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Guitar Technique and Warm Up Exercises with Tabs

Guitar Technique and Warm Up Exercises with Tabs
Here are some technique and warm up exercises that can help you to gain fluency, speed and accuracy on the guitar neck. It's a good idea to do some of these exercises every day. Don't do them too long at a time, it's better to exercise regularly (daily) for a short time. You gain the most out of these exercises if you use a metronome. Start slow and built up the speed. Just to make sure we understand eachother in terms of finger naming (warning: the numbers on the tabs below are not finger numbers, but fret numbers): Click Here To Download Your Free Jazz Guitar eBook Warm Up Exercises This first exercise helps to develop your fluency, speed and left hand-right hand coordination. The next exercise trains your individual fingers. String Skipping Exercises The following set of exercises train your picking abilities. This is one of bass player John Patitucci (if I remember it well). The next exercise uses the G major scale. Intervalic Guitar Scales In thirds: In fourths: In fifths: In sixths: Related:  LifestyleGuitar Programs & Guides

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Know Every Note on the Guitar in 9 Days Knowing every note on the guitar is a challenge unique to the instrument. A saxophone has only one way to finger each note, while a guitar usually has a few different strings and four fingers to choose from. String a few notes together and the permutations of how to play them will wreck your brain. Pianists have a similar problem with ten available digits, but you can memorize the notes on a keyboard in a matter of minutes; the same pattern of white and black keys repeats every octave. The challenge with navigating the guitar fretboard is its two-dimensional layout. Why Know the Whole Fretboard? If you don’t know every single note on the guitar cold, without hesitation, then I highly recommend taking a little time to get that under your belt. The primary advantage to knowing every note on the fretboard is in creation. If you haven’t started playing yet, come back to this after you’ve learned some music. Day 1: Open Strings Know your open strings like you know your alphabet. Conclusion

9 Songs Every Beginner Should Know Author Bio: * Plays for the band Your Name In Neon * Has been playing for 9 years * Has 3 years teaching experience * Is in love with the Beatles * Has been gigging for 7 years * Has a secret crush on The Bangles * Is a beginner specialist * Has been a session guitarist For the beginner guitarist, here is a list of 9 songs that are easily recognisable, easy to learn and will leave you feeling good after a run through. By learning the 9 songs listed below you will have covered some essential basics e.g. strumming patterns, string skipping with the plectrum, barre chords, single string riffs and leads. Strumming Songs 1. The song consists of four chords in the key of G major: G, D, Am7, and C. 2. Wonderwall is one of Oasis’s most popular songs and in 2008 it was 76th in the UK’s list of best-selling singles. 3. Blister in the Sun is a song by American rock band Violent Femmes, released on their 1983 debut Violent Femmes. 4. Introducing the F chord 4. 5. String Skipping Songs 6. 7. 8. Solos

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Discover Your Discomfort by Jamie Andreas ( Okay, I'm going to explain some powerful things for the practicing guitarist who wants to see RESULTS from their practice. In other words, the guitarist who wants to do what I call CORRECT PRACTICE. Have you ever had trouble playing something on the guitar? Have you ever seen or heard someone play something, tried to do it yourself, maybe practiced it for a long time, and ended up with only frustration and bad feelings about yourself as a player? There are a few things that are always true when we are unable to play something we want to play on the guitar. Oh sure, you'll hear people say "play S-L-O-W-LY", or "RELAX"! I got a new student about a year ago, we'll call him Tom. Tom has two very important qualities that a player must have in order to overcome problems, and make what I call Vertical Growth. Tom doesn't have the pain in his shoulder anymore, and his playing is getting better and better. Hold the guitar as comfortable as you can.

Basic Jazz Chords for Guitar INDEX of online guitar lessons. This is an article I've posted in the newsgroup several times. I'm including it here so folks can access it more easily. Sorry for the ASCII tab format, but it's the best I can do right now. I hope this is of use to some folks. Here's a basic "jazz" chord vocabulary. The chords in each column below all have the same function ... the chords in each column can all replace each other: MAJOR MINOR DOMINANT 7th maj7 -7 -(maj7) 13 7#5 6 -9 -6 9 7#9 69 -11 -69 11 7b9 maj9 -9(maj7) 7sus4 7b5 7b5 Here's how they might fit into the key of C major: I II III IV V VI VII Cmaj7 D-7 E-7 Fmaj7 G7 A-7 B-7b5 C6 D-9 E-11 F6 G9 A-9 (B-11) C69 D-11 F69 G11 A-11 Cmaj9 Fmaj9 G13 G7sus4 And the secondary dominants: V7 of Cmaj7 V7 of D-7 V7 of E-7 V7 of Fmaj7 V7 of G7 V7 of A-7 G9 A7#5 B7#5 C9 D13 E7#5 G13 A7#9 B7#9 C13 D9 E7#9 G11 A7b9 B7b9 C11 D7b5 E7b9 G7#9 A7b5 B7b5 C7#9 D13b9 E7b5 G7b9 C7b9 (D11) G7#5 C7#5 G7sus4 C7sus4 G7b5 C7b5 Have fun ...

