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House Tour: A Stylish 500 Square Foot Portland Studio. Name: Nina Bakos Location: South East — Portland, Oregon Size: Approximately 500 square feet Years lived in: 2 — rented Nina's job is to make objects fit into a space just right as a product merchandiser for Nike, so it's no surprise her studio is arranged with love, care and impeccable taste. Her biggest design inspiration? The aesthetic of her Finnish mother and Slovac father.

Great style runs in the family. Enter House Tour Nina has lived in the Portland, Oregon area most of her life, with stints abroad in Spain and a handful of other countries. Nina's space also has great, open air flow from the studio's windows and the cross breeze coming from the original 1930s style kitchen. Apartment Therapy Survey: My Style: Modern Inspiration: I'm addicted to traveling and am always inspired by the places I go and the new things I see. Favorite Element: My windows — there is always a ton of light in my place. Biggest Embarrassment: My closets. Best Advice: Keep it minimal, less is more. Kevin's Cool, Collected Studio Cocktail — House Tour. Designer: Kevin DumaisLocation: Financial District, New York, New YorkSize: 475 square feet The players are familiar, but the play's the thing, in a surprising studio that manages miles of style in barely a piéd of terre.

Kevin's assembled cast is vintage, transparent, fine-lined and good-boned, coaxing a ridiculous amount of function (and style) out of — and into — a 475 square-foot model apartment. Enter House Tour Pulled and polished from flea markets, and mined from familiar retail sources with a sophisticate's eye, the pieces in designer Kevin Dumais' model studio apartment at 116 John Street, in the Financial District ("FiDi" if you're Tweeting) are a lesson in how to pull off a cool, calm and collected look, and proof that even in the wake of a cash-draining move into new digs, you've still got enough dough left over to craft and curate a look that's anything but basic. (See the three other models here, here and here. What floorplan did you get and what was the square footage? House Tour: An Artistic Loft for Three in Chicago. Name: Heidi Unkefer (left), Brittany Meyer (right) & Jess Manning Location: Wicker Park/East Village; Chicago, Illinois Years lived in: 3 years (Brittany), 1.5 years (Heidi), 0.5 years (Jess) This is no brand-new condo made to look like an industrial space with high ceilings and exposed ducts; this is a paint-on-the-floor, full of history, open and raw, ever-evolving space, one that has changed in size and configuration over the years depending on whomever was living there at the moment.

It has morphed from warehouse to studio to artist’s collective, and it has been passed down from artist to artist until now, when the talented Brittany, Jess, and Heidi have found themselves all living here together. In true artistic form, the members of "The Babysitter's Club"—everyone who's lived in the loft lately has had a super '90s girl name—have each used their bedroom as a canvas on which to express themselves: a polished gallery, a bohemian mélange, and an edgy boudoir. Our Style: Inspiration: 10 Impressive DIY Wall Art Projects from Our House Tours — Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies. "Decorative art isn't necessarily created just by bona fide artists. Everyday folks can get in on the action too, and make custom work for their walls.

We asked our house tour residents to tell us about their DIY art projects, and the results are endlessly impressive. 1. Above, a Southwestern rug-inspired painted canvas from Kathryn & Perry's "Have Less Do More" Apartment: My proudest DIY has got to be our little dining nook/statement art wall! 2. I woke up one morning with a very strong feeling that I needed to paint fish. 3. There are two pieces of wood hanging on my wall .... 4. The framed floral installation in my room. 5. My handmade ceramics are sprinkled here and there throughout the apartment. 6. I made the painting — using materials salvaged from our house — to have a reminder to never take things for granted; to realize how transitory life is... it demonstrates how to maintain your sense of humor, even in the worst of times... 7. 8. 9. 10.

Everyone's Painting Their Own Abstract Art, And You Should Too. Have you ever looked at a cool painting and thought to yourself, "I could totally make that"? Don't get me wrong–if you have some extra spending money, you should definitely support your local artists. But if the only wall art options in your budget are pre-fab pieces at an off-price retailer, you might just want to flex your creative muscle and make a work of abstract art yourself.

