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Brain Pickings. This Will Leave You Speechless! - One of The Most Eye Opening Videos. There Is a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In: Leonard Cohen on Democracy and Its Redemptions. Trained as a poet and ordained as a Buddhist monk, Leonard Cohen (September 21, 1934–November 10, 2016) is our patron saint of sorrow and redemption.

There Is a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In: Leonard Cohen on Democracy and Its Redemptions

He wrote songs partway between philosophy and prayer — songs radiating the kind of prayerfulness which Simone Weil celebrated as “the rarest and purest form of generosity.” One of his most beloved lyric lines, from the song “Anthem” — a song that took Cohen a decade to write — remains what is perhaps the most meaningful message for our troubled and troubling times: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” It springs from a central concern of Cohen’s life and work, one which he revisited in various guises across various songs — including in “Suzanne”, where he writes “look among the garbage and the flowers / there are heroes in the seaweed,” and in the iconic “Hallelujah”: “There’s a blaze of light / In every word / It doesn’t matter which you heard / The holy or the broken Hallelujah”.

Stories. Albert Camus on the Will to Live and the Most Important Question of Existence. “If the universe is meaningless, so is the statement that it is so… The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance,” Alan Watts wrote in his 1951 meditation on how we wrest meaning from reality.

Albert Camus on the Will to Live and the Most Important Question of Existence

But if to dance or not to dance is the central question of existence, are both choices endowed with equal validity, dignity, and moral courage? Not so, argued Albert Camus (November 7, 1913–January 4, 1960) a decade earlier in The Myth of Sisyphus (public library), which begins with what has become one of the most famous opening sentences in literature and one of the most profound accomplishments of philosophy. A decade and a half before becoming the second-youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, awarded him for the “clear-sighted earnestness” with which he “illuminates the problems of the human conscience,” 28-year-old Camus writes: There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide.

I see many people die because they judge that life is not worth living. JK Rowling : Les avantages de l’échec et l’importance de l’imagination. ContexteCe discours a été prononcé à l’origine comme discours d’ouverture à l’Université de Harvard le 5 juin 2008.

JK Rowling : Les avantages de l’échec et l’importance de l’imagination

Le titre complet de cette conférence est « Les avantages de l’échec et l’importance de l’imagination ». Transcription du discours Le président Faust, les membres de la Harvard Corporation et du Board of Overseers, les membres de la faculté, les fiers parents et, surtout, les diplômés. La première chose que je voudrais dire, c’est « merci ».

Non seulement Harvard m’a fait un honneur extraordinaire, mais les semaines de peur et de nausée que j’ai endurées à l’idée de prononcer ce discours d’ouverture m’ont fait perdre du poids. Faire un discours d’ouverture est une grande responsabilité ; c’est du moins ce que je pensais jusqu’à ce que je me remémore ma propre remise de diplôme. Vous voyez ? En fait, je me suis creusé l’esprit et le cœur pour ce que je dois vous dire aujourd’hui. J’ai trouvé deux réponses. J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement. I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King .Jr HD (subtitled)

The illustrated book of English sounds. Norse Mythology for Smart People - The Ultimate Online Guide to Norse Mythology and Religion. Curiosities of Literature. Formed in 2009, the Archive Team (not to be confused with the Archive-It Team) is a rogue archivist collective dedicated to saving copies of rapidly dying or deleted websites for the sake of history and digital heritage.

Curiosities of Literature

The group is 100% composed of volunteers and interested parties, and has expanded into a large amount of related projects for saving online and digital history. History is littered with hundreds of conflicts over the future of a community, group, location or business that were "resolved" when one of the parties stepped ahead and destroyed what was there. With the original point of contention destroyed, the debates would fall to the wayside. About Blooks : Overview. This blog is devoted to the subject of BLOOKS, objects made in the emulation of books, either by hand or commercial manufacture.

About Blooks : Overview

All over the world, for hundreds of years, people have been making, collecting and presenting book-objects that reflect their devotion and respect for books and for each other. There are countless examples; they include bars, cameras, radios, banks, toys, memorials, food tins, desk accessories, book safes, musical instruments, magic tricks, furniture and jewelry. Blooks embody the same characteristics as books and many take the form of specific titles and book formats. 12 sites where you can read full books online. If you buy an item via this post, we may get a small affiliate fee.

12 sites where you can read full books online

Details. To enjoy reading books, you don’t need a tablet or e-reader. Language Skills. How to pronounce KWASHIORKOR in English. Literary. Write for Life. Contextua. Contextualize. Quotable. ContextuAll. GraphicAlly. Maps Place Data. Libraria. Livres.