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FOB - PARIS. Les 10 plus belles montres chronographe de l’année 2008. Après les tourbillons, phases de lune, régulateurs, montres de plongée, voici la sélection des 10 plus beaux chronographes de l’année 2008.

Les 10 plus belles montres chronographe de l’année 2008

J’ai volontairement choisi de privilégier des modèles au style légèrement rétro, parfois inspirés ou voire créés à partir de composants anciens. Parmi les marques retenues: Mido, Aérowatch, Armand Nicolet, Universal Genève, Chronoswiss, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Glashütte Original, Montblanc et Badollet. Mido All Dial Phases de Lune Chronographe automatique Le nouveau chronographe All Dial Phases de Lune automatique signé Mido présente comme son nom l’indique les fonctions chronographes et l’affichage des phases de lune. Peu connue en France cette marque apparaît tout de même de très bonne qualité, à des tarifs très compétitifs. Armand Nicolet L07 Universal Genève uni-timer L’Uni-Timer d’Universal Genève est un hommage à l’Uni-Compax, chronographe légendaire « deux compteurs » des années 30.

Chronoswiss grand lunar chronograph Omega museum racend timer. Montblanc - The beauty of a second challenge. Champagne Ruinart. Tag Heuer’s “Communication Instrument” Selling Out. Back in June we wrote about the upcoming launch of a cell phone by high end watchmaker TAG Heuer.

Tag Heuer’s “Communication Instrument” Selling Out

We speculated on the viability of such a product, noting that for $6,100 it doesn’t really do much more than a normal cell phone. Is there really still a market for such expensive phones after all the many diamond encrusted ones are all bought up? Apparently, yes. The watchmaker now reports that a pilot launch of the Meridiist (or as TAG Heuer is calling it, the “ultra-avant-garde communication instrument”) at Selfridges London has sold out on the very first day it was available. For those in other markets waiting to get their hands on the Meridiist, the phone will be launched in 15 additional locations by the end of 2008. Springwise: RFID-Enabled Watch Offers Contactless Payment With MasterCard. Contactless credit cards have been around for several years already through the likes of RFID-enabled offerings such as MasterCard PayPass and VISA PayWave.

Springwise: RFID-Enabled Watch Offers Contactless Payment With MasterCard

What we hadn’t seen until recently, however, is a wrist watch offering similar capabilities. Sure enough, Watch2Pay devices include prepaid MasterCard PayPass technology to let consumers pay for purchases with a swipe of their watch anywhere PayPass is accepted. The creation of Austrian watchmaker LAKS, Watch2Pay devices come with both a standard-sized MasterCard PayPass prepaid card, and a smaller version of the card which is fitted inside the watch. Both are linked to the same prepaid, reloadable account, and both are valid for two years.

When shopping at participating MasterCard PayPass retailers, Watch2Pay users can simply hold their watch up to the retailer’s reader and payment is instantaneously made. (Continue reading here.) Watch Brand Donates To Different Charities Based On Which Color Is Purchased. Currently raising funding on IndieGoGo, the 1:Face is a watch with a mission.

Watch Brand Donates To Different Charities Based On Which Color Is Purchased

By harnessing the power of the consumer to benefit the world, watch sales will be directed towards causes like water provision, cancer research, the environment, breast cancer, AIDS, and world hunger. The mirrored face watches, designed by Fam Mirza of Mirza Minds, display time like a regular watch and come in a variety of bright colors. When the button is pressed on the watch, time displays in white LED, but when not pressed, it looks like a mirror.

Instead of just being a fashion statement, the watches are tied to causes, each color representing a cause and charity. So for every watch sold, proceeds go towards a particular charity – a yellow watch is paired with charity:water, and every 625 sold builds a water well in Rwanda; a black watch goes towards cancer research, and every watch purchased gives support to 8 cancer patients through the American Cancer Society. Check out the video below for more info. Transformation from Watch to Cell Phone Now Truly Complete. When’s the last time you wore a watch?

Transformation from Watch to Cell Phone Now Truly Complete

With the cell phone having become an indispensable accessory, the wristwatch has become all but obsolete, worn more often for fashion or status than for its actual time-telling capability. Bringing the transformation full circle (not sure if they recognize the irony), Tag Heuer is launching Meridiist, a luxury cell phone possibly created for those who aren’t buying Tag Heuers anymore. From Trendhunter: The Tag Heuer Meridiist mobile phone is made from watch-making stainless steel and has two unscratchable 60.5 carat sapphire crystal displays. It displays the time in a 96×76 monochromatic OLED screen in the upper part of the phone and comes with a 2.0 megapixel camera, MP3 player and bluetooth technology. It looks pretty nice, and judging by the attention to detail with which watchmakers approach their craft, one would imagine that the Meridiist is built to exacting specifications.