When it comes to abstract art, it really can be as easy as taking a paintbrush to canvas and going to town. But if you'd like a little more guidance, here are a dozen easy-to-tackle techniques for creating your own masterpieces. After this you'll have two things to be proud of: Your incredible art skills and how much money you saved. If you love the brushstroked black and white look of the art that Gina painted for her living room at the top of this post (it's from our house tours!) , try out this similar-look tutorial from Dans le Lakehouse. Here's more gold leaf art from Ashley at Lolly Jane. Ashley & Emily’s First Chicago Apartment — House Tour. Name: Ashley Gerou & Emily Drake Location: Lakeview; Chicago, Illinois Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 3 years; rented Cousins Ashley and Emily grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and attended college in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

After graduating from separate schools, they moved to Chicago. Now they rent a condo together in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. The ladies’ personalities shine in their own rooms. Apartment Therapy Survey: Our Style: Ashley: Warm and charming, with a hint of new and dash of vintage. Emily: It changes all the time. Inspiration: Ashley: I love everything Sarah Sherman Samuel does – might be because she is originally from Michigan too.

Emily: I find inspiration everywhere. Favorite Element: Ashley: I love having my great grandmother’s artwork in our home. Emily: I love the marquee “E” in my room. Biggest Challenge: Ashley: Downsizing from living solo and in a much larger space to making the same (and additional) furniture work in this smaller space. The Best Two-Player Couples Board Games for Game Night. This might be the homebody in me talking, but I happen to think date night at home is better than date night out in nearly every way. The drinks are cheaper. The clothes are comfier. And, if you have the right game, it can be a really fun night for you and your love to get competitive and cuddly all at once. Based on recommendations from Amazon, Board Game Geek, Reddit's /r/boardgames and my own experience, here are some of the best two-player games for couples to play on their own.

Carcassonne This one is my personal favorite for date night these days. Ticket to Ride In Ticket to Ride, you and your partner are simultaneously trying to connect specific cities on the board with train routes you place piece-by-piece. Hive A bug-themed strategy game that sounds very much like a light game of chess, your objective in Hive is to surround your opponent's queen bee, while keeping yours from being surrounded. Pandemic Guillotine Scrabble It's a classic for a reason. More posts in this series. All the diet advice you need, in one chart. House Tour: A Minimal, Bold & Graphic Condo in Portland.

Name: Kristen Shenk Location: Northwest Portland, Oregon Size: 1,100 square feet Years lived in: 2.5 years; Owned Kristen moved from Ohio to Portland to work as a graphic designer for Nike and has loved the process of setting up her first home. Her space is a direct reflection of her career, her personal style, and her love of a modern, graphic aesthetic. As Kristen prepares for a move to New York City, she wanted to document the home that she has so thoughtfully put together during her time in Portland. It happened to be Kristen's 30th birthday the day this tour was shot—this woman has accomplished so much already—and maybe you'll see her next apartment in NYC featured here soon! Apartment Therapy Survey: My Style: Modern, Minimal and Graphic Inspiration: Design and Lifestyle Blogs, Modernism, Scandinavian Design, Graphic Design Favorite Element: The color palette.

Biggest Challenge: My bedroom. What Friends Say: That I live like an adult (even though we are all adults!). Send us your own: Up Your Color Game: 7 Reasons to Paint Things the Same Color as the Walls. My friend's newly purchased apartment includes a short interior staircase and I suggested she paint the stair rails the same color as the (blue) wall behind them. Will she do it? She's thinking about it. There are many good reasons to try this painting technique; here are seven along with pictures to illustrate the strategy. 1. Small Space Solution: Having a lot of furniture in a small apartment can look and feel cluttered, but a smart way to mitigate this is to paint something the same color as the walls, like these bookshelves. You have all the function and it keeps the room looking more open. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

(Image credits: Claire Bock; Dave Coote Design; Côté Maison; Design*Sponge; Project Nursery; Benjamin Moore; Pop Sugar) 8 Ideas for What to Do With That Weird Space Above Your Toilet. Depending on where you live and what your bathroom looks like, you might have some odd space above your toilet. Just kind of sitting there, not being useful and not looking good. Well, we've got eight ideas of ways folks have rethought that space in their bathroom, and we think you might find some inspiration for your own space!

