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IDC Home: The premier global market intelligence firm.

IDC Home: The premier global market intelligence firm.

IDC Events En los últimos tiempos, estamos viendo cómo la consumerización, la tecnología de virtualización y su salto a la Nube han impulsado una transformación en las empresas y la necesidad de un nuevo enfoque en los retos y el rol del CIO que gestiona los sistemas informáticos. Pero, ¿cómo afecta a los CIOs y qué se exige de ellos? Examinar los planes de organización de las empresas para trasladar las iniciativas esenciales a plataformas virtuales y a entornos híbridos de Cloud es prioritario para el CIO que busca más que nunca adecuarse a las desafíos del CEO. Además la consumerización lleva a una diversidad de plataformas y aplicaciones móviles que exige un cambio drástico de modelo de empresa. Cada vez más empleados se encuentran con que los dispositivos y aplicaciones del entorno personal superan en funcionalidad y usabilidad los de su entorno corporativo, lo que incide directamente en la necesidad de incorporar políticas de seguridad, compra y despliegue de activos tecnológicos.

telecommunications market research Qualification criteria Welcome You are part of an exclusive channels community. Candefero provides the channel with high-quality market intelligence and trends analysis free of charge. Our goal is to provide you with business insight that can help you plan for the future. The Microhood: Big data, cloud computing and a million gigs a day : Microsoft JobsBlog JobsBlog: Life at Microsoft I gave Cortana her personality Most shared Why leaving a startup is smart SHARES: 1161 New Year’s Career Resolution... Job offers - Business Decision Spain Details Business & Decision is an international Consulting and Systems Integration company. Business & Decision spans 19 countries with over 2,800 staff working in all sectors from Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, E-Business, Enterprise Information Management, Enterprise Solutions and Management Consulting. Business & Decision contributes to the success of customer projects by driving maximum business performance. The company has a reputation for functional and technological expertise and has forged partnerships with all of the key technology vendors. We are looking for a Business Analyst to be based in London.

jobs and careers This site does not automatically use cookies, following the recent EU directive. This means it is not performing as well as it can. If you would like to enjoy the full functionality of this website, all you have to do is to accept cookies. Amazon to create 2,000 UK jobs by 2014 Internet giant Amazon has announced that it plans to create 2,000 new permanent roles in the UK up until the end of 2014, some of which will include IT. The positions have been created as a result of Amazon building three new ‘fulfilment centres’, or warehouses, in the UK, the first of which was opened in Hemel Hempstead last week. Roles will be available in IT, as well as HR and operational management, but exact figures were not provided. Up to 3,000 temporary jobs will also be created at the centres during the Christmas peak period. Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed the announcement and said that it highlights the UK’s ability to attract investment from high profile companies.

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