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DRI Benzodiazepine 0040 Assay. To add this product to your interest list, Sign Up or Login.

DRI Benzodiazepine 0040 Assay

A reliable global supplier of lab equipment based in NY, Block Scientific carries a full line of drugs of abuse testing reagents, calibrators and controls from Thermo Scientific. We supply the Thermo Kit Benz 500mL, which comes under DRI Benzodiazepine Drugs of Abuse Assays. Specifications. QuikScreen Multi 6, 11, 12 Drug Test Cup. Roche Cobas Mira Chemistry Analyzers for Reliable Operation. Roche’s Cobas Mira chemistry analyzers allow for the selective analysis of chemistries in either a routine or STAT mode.

Roche Cobas Mira Chemistry Analyzers for Reliable Operation

The units are fully programmable and ensure hassle-free operation. These systems are available refurbished in leading online lab equipment stores. This bench top analyzer includes 104 programmable test channels, 72 cuvette capacity, and an analysis interval of 25 seconds. The optional ISE module with new electrodes allows the automatic calibration of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+) and chloride (Cl-) levels.

With Laboratory Information System (LIS) options, the analyzer provides results in the format that the user requests. Meet the Top Five Vendors in the U.S. Clinical Immunoassay Analyzer Market. Modern immunoassay analyzers provide accurate and timely results for the biochemical tests conducted to measure the presence and/or concentration of an analyte in a blood or body fluid sample.

Meet the Top Five Vendors in the U.S. Clinical Immunoassay Analyzer Market

With the increase in demand for these devices, there is intense competition among the large, medium, and small-sized manufacturers of clinical immunoassay analyzers. Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company, recently announced the top five vendors in its U.S. clinical immunoassay analyzer market report for 2016-2020. These manufacturers maintain their position in the market by developing simple, error-free automated immunoanalyzers. The top five companies that Technavio identifies as the market leaders are: These leading vendors form partnerships and provide premium-priced products to maintain their market share. Technavio’s report predicts that the U.S. clinical immunoassay analyzer market will grow at a healthy CAGR of around 6% during the forecast period. Get HbA1c Results in Minutes with the Siemens DCA 2000 Reagent Kit.

Periodic measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) is necessary for people with diabetes to determine whether their blood glucose level is adequately controlled.

Get HbA1c Results in Minutes with the Siemens DCA 2000 Reagent Kit

It helps reduce the risk of retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy in diabetic patients. Siemens Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Team Up to Boost Molecular Testing. Clinical laboratories utilize molecular diagnostics for early and more accurate detection of disease.

Siemens Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Team Up to Boost Molecular Testing

Molecular testing involves measurement and analysis of DNA and RNA at the molecular level to detect changes in biochemical pathways. The aim of performing these tests is to determine the location of a disease and its activity. One of the most recent developments in this area is the announcement of a new tie-up between Siemens Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Scientific to provide customers with one of the most advanced solutions for molecular testing.

The new solution involves integrating Thermo Fisher’s real-time PCR system into Siemens’ VERSANT® kPCR Molecular Solution. This will help laboratories to benefit from Siemens’ complete molecular testing solution, which helps ensure high performance from extraction through detection. (Visited 5 times, 5 visits today) EasyRA Analyzer an Ideal Option for Small Labs. A fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer, the Medica’s EasyRA chemistry analyzer is an accurate and precise instrument for the analysis of sodium, potassium, lithium and chloride electrolytes.

EasyRA Analyzer an Ideal Option for Small Labs

It is specifically designed to meet the on-site testing needs of small to medium-size clinical laboratories. This fully automated system helps labs manage their routine chemistry workload efficiently. With 150 tests per hour (>300 with integrated ISE), 24 sample positions, 24 reagents on board, and more, makes the EasyRA an ideal choice for the small laboratory’s clinical chemistry analysis tasks. This benchtop device contains an integral Medica ISE Module that measures sodium, potassium, chloride and lithium ions in serum using ion-selective electrode technology. Offering ease of use, reliable performance, and low maintenance, it helps maximize lab efficiency and quality of care. Modular design makes the EasyRA analyzer easy to maintain, ensuring maximum uptime. Siemens Chemistry Analyzers for Uncompromised Performance. Clinical chemistry analyzers test for analytes such as proteins, enzymes, and electrolytes.

Siemens Chemistry Analyzers for Uncompromised Performance

Applications include monitoring of diseases such as diabetes, testing for metabolic functions or cardiac markers, and drugs-of-abuse testing. The chemistry systems from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics are a popular choice for their comprehensive menu, decreased turnaround time and accuracy. QBC STAR Hematology System for Quality POC Testing. Physicians often recommend the complete blood count (CBC) test to determine an individual’s general health status.

