launch a store that has a captivating user interface as well as a set of features that can help you increase the site visibility along with user engagement. Online selling is subjected to catering a large audience, mostly global. So, start with choosing a right eCommerce platform. For example, if you leverage eCommerce Magento development, you can find a perfect theme for your business, define the product categories properly, and create an easy-to-understand app navigation. But most importantly, you must include the seven best eCommerce features that are capable of taking your online business to a whole new level.