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Credit suisse global investment returns yearbook 2017 en.


Le site monétaire et de devises le plus populaire au monde. Find US Dollar's Value from 1913-2013. Measuring Worth - Measures of worth, inflation rates, saving calculator, relative value, worth of a dollar, worth of a pound, purchasing power, gold prices, GDP, history of wages, average wage. Why do people think economists are charlatans?

World debt comparison: The global debt clock. Exposing The Hidden Agenda Of Davos 2016. Submitted by Nick Giambruno via, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

Exposing The Hidden Agenda Of Davos 2016

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Zillow: Here are 2016's hottest housing markets. Since we’re only a few weeks into the new year, there’s still plenty of time to identify which housing markets are set to blow up this year.

Zillow: Here are 2016's hottest housing markets

Zillow set out to do just that, using its Home Value Forecast, which forecasts the change in the Zillow Home Value Index over the next 12 months, recent income growth, and current unemployment rate to pinpoint which markets will be the hottest in 2016. While last year’s list was heavy on “trendy tech centers,” Zillow’s hottest housing markets for 2016 is more diverse and spans the country, from coast to coast, although the vast majority of 2016’s hottest markets are west of Texas. Form for calculating cost of loan by Ted Frick. The End of Loser Liberalism: An Interview with Dean Baker Part II. Dean Baker is co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

The End of Loser Liberalism: An Interview with Dean Baker Part II

He previously was a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute and an assistant professor of economics at Bucknell University. He has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan. His latest book, The End of Loser Liberalism, has recently been released to download free of charge on the CEPR website. Interview conducted by Philip Pilkington, a journalist and writer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Philip Pilkington: The problems we currently face are without doubt, as you say, purely demand-based. Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World: Jeff Madrick: 9780307961181: Books. Working paper upward distribution income rents. Top 7 Credit Cards For Those With Excellent Credit. Updated: September 2, 2016 Do you have excellent credit?

Top 7 Credit Cards For Those With Excellent Credit

If so, banks are actively looking to win you as a new credit card customer by offering some unprecedented deals. Although banks have been more careful about acquiring customers with questionable credit since the 2008 Financial Crisis, they are now fighting harder than ever to win coveted customers with great credit. If you are in the excellent credit sweet spot, they are effectively giving you money (and a lot of it) to use their credit cards. These are the top 7 deals you can take advantage of today: Chase Sapphire Preferred: This is our No. 1 travel rewards card because it offers a lot of value and flexibility. The best part is that you can transfer your points 1:1 to many frequent travel programs with no transfer fees, including United MileagePlus, Southwest Rapid Rewards, Hyatt Gold Passport and Marriott Rewards.

Update: Predicting the Next Recession. By Bill McBride on 1/18/2016 10:49:00 AM CR 2016 Update: In 2013, I wrote a post "Predicting the Next Recession".

Update: Predicting the Next Recession

I repeated the post in January 2015 (and last summer) because of all the recession calls. Now, once again, the recession callers are out in force - this time arguing the problems in China, combined with the impact on oil producers of lower oil prices (and defaults by energy companies) - will lead to a global recession and drag the US into recession.

I don't think so. I've added a few updates in italics by year (some updates are from 2015). The Bonds of Catastrophe. It is perhaps not widely understood (outside the specialized domains of risk modeling and property insurance) that the last twenty years have seen the relatively rapid growth of a new kind of financial instrument: the catastrophe bond.

The Bonds of Catastrophe

I aim in what follows to offer the reader a brief introduction to these innovative money-things, which sit at the precarious nexus of mathematical modeling, environmental instability, and vast sums of capital. Techno-legal creations of considerable complexity (and some genuine elegance), “cat bonds“ circulate in the Olympian air of global high finance, where they afford investors an opportunity to place large bets on the occurrence (and non-occurrence) of various mass disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, suitcase nukes. Image from risk appendix to the offering prospective for the MultiCat Mexico Ltd. cat bond, series 2012-I.

