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If you procrastinate the right way, life will be easier and more productive for future you The dotted line principle: Start today, fill in the gaps tomorrow There are a thousand ways to write. This is one way to do it. Best of all, you can apply this method to design, learning, development, business, and even your personal life (if you so choose). It works for me but will definitely not work for everyone. So take it with a grain of salt.

HTML5 Latest Published Version: Latest Editor's Draft: Previous Versions: Editors: Robin Berjon, W3C New Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge (NSDK) Open Source How to Contribute Do you have an idea for improving Zimbra? Have you developed a great mash-up? Zimbra is excited to take contributions that advance the quality and innovation of its collaboration platform. Our principal reason for open sourcing Zimbra Collaboration is our hope to grow a thriving community around this technology. Open source software architects provides enterprise development lessons and tips In the secretive and profit-focused world of proprietary software development, the open source community stands as the champion for doing things differently. The application architects and the midnight-oil burning software developers who make open source software (OSS) work believe that the driving principles of open source software success are the FACTS: The creation of consumable parts is a side effect of using the right approach to build software. Raymond Augé, Senior Software Architect at Liferay Freedom Accessibility Collaboration Transparency Sharing

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