QBC STAR Hematology System for Quality POC Testing

CBC is performed in medical laboratories using advanced hematology analyzers and helps diagnose a variety of conditions such as anemia, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorders and leukemia. The QBC STAR Centrifugal Hematology System is designed to provide accurate analysis of blood cells and count at the point-of-care. This compact and easy-to-use complete blood count analyzer changes the way in-office laboratories collect and analyze samples. This fully automated system can measure up to nine major CBC parameters such as hematocrit, hemoglobin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), white blood cell count, platelet count, granulocyte count, granulocyte percentage, lymphocyte/monocyte count and lymphocyte/monocyte percentage. The STAR Tube contains staining reagents on the inside and a precision plastic float to separate the white blood cell layers.

Siemens ADVIA 1800 for Smarter Chemistry Testing. Advanced chemistry analyzers help laboratories handle increased testing demands in the quick turnaround time required to meet current patient care needs.

Siemens ADVIA 1800 for Smarter Chemistry Testing

An ideal solution for mid- to high-volume chemistry analyses, Siemens’ ADVIA 1800 chemistry analyzer pushes the limit of productivity of the core lab and helps today’s laboratories meet their turnaround-time (TAT) goals. With a throughput of 1,800 tests per hour and 200 basic metabolic panels, the system has the capacity to keep pace with workload peaks. Its extensive menu allows integration of testing for clinical chemistry, drugs-of-abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), and specific proteins like Cystatin C and CardioPhase® hsCRP.

With intuitive new software and capabilities, the system is designed to deliver power and speed to meet the most demanding performance needs. Abbott Acquiring Alere to Lead Point-of-care Segment. Abbott Laboratories has reached an agreement to acquire Alere Inc for $5.8 billion.

Abbott Acquiring Alere to Lead Point-of-care Segment

In a press release, Abbott said that once the transaction is completed, it will become the leading diagnostics provider of point of care testing. Alere’s complementary technologies will help Abbott provide better care for patients by meeting the growing demand for fast, accurate and actionable medical information.

Point-of-care tests provide deliver results in just minutes and can be easily conducted in a doctor’s office, clinic, ambulance, pharmacy and even at home. Speedy tests can improve care and reduce health care costs. Abbott is a leading manufacturer of nutritionals and generic pharmaceuticals as well as wide array of diagnostic and medical devices such as hematology and point-of-care systems. FDA Clears Access 25(OH) Vitamin D Total Assay. Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, a global leader in developing clinical diagnostics products has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Access 25(OH) Vitamin D Total assay. The assay can be used on the company’s Access 2 and UniCel DxI series of immunoassay systems. The Access 25(OH) Vitamin D Total assay is a chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantitative determination of total 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in human serum and plasma. Results are to be used as an aid in the assessment of vitamin D sufficiency.

Laboratories will also benefit from the speed and flexibility provided by the company’s immunoassay systems, including the Access II and UniCel DxI 800, thus reducing the number of process steps and providing better turnaround time. Olympus AU400 - Economical, Efficient and Easy to Use. Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers provide quick, reportable and accurate test results. The Olympus AU400 is a popular model for small to medium size hospitals and laboratories. It can also serve as a dedicated specialty analyzer for larger facilities. Global Drugs of Abuse Testing Market Changing.

At clinical laboratories, drug testing can be performed from small samples of your blood, urine, fingernails, or saliva. Most laboratories now use dedicated clinical chemistry analyzers with quality drug testing reagents for accurate urine drug of abuse screening. According to a recent report from Research and Markets, the global drug testing market will undergo significant transformation. Advances in diagnostic technologies, new and more stringent regulations, system engineering, automation, and IT; and intensifying competition will be responsible for these changes. Some market segments will start to resemble commodity markets, where product positioning and cost per test are more crucial than underlying technology.

Refrigerators and Freezers to Store Lab Materials Safely. While refrigerators are mainly used in clinical laboratories to store delicate samples, enzymes and other reagents, freezers help with safe vaccine storage. These temperature-controlled units come in various sizes, from space-saving benchtop models and under-counter units to floor models for storing larger quantities of materials. Certain refrigerator/freezer units are designed specifically for the safe storage of flammable materials. Popular Models of Freezers and Refrigerators Industry leader Summit Appliances offers different models of laboratory freezers/refrigerators designed to serve varying needs. Here are some of the popular models in the market: Frost Free Freezer – SCFF55L. Flow Cytometry Analysis in Clinical & Research Laboratories. Flow cytometry analysis has a significant impact on diagnosing and monitoring diseases in laboratory hematology, hemostasis and immunology.