Create your own art gallery on the wall above your toilet in any size bathroom. This example from Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort. Not even a narrow space can deter Rebecca and Dustin, who installed a compact but useful storage unit over their toilet, plus some baskets up top for extra storage. A simple wall shelf and a stylish patterned basket make this bathroom a little more lovely. Spotted on My Fabuless Life. Some baskets hanging from towel bars make the space above this toilet extra functional. We love the look of these plain-wood, stacked boxes above a toilet, seen on Curbly. Thick floating shelves are for storage and style in this restroom.

DIY Canned Food Organizer Tutorial. I built this DIY Canned Food Organizer and it’s basically changed my life. Let’s start by saying, have you see my little kitchen? It’s totally tiny but does a fine job suiting our needs…mostly… One problem I’ve run into with a small space is storage space. I’ve had to get a little creative and maximize the empty space hiding in the room since we’re lacking a pantry. However, our kitchen had about a 6″ opening between our wall and the refrigerator.

Which btw, I didn’t even notice until I saw this pin on pinterest and knew I needed my own version stat! This idea blew me out of the water! **NOTE** There are too many shelves on this plan. DIY Canned Food Organizer Shopping list: 9 – 1×4″ boards cut to 29 1/2″ (top board, shelves, bottom board) 2 – 1×4″ boards cut to 64″ (Side boards) 1 – Thin board cut to 31 1/2 x 64″ (I used bead board/wainscoting board from Home Depot) 4 – 1 1/2 – 2″ Metal Casters that hold 50+ lbs (I used 2″, 80lb) 7 – 7/16 dowels cut to 30″ long (lumber section of Home Depot)

Genius Kitchens: Space Saving Details for Small Kitchens. Kitchen storage space is always at a premium, and this is especially true in small kitchens. But fortunately, having a kitchen with a small footprint doesn't have to mean always struggling to fit things in. If you're remodeling, consider one of these 13 solutions that will help you get the most out of your small kitchen. Above, a great way to add extra serving, snacking or work space is with a fold out table that expands when you need it, and folds into the wall when you don't. Another space-saving trick worth stealing from this small kitchen is the shallow shelves in front of the vent hood. Image from Hemnet, via Babble. Above: Get the most out of a narrow space with a pull-out cabinet, like this one from Home Depot. An appliance garage can help you save much-needed counter space, as seen on BHG.

Spotted on Martha Stewart: a drawer with two layers of built-in silverware trays, so you can store your everyday stuff and your good silver in the same place. A Kitchen Look We Love: Black + Marble. Marble countertops are huge right now, because they are divinely beautiful and will take your breath away. We often see marble (or at least light marbles like Calacatta and Carrara) installed in a nearly or completely all-white kitchen, where it has a certain luxurious radiance. But what about marble in a black kitchen? Now you've got something really interesting. In the photo above, from WS Workshop via Inside Living, a luxurious, light marble is the perfect counterpart (pun intended?) Here's another kitchen, from 24 Design Construction, where marble countertops pair beautifully with dark cabinets.

Of course, you don't need to paint your whole kitchen black to get the effect. I couldn't resist adding an overall shot of this kitchen. In this kitchen from Traditional Home (via Savor Home), marble gets punched up with just a bit of black, in the window frame. The starkness of black, the luxury of marble... it's a match made in heaven. House Tour: A Budget Friendly Denver Loft. Name: Bridget and Robert Park Location: Ballpark District, Denver, Colorado Size: 800 square feet Years lived in: 2 years; rented Hailing from Seattle, these two newlyweds recently made the trek to Denver for a new adventure and grad school. After one year of living in the ballpark district of downtown Denver, a friend told them about an affordable housing program in the city that gave lower income households access to some of the city's most beautiful historic lofts. The situation seemed perfect for this young couple living on a graduate student budget, and with this opportunity they vowed to make this warehouse unit their own without breaking the bank.