9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture There are 9 basic principles that underlie Japanese art and culture. They're called aesthetics — concepts that answer the question: what is art? There are 9 Japanese aesthetics. They are the basis for Japanese art, fashion, pop culture, music and movies. 1. Wabi-sabi (imperfect) Can you imagine if all the characters in movies were perfect? 2. Miyabi is often translated "heartbreaker". 3. Shibui means simple, subtle or unobtrusive. 4. Iki is uniqueness. Iki is the movie character who's a bad-ass with style and grace. 5. Jo-ha-kyu is a tempo that can be translated as — start slowly, accelerate and end suddenly. Modern uses include movies, music and advertising. 6. Yugen states that life is boring when all the facts are known. Where does the smoke come from? 7.Geido (discipline and ethics) Have you ever noticed that Japanese martial arts (and traditional arts) are all about discipline? 8. Ensou is a zen concept. 9. Kawaii is cute.

Arpeggio Tricks | The mp3 audio files for this lesson seem to have gone missing, since this lesson was on the old site, as soon as we find them again they will go back up! Trick 1 Trick 2 Trick 3 Trick 4 click here to view the powertab file for this lesson © Atanas Shishkov 2005 Tagged as: arpeggio, legato Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials inShare2 Even when you are an experienced Adobe Photoshop user, it’s always nice and useful to learn about new tricks and techniques, which help you to improve your professional skills. As nothing in this world stands on the same place, a lot of useful tutorials are appear daily on the web. And we are as usually try to pick up the best material for our readers and always search for new stuff to share with you. This article shares with you 50 Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials. Create a Diablo III Inspired Text Effect in Photoshop If you’re a big fan of playing video games, then you are probably aware of the release of Diablo III. Create a “Parry Hotter” Text Effect in Photoshop In this quick tip tutorial we will demonstrate how to create a cinematic “Parry Hotter” Text Effect using the layer styles. Create a Stitched Denim Text Effect in Photoshop Create a Crisp Metallic Text Effect in Photoshop Create a Bloody Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles Ombre Text Effect Chalk Text Effect

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10 Completely Brilliant Guitar Tuition Sites I’ve spent many hours either watching guitar video lessons or reading guitar blog posts and have created a list of the places I keep going back to again and again. Whether you are a learner, intermediate or advanced guitar player there’s something for everyone here. Guitar Jamz Marty Schwartz produces amazing guitar tutorials and tips videos for both electric and acoustic guitars. There’s a large amount of free materials available on his channels and if you want more he offers some great dvd’s at reasonable, good value for money prices. Check out his acoustic blues lesson below: …as well as this electric guitar lesson showing how to play Enter Sandman. Here are Marty’s two YouTube channels: Matt’s Guitar Lessons This small (ish) site offers an excellent selection of video guitar lessons showing how to play popular songs and some general improvisational tips. For examples check out this fantastic free video guitar lesson showing how to play Led Zeppelin’s ‘Bron-Yr-Aur’: Matt’s Guitar Lessons:

20 Very Useful Photography Tips And Tricks The summer is here so now is the perfect time to make a lot of photos. If you want to look like a professional photographer, then you must enhance your pictures. Take a look at this article because here you will find 20 very cool tutorials which will help you transform an average photo into a work of art. How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography In this article, the author will teach you how to create lomo photos in a very easy way. DIY – Create Your Own Bokeh Bokeh is an adaptation from a a Japanese word meaning blur. Make Pop Art from Your Photos If you are a fan of pop art and the work of Andy Warhol, then this is the Adobe Photoshop tutorial for you. How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits In this photography and Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to add drama or a cinematic quality to a regular, humdrum and boring portrait using a little bit of fake HDR. Convert to Black and White the Right Way Photographing Car Light Trails Coloring a black and white image

www.classicfm 1. The top C in Allegri's Miserere There you are, just chilling out with a bit of 17th century choral music like any self-respecting person would do, and then all of a sudden, BAM! High C! Emotional overload! Skip straight to it by pressing play below… 2. Everyone sing along! 3. Few pieces are so iconic that they can be defined by a few chords alone, and few musicians are so iconic that they can be defined by one piece. Watch the performance here . 4. How can one chord redefine the way we think about music? 5. Much of Mozart's Don Giovanni is actually quite humorous, with amorous japes and farce aplenty, but things take an incredibly sinister turn right at the end when the Don himself (think of him as a folkloric version of Russell Brand with comparable dress-sense) is finally forced to atone for his sins. Watch the whole scene here . 6. Spem In Alium is a choral classic given a new audience thanks to a certain E.L. 7. You know how it is. 8. 9. 10.

Name That Chord - Online Guitar Chord Finder & Guitar Chord Identifier Listen to selected notesStore This ChordClear Selections Embed to this chord: URL to this chord: Saved Chords Nothing here yet... What is Name That Chord? Name That Chord is a free interactive online guitar chord finder and guitar chord identifier. How It Works Usage is pretty simple: Click the notes on the fretboard to select/deselect them and see the results instantly. More Online Music Tools Name That Key - Identify the key of a song by it's chords.