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Your elearning induction. New to elearning?

Your elearning induction

Well, this page is designed for you. It points you to a wide range of resources which will get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. Contents Coming to terms with elearningGetting connectedBenchmarkingPublicationsConferencesTrainingHelp and supportSuggestions? Coming to terms with elearning Elearning might seem like a simple enough concept, but in practice it has many dimensions. Exploring elearning: A video interview with Clive Shepherd, Chair, eLearning Network and Laura Overton, CEO of Towards Maturity CIC. The many faces of elearning: An article by Clive Shepherd. Getting connected The most important task for anyone looking to work in a new field is to get connected. eLN: As the name implies, the eLearning Network is essentially a community of practice, centered around elearning. ALT: The Association for Learning Technology is a professional and scholarly association which seeks to bring together all those with an interest in the use of learning technology.

Towards Maturity. Julie Wedgwood. Jane Hart's independent website about learning trends, technologies and tools. NoTosh learning. Professional Development for Educators ~ November Learning. Elearning 2014. Classroom Technology News. Online Learning Boasts Bright Future Thanks to Virtual Reality Platforms - Getting Smart by Guest Author - blended learning, EdTech, Online Learning, virtual worlds. Online learning has become a hallmark of modern times; people spend so much time on the internet that it has infiltrated the world’s greatest bastions of education.

Every school on the spectrum has given in to the wild demand for online learning, from Harvard to University of Phoenix. Once viewed as purely supplemental to a traditional college experience, online learning now stands alone as a viable, more low cost alternative. Summary List of VET E-standards - Technical Standards - E-standards for Training. Accessibility Guide for Teachers - Accessibility - Implementation - E-standards for Training. The Scope of this Guide Accessible E-Learning: A Guide For Teachers (MS Word 613KB) This guide has been designed to provide an introduction to web accessibility requirements for VET teachers and trainers wanting to improve the accessibility of e-learning content and systems.

Accessibility Guide for Teachers - Accessibility - Implementation - E-standards for Training

It does not provide a definitive list of Australian Government accessibility requirements; for a comprehensive guide to the Australian Government Accessibility requirements please refer to: Getting Started The guide will introduce the POUR (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust) accessibility principles , and show you how to apply these principles to e-learning content and systems. National VET Content » Home. E-learning Quality Model. Research was undertaken by the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) in 2012 to identify quality criteria for e-learning.In 2013, FLAG endorsed the following quality model for e-learning.

E-learning Quality Model

The model complements existing quality and regulatory frameworks for all Registered Training Organisations, by defining particular quality expectations for e-learning more clearly. It concentrates on aspects considered high value, high risk and perceived to be inadequately addressed by current standards for VET regulation. The model will help RTOs to recognise quality e-learning and build a competitive advantage. Print Friendly version: E-learning Quality Model Rich Text Click the interactive elements to expand their contents.


Top 10 eLearning Industry Trends For 2013. Articles in Publications. Educause Review Qualcomm Spark Amplify On the Horizon Chronicle of Higher Education Innovate!

Articles in Publications

SNS Newsletter ETC Journal GreenTree Gazette Who should take the SAT? See also: Essays, Press, International. Marc's Essays. MARC PRENSKY Motivational Speaker + Author. EdTech Focus on K-12: IT and Education. Web 2.0 Guru - Learning Theories.

Miami Museum of Science-The pH Factor/Constructivism and the Five E's. Learning Theory Resources. Project based learning. 21st Century Teachers. Research areas. Center for Digital Education - Education and Technology. Institute of Play. Gamification In Learning. Digital Media & Learning. Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education. Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education. OER Commons. Knowledge Media Institute. 1994 KMi Virtual Summer School and Future Concept Videos While working towards the creation of the Knowledge Media Institute in late 1994, Marc Eisenstadt, Tom Vincent and Kitty Chisholm, with support from then-Vice-Chancellor Sir John Daniel, commissioned a team working under the direction of Clive Holloway at the BBC to create a 'concept video'.

Knowledge Media Institute

Their brief was to explain in around 7 minutes what the future of the Open University might be in the rapidly-emerging landscape of new knowledge media technologies. The concept video was itself inspired by a bold (and ultimately amusing) 'near-miss' attempt to give Open University students a taster of these new experiences during a 1994 "Virtual Summer School". This relied on a series of "best of breed" technologies, including the Mosaic web browser, CU-SeeMe video, and 14.4Kbps dial-up modems!

The video sequence includes excerpts from Virtual Summer School, including a segment where it goes horribly wrong, and the full Concept Video. Knowledge Media Institute. Australian Digital Futures Institute. Articulate Storyline E-Learning Demos & Training Examples. Sales Orientation Sales Orientation by ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

Articulate Storyline E-Learning Demos & Training Examples

View the Articulate Storyline example (See more examples in the Articulate Storyline showcase) View the interactive example → Periodic Table Periodic Table by Phil Mayor, Elearning Laboratory View the Articulate Storyline example (See more examples in the Articulate Storyline showcase) View the interactive example → U.S. U.S. View the interactive example → Technology Research. IDC Home: The premier global market intelligence firm.

Home. Center for Digital Education - Education and Technology.