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Easter Morning Breakfast Too busy planning for Easter dinner? Here are some fabulous recipes for Easter morning breakfast! Spring Market Finds from France & Finland! The Daily Basics The Daily Basics
Cocktail Whisperer | Cocktail and food musing from Rum judge Warren Bobrow Cocktail Whisperer | Cocktail and food musing from Rum judge Warren Bobrow I believe that ice is the most important ingredient in a well-crafted cocktail. Just imagine this scenario. You go to your favorite cocktail lounge; the bartender is making crafted cocktails. The first thing that you notice is the amount of tiny cubes he is putting in the drinks. It would appear that the glasses are filled to the brim with this frozen substance possessing neither form nor shape.
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Brown Eyed Baker | Sweet. Savory. Sinful. Happy Saturday! I hope you had a fabulous week and are ready to enjoy some relaxing down time. We have some car shopping planned for today, and tomorrow I have a baby shower for an old friend. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a shower, I don’t know what to do with myself! Brown Eyed Baker | Sweet. Savory. Sinful.
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Love & Olive Oil Love & Olive Oil If Taylor were to start his own food blog, it would most definitely, without a doubt, be about sandwiches. Or, maybe beer and sandwiches. But definitely sandwiches. However, since having two food blogs in one family is certifiably unpractical, we’ve decided to give him a space on this blog to share his love of sandwiches (aka good things between bread). This will be the first in a monthly series we are calling Taylor’s Sandwich Club. While the recipes may be simple, he loves learning the history and stories behind his favorite classic sandwiches.
I love to cook breakfast. Probably more than I like to eat, ok that’s a lie. I like to do both. When I was a kid, my mom would make quiche. Of course because I was a kid, I wouldn’t eat it. At some point, most of us grow up and learn that there are new and yummy foods out there to try beyond what is familiar. I stole this from... | A great site I stole this from... | A great site
The Nifty Foodie I can’t believe that I’m typing out this recap right now. For weeks, I was anticipating attending this conference, and while I had a feeling it would be over in the blink of an eye, I still can’t believe it’s really over. Inspiring sessions, meeting amazing fellow bloggers and of course, seeing Mickey…it’s hard to put into words how wonderful this conference was, but oh man, if you ever have the opportunity to attend this conference, do it. One of the biggest things that happened for me is that I walked away from this conference so inspired to make a huge change to this blog, and hopefully in the coming weeks, you will see those changes actually happen. I was waivering on making these changes for a while, but one session in particular let me know that this change is a good thing. The Nifty Foodie - Baking & Dessert *Video Recipes* Contact Us Privacy Policy Joyofbaking On Twitter Stephanie Jaworski+ - Baking & Dessert *Video Recipes*
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Cooking For Engineers - Step by Step Recipes and Food for the Analytically Minded.
Asparagus and Eggs, Two Ways I've been having lots of issues with soft boiled eggs lately. Not the soft-boiling part, but the peeling. It's strange because (not to be boastful or anything) I never used to have issues peeling eggs. I always wondered what the big fuss was - my egg shells always came off gloriously easily. i am a food blog i am a food blog
This blog has become such a part of my life that when I don’t post, it feels like something is missing. I knew that with the move, any projects, both personal and professional, would have to be put on hold. Through it all, though, my mind hasn’t stopped churning out ideas for recipes. A Thought For Food - where ideas are brought to simmer A Thought For Food - where ideas are brought to simmer
Aggies Kitchen Warning: This post is going to make you extremely hungry!! Today my beautiful friend Flavia is here, sharing what’s in her fridge in her Italian kitchen. Flavia’s food is “home” to me, it brings me such comfort to read her posts and how she describes her food and writes her recipes. Aggies Kitchen - Authentic Recipes, Food, Drinks and Travel
In case you’re wondering, I am still working my way through my list of meals to freeze for post baby! I really love making these meals, packaging them up and putting them out in our deep freezer. I love thinking that the next time I see them we’ll have a new family member! Such a crazy, weird thought. It seems like everyone on the internet recommends empanadas for a great post-baby meal. Eat, Live, Run
The Bitchin' Kitchin' Remember when I told you I was going to give you healthy recipes? Well, I lied. Sorry 'bout that. I ended up making this amazing cake for a New Year's Eve party last week and I just about died over it.
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Beyond Salmon Battered and deep-fried is how most Americans first encounter squid, and that's a shame. Squid can be so much more than a vehicle for batter. No, it does not taste like chicken. If that's the most important quality for you in proteins, you might not get along with squid. It has its own unique flavor that is slightly sweet. Cooking squid takes surprising no skill as long as you understand a simple principle: it can either be cooked in 30 seconds or 2 hours.
Piccadilly Carrot Souffle Recipe
I Wash You Dry - simple recipes, easy clean-up
Honest Cooking - Food News | Recipes | Wine | Beer | Opinion | Culinary Travel
I am having a very odd week. On Monday, just after I'd dropped Hugo off at daycare (thankgodthankgodthankgod), I slipped on some just-formed black ice on the sidewalk. There was no time to catch myself, no time to even register what was happening before I slammed my head against the cobblestones. It was all very upsetting, as you can imagine, what with bits of tooth suddenly loose in my mouth and blood on the sidewalk and a momentary loss of vision and all that pain, pain, pain. The Wednesday Chef
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