Flow cytometric techniques are now commonly used to diagnose red blood cell disorders, platelet glycoprotein abnormalities, reticulated platelets, as well as activated platelets, immunodeficencies, autoimmune disorders, antigen specific T-cell responses, allergy-testing and transplantation immunology. Advanced flow cytometers have redefined the standards of flow-cytometric analysis, offering greater accuracy, improved turnaround times, and objective results. Flow cytometry is based on the ability to pass cells single file in a solution through the path of one or more laser beams. It can provide valuable information about how the treatment affects the function of individual cells and also spot subsets of patients that respond to treatment.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzers Market Analysis 2015-2023. Clinical Chemistry Analyzers - Select the Right Option. Choosing a Hematology Analyzer - Factors to Consider. Olympus AU400 Chemistry Analyzer for Drug of Abuse Testing. Drug of abuse testing takes place in a variety of settings – hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician offices, and homes.

Study: Abbott i-STAT Improves Clinical Decision Making. Abbott’s i-STAT, a portable blood clinical analyzer, has been found to improve decision making in healthcare settings. Data presented at the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) Congress held in October 2015 in Italy confirmed that the i-STAT handheld analyzer has the capability to provide clinicians with the information needed for quick decision making, thereby promoting effective and efficient care. Lab Centrifuges - Evolution and Development. Centrifugation, an important laboratory process, involves the separation of substance of diverse densities using centrifugal force. Greiner Bio-One Products Ensure Safe Blood Collection. Specimen collection is the first step in the laboratory testing process.

Blood tests are performed on serum, plasma, or whole blood. Each step in the blood collection process carries risks – both for patients and health workers and unsafe practices can cause infection from bloodborne organisms leading to diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis or malaria. Poor blood collection practices lead to inaccurate results that may be misleading to the clinician, and the test may be ordered again, thereby inconveniencing the patient. The three major issues resulting from errors in collection are haemolysis, contamination and inaccurate labeling. Greiner Bio-One and SCIENION Team up to Develop RDTs.

Medica Diagnostic Analyzers to Enhance Lab Performance. Choosing the Right Laboratory Centrifuge. Prompt Diagnosis and Timely Clinical Intervention Using Point-of-Care Analyzers. Siemens' New Point-Of-Care Products Set New Standards. Medica EasyLyte Analyzer for Exact Electrolyte Measurements. Alere Expands Support to OAFLA in the Fight against HIV. Roche's New Diabetes App Provides Insulin Recommendations. Drucker 614B - An Innovative Centrifuge for Small Labs. Block Scientific Carries Lab Equipment from LW Scientific. Olympus AU400 - High Performance in a Compact Package. Medica's EasyLyte for Rapid Detection of Electrolyte Imbalances. STAT FAX Chemistry Analyzers Improve Diagnostic Testing. ChemWell Chemistry Analyzers to Maximize Lab Productivity. Roche Boosts Diagnostic Ability with GeneWEAVE Acquisition. Awareness Technology Products Boost Reliability & Efficiency.

Purchasing Refurbished Lab Equipment - Tread Carefully. Olympus AU400 Helps Next Glass Demystify Wine and Beer. How to Find an Efficient Chemistry Analyzer. Beckman Coulter Providing Innovative Solutions to Monitor HIV and AIDS in Africa. Thermo Fisher to Acquire Research Chemicals Maker Alfa Aesar. Siemens 3D Breast Tomosynthesis for Better Cancer Detection. Roche to Present New Rheumatoid Arthritis Data at EULAR 2015. FDA CLIA Waiver for Cobas Liat PCR System and Strep A. Awareness Technology Products to Enhance Lab Efficiency. Abbott Teams Up with Sekisui to Offer Coagulation Testing. UNICO Laboratory Equipment - Efficient and Dependable. High Growth on Coagulation/Hemostasis Analyzer Market. Roche's New Fetal DNA Test Shows Promise. Alere Inc. Gets FDA Approval for i Strep A Test. Choosing the Right Laboratory Balance. Tips to Prevent Pipetting Errors. Siemens Launches Two New Automated Urine Testing Systems.

Equipment Leasing can Improve a Laboratory's Balance Sheet. Siemens Blood Gas Systems Improve Workflow and Patient Care.