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Feist Honey Honey. Meredith Lockwood Fall With Me. Listening. This section is a collection of audio files, some of which are sound meditations and some of which are excerpts from lectures and trainings.


I am sharing these materials in service to the world community. They are intended for your personal listening only. They are not in the public domain. While the vast majority of individuals use this content ethically, some persons seem to think that they can do whatever they want with the audio recordings. Therefore, to clarify things for everyone, please read the Listening Agreement below. All recordings are copyrighted intellectual property. I thank you for your understanding and acceptance of the spirit through which these sound meditations and lecture excerpts are being offered. The audio files in this Listening Section are for the sole purposes of self-elevation, personal edification and self-exploration.

We make no medical or psychological claims in regard to these audio files. Accessing MP3 files from the Listening Page Downloading Restoration. What the digital age means for my music — and my paycheque. "Would you like a CD?

What the digital age means for my music — and my paycheque

" I ask timidly, wondering if the CD will be perceived as a gift, or a burden. Does the offer make me appear old, dated, quaint, leashed to expired technology? Has a CD become the gift equivalent of a dad joke? The intended recipient of our most recent CD, shuffles his feet and stares sheepishly at his shoes. "I, um…don't have a CD player anymore, but um, thanks," he says. "Oh, right, of course," I reply. The digital age has given us two "gifts. " George Martin and the Beatles: A Producer’s Impact, in Five Songs. Photo When we hear a great recording, we tend to think of the music as having sprung fully developed from the imagination of the musician or band that cut the tracks.

George Martin and the Beatles: A Producer’s Impact, in Five Songs

But that ignores the role of the producer, who translates the musician’s vision into the sound we experience. The contributions that George Martin, who died Tuesday at 90, made to the Beatles’ recorded catalog were crucial, and although he was the first to say that most of the credit belongs to the band, many of the group’s greatest songs owe their sound and character to his inspired behind-the-scenes work. Here are a few of his most telling musical fingerprints: ‘From Me to You’ When the Beatles turned up at EMI’s studios on Abbey Road to record their third single, on March 5, 1963, they brought “From Me to You,” a short song that John Lennon and Paul McCartney had started writing less than a week earlier.

For the introduction, Mr. ‘Yesterday’ Mr. Mr. Ginger Baker: six of the best songs. "In the 60’s, there were a few drummers that came onto the scene playing 'lead drums'," tweeted Mike Portnoy, as news of the death of Ginger Baker broke.

Ginger Baker: six of the best songs

"Ginger Baker was one of them, taking rock drumming to a whole new level of expression. " Baker may have professed to hate heavy music, but he did change it. He brought a love of jazz to his work with Cream, and as other attempted to follow he moved on, moving to Nigeria to work with the great Fela Kuti, and collaborating with a wide range of musicians, including Public Image Ltd, Hawkwind, stoner rock pioneers Masters of Reality, and jazzers Charlie Haden and Bill Frisell. One of the last times Classic Rock saw him play live was at the annual Felabration, a tribute to Kuti held in London. Two kits were set up, one for Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen, and one for Baker. It didn't matter. Here's are six of Baker's best. Lessons on Democracy from Woody Guthrie. BILL MOYERS: I’m Bill Moyers.

Lessons on Democracy from Woody Guthrie

And welcome to Join us over the next few weeks, because on the air and on this website, we’ll be talking a lot about “winner-take-all” politics and how economic inequality – that vast gap between the top and everyone else – is not the result of market forces. It has been deliberately, politically engineered - made to happen. But first, as they used to say on the radio, a musical interlude. The traveling medicine show known as the race for the Republican presidential nomination moves on. WOODY GUTHRIE: Out of your dust bowl, and westward we role.

BILL MOYERS: Woody Guthrie saw the ravages of the Dust Bowl and the Depression firsthand; his own family came unraveled in the worst hard times. WOODY GUTHRIE: …are blowing me home. BILL MOYERS: What he wrote and sang about caused the oil potentates and preachers who ran Oklahoma to consider him radical and disreputable. WOODY GUTHRIE: This land is your land. A mighty good question.

I’m Bill Moyers. ViewPort. Traditional Chinese Music - Beautiful Erhu & Bamboo Flute Music - Pipa Music, Dizi Music. Combinatoric.Ally. Creatively. Etudesque. Moving Moments. Watch What? Soundtracks. Thought Patterns. Sensitivities Play.

Tom Kenyon. Music.