This $315-million issue has a double trigger structure, covering both hurricanes and earthquakes. Why $100 Bills and €500 Notes May Soon Be Killed Off. The $100 bill has always had a complicated relationship with the public.

Why $100 Bills and €500 Notes May Soon Be Killed Off

On the one hand, the “It’s All About the Benjamins” attitude has been a strong staple in popular culture. The $100 bill represents wealth and success, as a currency’s largest denomination well should. But the $100 has always also been the black sheep of American currency. It’s the only bill that doesn’t have a D.C. building on it (Independence Hall is in Philadelphia), and one of two that doesn’t feature a president (Hamilton’s $10 is the other). Most people feel compelled to apologize and ask for permission before they pay with a $100 bill at shops and restaurants, and some stores won’t even accept them. Decline of the Empire. I love this kind of stuff.

Decline of the Empire

I've got time on my hands, so I was perusing the latest wealth/income inequality data. There's been a flurry of activity on this front, especially after the publication of Thomas Piketty's Capital In The Twenty-first Century. Long story short, denizens of Flatland, especially economists, love to measure shit. Based on recent work by Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, both of UC-Berkeley, those happy House of Debt guys Atif Mian and Amir Sufi (University of Chicago) wrote a post called Measuring Wealth Inequality. Half of world's wealth now in hands of 1% of population – report. Global inequality is growing, with half the world’s wealth now in the hands of just 1% of the population, according to a new report.

Half of world's wealth now in hands of 1% of population – report

The middle classes have been squeezed at the expense of the very rich, according to research by Credit Suisse, which also finds for the first time that there are more individuals in the middle classes in China – 109m – than the 92m in the US. “Middle class wealth has grown at a slower pace than wealth at the top end,” said Tidjane Thiam, the chief executive of Credit Suisse. U.S. National Debt Clock. The Concord Coalition. p60 248. Trade Policy: This Is Worth 2000 Words/ Via s243a. Mark Blyth on How the World’s Political Economy Works. The title of this interview is nothing if not ambitious. So, in a nutshell, can you tell us how the world’s political economy does actually work? Well, it doesn’t work according to the textbooks.

If you look at economic textbooks, the whole world is meant to work according to the logic of differential calculus; there are these reciprocal relationships – one side goes up and one side goes down. The politics of trade. A growing debate has sprung up in the blogosphere on international trade. John Aziz, discussing a widely read article by John Atkison and Michael Lind, argued in defence of protectionism, quickly sparking a rebuttal from Mark Harrisson.

Meanwhile, Joe Stiglitz spoke about the ‘charade’ of free trade and how international trade deals tend to protect already wealthy and powerful western corporate interests, as Frances Coppola worried about destructive trade wars and neo-colonialism destablising the global economy. Unlearning Economics. Howling about business, finance, and money. Economic Theory. Increasingly Unequal: Income Inequality by State, 1917 to 2012. Executive summary Economic inequality is, at long last, commanding attention from policymakers, the media, and everyday citizens. There is growing recognition that we need an inclusive economy that works for everyone—not just for those at the top. While there are plentiful data examining the fortunes of the top 1 percent at the national level, this report uses the latest available data to examine how the top 1 percent in each state have fared over 1917–2012, with an emphasis on trends over 1928–2012 (data for additional percentiles spanning 1917–2012 are available at

In so doing, this analysis finds that all 50 states have experienced widening income inequality in recent decades. Wages for top earners soared in 2014: Fly top 0.1 percent, fly. After dipping slightly in 2013, annual earnings of the top 1.0 percent of wages earners grew 4.9 percent in 2014, and the top 0.1 percent’s earnings grew 8.9 percent, according to our analysis of the latest Social Security Administration wage data.