These two adventurers love traveling and have a million hobbies in between them, which are reflected in most of the treasures that can be found in their home. To top it off they're both avid thrifters! Apartment Therapy Survey: My Style: Vintage, shabby-chic — with bohemian, eclectic touches. Resources of Note: Thanks, Bridget and Robbie! Unusual Kitchen Cabinet Designs (That You May Just Fall in Love With) Many a beautiful kitchen have been built on a foundation of pretty normal, neutral cabinetry. But if you ever have the opportunity to renovate a kitchen from scratch and add in something really spectacular in the realm of cabinetry, it's like a shortcut to great style. Above, a cool, oversized-pegboard-style upper cabinet area in this tall Amsterdam schoolhouse-turned apartment, from Dwell.

Raw wood bottoms and glass-fronted uppers in this kitchen from Blakes London. The best detail, though, is the subway tile that lines the cabinets. This hospitality concept in Berlin mixes and matches wood finishes in the room's kitchenette, as seen on We Heart. The upper cabinets in this Copenhagen bachelor pad from Bolig magazine are actually display cases. The molded, flat-front black cabinets in this Sydney home from designer Greg Natale are simple and show-stopping all at once. Two of the drawers in this space from Sustainable Kitchens are wood crates, perfect for storing produce. House Tour: A Bold and Dramatic New Orleans House. House Tour: A 350 Square Foot Sleek Boston Studio. Genius Bathrooms: Built-In Hidden Storage & Surprises. Sonia & Jason's Home Where "Every Nook has its Purpose" — House Call. House Tour: A Dark & Eclectic Philadelphia Home. Decorating Ideas for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

Best Wall Mounted Desks & Tables: 2016 Annual Guide. Step Away from the Glue Gun Until You Read This: The Do's and Don’ts of DIY. This Is What You Need to Know Before Moving In Together. How To Smoothly Transition from Two Incomes to One (Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind) House Tour: A Contemporary Classic London Flat. The 10 Commandments of Saving: Smart Money Habits to Take to Heart This Year. Decorating Choices That Make Your Home Look Cleaner Than It Actually Is. Sarah's "Modern and Bohemian" Small Space — House Call. 7 Ways to Add a Little Color to Your Bathroom Remodel. Matte Black in the Kitchen: Inspiration & Ideas — Trend Report.

House Tour: An Oakland Home Full of Thrifted Treasures. House Tour: A Michigan Home Full of Geometric Patterns. House Tour: A Clever DIY Loft in Chicago. The Broke Person's Guide to Decorating: The Cheapest, Chicest & Most Effective Tricks. 9 Affordable Decor Ideas That Always Wow — From the Archives: Greatest Hits. 9 Dark, Rich & Vibrant Rooms that Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Color. The Moving-In-Together Guide to Decorating Your First Home as a Couple. At Ease At Home: Top Posts for Creating a Calm, Healthy Home — Best of 2015.

New Year, New Home: 11 Fresh Ideas to Try. 7 Ways to Fit a Workspace into a Small Space. House Tour: A Sunny and Minimal One-Room East Bay Loft. House Tour: An Industrial-Inspired Arts District Loft. House Tour: A Cozy Family-Inspired Chicago Condo. House Tour: A Graphic Modern Chicago Home. House Tour: A Bold Chicago Apartment Bursting With DIY. HGTV Star Danielle Colding Layers Generations of Influence — House Tour.

House Tour: Graphic Designs in 680 square feet. House Tour: A Small but Stylish West Village Apartment. How Waking Up an Hour Earlier Every Morning Can Transform Everything. House Tour: A Compact Brooklyn Apartment and Studio. Susan's Colorful Cabinet of Curiosities — House Tour. House Tour: A Moody Glam California Apartment. House Tour: A Colorful and Edgy Montreal Rental. House Tour: A Clever DIY Loft in Chicago. Brian & Kerry's Brewery Loft — House Tour Greatest Hits. Caitlin & Dave's Oakland Apartment of Wonder & Oddities — House Tour. Violaine & Gaetan's DIY Design in Montreal — House Tour.

Taylor's New York Apartment Full of Texture and Patterns — House Call. House Tour: A Mid-Century-Inspired Apartment in Houston. DIY Wine Cork Chandelier | mox & fodder. Designer Secrets: Transform Your Space with Texture. House Tour: A Brazil-Inspired Modern Mix in Switzerland. 10 More Unusual Ways to Paint Your Space.