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Custom Permissions. This very light-weight module allows additional permissions to be created and managed through a administration form.

Custom Permissions

It uses the menu access system to allow or dissalow access to it. On the administration page a user is able to create a permission with name and path(s). These permissions can then be assigned to roles on the permissions page. The name of the module has been changed from "Site Configuration Permissions" to "Custom Permissions" to reflect the current state of the module. Publish button. Adds a publish and unpublish button for a simpler editorial workflow.

Publish button

Usage Install module. After installation, on each content type there are a new setting at publishing options and to activate publish/unpublish button for the content type you are editing, you need to check 'Use publish/unpublish button for this content type' and save. After that you need to add permissions for which roles that could publish content. Now, when you edit/creates a new node, there are a publish or unpublish button for all the content types that have the button settings if the role have the right permission. Views Views 3.x is supported. Permissions Normally permissions for publish nodes is not used with this module, instead it has it owns permissions. Documentation. Message. Maestro. The Maestro module is a workflow engine/solution that will facilitate simple and complex business process automation.


Maestro has a workflow engine that executes templates created using a visual workflow editor. The workflow engine runs in the backgound and executes the workflow tasks, testing the tasks execution results and branch the workflow if required. The workflow engine will run every x seconds and execute all tasks that are in the queue which have not yet completed. Once they execute and return a success status, the engine will archive them and step the workflow forward. Both these components have been developed to support any number of different task types. Maestro has been built to be extended with new task types and now contains tasks that are aware of webforms, entityforms, content types, rules, triggers. The following is a summary of the available task types that be used in a workflow template: Video overviews Training and Assistance: Sponsorship: Supporting organizations: Introducing the "Views Save" module. Hook Update Deploy Tools.

Admin. File Chooser Field - third-party file storage services in Drupal fields. I always wanted some kind of tool in Drupal that would allow me to upload files from third-party services.

File Chooser Field - third-party file storage services in Drupal fields

There are quite a few modules that would allow me to upload files but none of them worked well for me. Either they asked me to put the URL or they would just store URL's to remote files. Because of lack of such a module on I came up with the idea of creating a module that would combine several services and have ability to download files and use them in Drupal specified fields.

After spending several days I was able to create a working prototype and eventually released a module called File Chooser Field. The module extends File and Image fields by adding ability to upload files from third-party services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. The module respects Drupal field settings such as file size limit, extensions, cardinality. You have to note that this module downloads remote files and stores them in the Drupal field.

Requirements Quick Start. Geofield. Profiler Builder. Profiler Builder is a module for automating the creation of installation profiles and distributions.

Profiler Builder

It has support for the Profiler installation profile simplifier library but is able to run independent of it (1.0-RC4+). This module creates a downloadable tar package that gives you a well made installation profile and associated drush make file based on the site its installed on. This is a fast, simple way of creating a distributions from any produced drupal site and is an excellent form of documentation via blue-print creation. 7.x features Roadmap Automatic exportables / featurization of exportables -- functionality to improve accuracy / automation today! Special Note on Field Collection If you are using Field Collection in your install profile / distribution that this package gives you make sure you read my comment #39 on #1649548: Setting default values in Content Types -> [content type] -> [field collection field] -> edit causes incorrect Features export.

Tutorials. Upgrade Status. This project provides modules that support you to upgrade your site to the next major version of Drupal core.

Upgrade Status

Upgrade Status The Upgrade Status module checks the list of projects you have installed and shows their availability for the new version of Drupal core, which can be one of the following: Available: A stable release of this project is available.In development: A development release of this project is available, which can be installed for testing purposes.Not ported yet: There are no releases available for this project. Clicking on any of the modules' boxes will show you notes about upgrading the project, as well as a link to download the new version. Upgrade Assist (5.x and 6.x only) The Upgrade Assist module helps you to do the required upgrade steps in the right and expected order, and additionally takes the upgrade path for contributed modules into account. Dependencies for Drupal 5 only: Update status Installation Please see current README.txt. Credits.