This analysis provides the first look at the likely trend of the household incomes of the top 1.0 percent. The top 1.0 percent’s earnings have nearly returned to their previous high point, attained in 2007. In fact, the earnings of workers between the 99th and 99.9th percentiles have reached their highest level of all time—it’s only the earnings of the top 0.1 percent that are still below 2007 levels. The U.S. Middle Class Is Turning Proletarian - Forbes. Exponential Economist Meets Finite Physicist. [slimstat f='count' w='ip' lf='resource contains economist'] views this month; [slimstat f='count' w='ip' lf='strtotime equals 2011-07-01|interval equals -1'] overall.

AI and Economic Growth/mason.gmu. History of economic thought. Ode to The Holy Invisible Hand of the Free Market. The Nobel Prize in Economics? There Is No Nobel Prize in Economics. This article was first published on AlterNet. Money & the Crisis of Civilization/ C. Eisenstein. Paul A. Samuelson, Who Reshaped Economics, Dies at 94 - (2009 obit) A Templeton Conversation: Does the free market corrode moral character? C5xGl8y. Why China’s stock market bubble was always bound to burst. Over the past few weeks, punters in China underwent a near-death experience when their country’s two stock exchanges entered freefall. The rapidly inflating bubble that had driven share prices to dizzying heights had suddenly burst. Middle class Americans: Not so wealthy by global standards - Jun. 11, 2014. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Hedge funds get cheap homes, homeowners get the boot.

The program. GOD_Over_Djinn comments on New spin on an old question: Is the university economics curriculum too far removed from economic concerns of the real world? Students ruined by for-profit colleges are getting even. Generic Drug Regulation and Pharmaceutical Price-Jacking. FIRECalc: A different kind of retirement calculator. Watching for the next financial crisis by keeping an eye on the repurchase market. Gustavus Myers, History of the Great American Fortunes, part 3, vol 3, ch 8. “Great is Mr. How To [Read/Tip Off] Zero Hedge Without Attracting The Interest Of [Human Resources/The Treasury/Black Helicopters] It seems prudent to make some suggestions about contacting the Zero Hedge team.1. - Economic Infographics.

Why Do Dangerous Financial Criminals Roam Free? Why Economic Models are Always Wrong. Interviews. Education is Ignorance, by Noam Chomsky (Excerpted from Class Warfare) Measuring Worth - Measuring the Value of a Slave. Dilution, Index Evolution, and the Shiller CAPE: Anatomy of a Post-Crisis Value Trap. Cam Harvey on the Controversies Surrounding Gold (Podcast) Denationalization of Money : Resources. Economics in One Lesson (full text) : Resources.

A Historical Perspective on Economic Schools of Thought. Issuer-User Paradigm. Steen Jakobsen: Get Ready For The Biggest Margin Call In History. John Rubino: Taking Control Of The Time In Which We Live. Consolidated Economic Control. –Myths about Debt/GDP and Deficit/GDP, while being 24 and believing those myths. Online Library of Liberty.


The National Bureau of Economic Research. Freerisk. Wealth and Health of Nations. Measuring Worth - Measures of worth, inflation rates, saving calculator, relative value, worth of a dollar, worth of a pound, purchasing power, gold prices, GDP, history of wages, average wage. Cam Harvey on the Controversies Surrounding Gold (Podcast) How the Economic Machine Works. Home - Positive Money. Why I Am Not an Austrian Economist. A Brief History of the Oil Crash. The land tax: What happened to towns like Fairhope, Alabama, that tried Georgism.

Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind The Federal Reserve (2013) Wall Street Owns The Country. A Small Group of Companies Have Enormous Power Over the World. The 147 Companies That Control Everything. This video is not what it seems.... A Relentless Widening of Disparity in Wealth. 10 startling facts about global wealth inequality.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO) Former fellows at conservative think tanks issued flawed UCLA-led study on media's "liberal bias. Noam Chomsky: "The Emerging New World Order, its roots, our legacy" (2015) Rothschild Family Fortune : How and Why (Full Documentary) Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed. The most miserly woman in Brooklyn. JACQUE FRESCO - A Story of Change. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO) Capitalism was supposed to signal the end of poverty. What went wrong?


Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street.