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Everyone knows at least one or two men in their lives that are just impossible to buy jeans for without getting their input firstly. This is because guys are typically more prone to find one brand and stick with it, maybe because they truly do prefer it over other brands, but we also think it's because men don't know the truth about designer denim. The truth is: majority of all mens designer denim are constructed with spandex or lycra which is meant to move with the person wearing the jeans. Spandex and lycra are the materials in clothes that allow the garments to stretch without staying stretched. For men who do lots of bending, or moving in general in their work environment, designer jeans allow you to do it all while still making you look clean and refined. For those of you who have seen Legally Blonde, designer jeans keep your "bend and snap" looking great. Blog — Aristocracy Apparel Blog — Aristocracy Apparel
New Orleans Living Magazine, local business, health, food, fashion and more… Coming to New Orleans: Sailing for Everybody The ten-year-old boy watched with curiosity as his father pulled into the driveway. Lashed to the top of the family station wagon was something resembling a light blue box. New Orleans Living Magazine, local business, health, food, fashion and more…
Kempt - world of men's style / fashion / grooming Kempt - world of men's style / fashion / grooming Whether it’s Russell Westbrook in bright paisley at a press conference or Dwyane Wade collaborating with yet another menswear brand, our attention has been mostly off-court lately when it comes to basketball style. (Then again, in-action they’re all dressed eerily similarly.) But although the pros all have to wear matching tech-y uniforms when they step on the court, there’s no reason that your on-court accoutrements can’t have a little extra stylishness.
Fuck Yeah Menswear Fuck Yeah Menswear Uh well-a well-a well-a Ugh. Tell me more. Err’body back from camp.
Lavish Magazine// Urban Style, Beauty, Culture, Politics Lavish Magazine// Urban Style, Beauty, Culture, Politics Everybody is talking about how actress Tika Sumpter, star of The Haves and the Have Nots, got Arsenio Hall to cry when talking about Whitney Houston in the movie Sparkle. But I was fixated with Tika's two-piece dress, a wonderfully punchy and graphic croptop and skirt bodycon. It was trendy, yet still grown, which made it all the better. I've seen this graphic overdone to death, but there is something wonderfully refreshing about this particular style, that may have me pick up a dress... two. Here are some graphic picks I wouldn't mind trying out:
Individualism - Mens Style, Fashion and Streetwear Blog
Downeast and out Downeast and out Anonymous asked: Hey there, I understand you own a pair of Our Legacy dad jeans? How do you like the fit on them? Would you recommend it to someone? I do own a pair. I wouldn’t recommend the fit off the rack, but I tailored mine and now they’re great. Buy them and get them tapered to your liking - the construction and fabric are nice enough.
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Happy New Year! Okay that's more of a hit on us as we haven't updated the blog since then but believe us when we say that we've been busy. This is kinda like that awkward moment when you run into an ex that you haven't seen in a while and then they suggest that you go get coffee and you've taken two seconds too long to make up plans. So, while you sip on your chai tea soy latte, let us catch you up on what we've been up to. (this is a fancy word for where you can buy our stuff outside of our website) hook+ALBERT hook+ALBERT
Off the Cuff. Classic. Modern. Style. Off the Cuff. Classic. Modern. Style. For this year’s OTC Holiday Style Guide, we look to some modern classics that are designed and built for how we live life today. That means timeless practical design, like Rotring mechanical pencils, or a handmade heirloom that will only get better with age, like a Frank Clegg bag. But it also means technical dress socks that keep your feet happy all day long and totally modern hunting jacket. One of the enduring truths of real East Coast preppy style is that it’s based on the adoption of functional basics, re-imagining them for everyday life, and using them until they fall apart. Then, you keep on using them.
StyleBlazer | The #1 Fashion Obsession for Women of Color
HYPEBEAST. Online Magazine for Fashion, Arts, Design and Culture Essentials: Lindsay Merkle Having spent a large part of her creative tenure in advertising agencies, Lindsay Merkle’s pursuits in branding, marketing and sales have allowed her to work with some of the largest names in sports and fashion. A few years ago, she channeled h... HYPEBEAST. Online Magazine for Fashion, Arts, Design and Culture
The Emerging Man The Emerging Man Smoking slippers are taking the spot of the classic dress shoe. They are easy to slip-on, very functional. They are easy to go from day to night and dress to casual. I use mines before I use my monk strap or wingtip shoes. They pack well, so great for the gym bag. If you are looking to do any enhancements to your current look, these are worth the investment.
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The Minimalist: Ifeanyi Nwune CONTROL Capsule Collection Experimental, conceptual and minimalist are the themes present in stylist Ifeanyi Nwune's "Control" collection. Comprised of formal, casual and statement pieces, the Nigerian designer takes a cue from... The Daily Look: 04.09.14 Image Source: Mr. Burberry Fox The Gentleman's Daily Before Kim Kardashian … There was Paris Hilton! She is the original “Started from the Bottom” Sextape socialite turned Hollywood star! She has that “Million Dollar P*ssy” and that’s exactly what YMCMB’s Boss man “Birdman’s” next single “Tapout” is talking about! It features “Lil Wayne, Future, Mack Maine & Nicki Minaj” The Hilton Heir Paris will be apart of Birdman’s “Tapout” single making her debut in the official music video that was shot last night. It’s a slow news day, so I’ve been scouring the net. I came across this pretty enlightening article that explores some very real reasons why many gay men may be single. Truthfully, majority of the points transcend gender and sexual orientation, they are universal. I know a few of them hit home for me, especially “jumping in the bed too easily.” Chile I can’t help it that I use to be hot too trot. I’ll have y’all know that I am no longer a lady of the night.
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