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Course 1, Chapter 4 - Theories of and Approaches to Learning. The Unified Learning Model. This cutting-edge synthesis of ideas and concepts from the cognitive, motivation, and neurobiological sciences sets out a unique theory of learning that should be of interest to everyone from education practitioners to neuroscientists.

The Unified Learning Model

The authors base their Unified Learning Model, or ULM, on three core principles. Firstly, that learning requires working memory allocation (attention). Second, that working memory's capacity for allocation is affected by prior knowledge. And finally, that working memory allocation is directed by motivation. These three principles guide a complete model of learning that synthesizes what is known from research in brain function, cognition, and motivation. This, then, is a book about how humans learn. The book presents a model of learning that the authors offer as scientists rather than educators. Cognitive Theory - Definition of Cognitive Theory. What Is Behaviorism? Question: What Is Behaviorism?

What Is Behaviorism?

Behaviorism can perhaps be best summed up by the following quote from the famous psychologist John B. Watson: "Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select -- doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors.

" --John Watson, Behaviorism, 1930 What exactly did Watson mean? Answer: The term behaviorism refers to the school of psychology founded by John B. Behaviorism, also known as behavioral psychology, is a theory of learning based upon the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. According to this school of thought, behavior can be studied in a systematic and observable manner with no consideration of internal mental states. There are two major types of conditioning: The Pygmalion Effect.

The Pygmalion Effect and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (The Secret) - Refer to situations where once an expectation is set, even if it is not true, some of us will act in ways that are consistent with that expectation.

The Pygmalion Effect

The expectation then becomes true. We act out who we think we are and not who we truly are. An example might be a student with low confidence or low self-esteem constantly telling them self that ‘I am useless’, ‘I am unintelligent’ or ‘I am a failure’. The outcome will mirror the false beliefs or false expectations. He or she will never achieve anything especially getting good grades at school. Other people can knowingly or unknowingly establish a false belief or false expectation. If we believe that body language makes up the greater part of our communication then a teacher only needs to believe that a young person is a failure. How to Grow a Sunflower in a Pot: 14 steps (with pictures) Edit Article Edited by Tomasi0202, Lois Wade, Maluniu, Kals and 20 others Sunflowers have many uses such as for producing bio-diesel and cooking oil.

How to Grow a Sunflower in a Pot: 14 steps (with pictures)

But the best use of a sunflower is to brighten up your garden during the sunnier months of the year, or even to brighten the greenhouse or a sunroom any time of the year. This quick guide to growing a sunflower in a container is something even children can enjoy as a fast and fun garden project. Brighten your day with homegrown sunflowers. Ad Steps 1 Purchase sunflower seeds. 14 If you want to make culinary use of the sunflower, the petals from the flowers make a pretty addition to salads, and both the seeds and the buds can also be eaten.To get the seeds, you have to let the flower die on the plant and just wait. Video Tips The bigger the pot, the bigger the sunflower, especially if you're not growing dwarf varieties.If sowing sunflowers in the ground, the earlier you sown them in late spring, the sooner they'll flower. Warnings. CBeebies - Mr Bloom's Nursery Planting Seeds. Humanistic Theory.

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance - Oscar Wilde.

Humanistic Theory

Science Lesson Plans / RHS Campaign for School Gardening. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Explanations > Theories > Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Description | Research | Example | So What?

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

| See also | References Description If a person thinks we are clever or stupid or whatever, they will treat us that way. Plants - Interactive Science Games and Activities. But don't worry, we've got you covered.

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