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Project-based learning has been let down in too many instances with “fake,” academic, theoretical problems that need solving. The learning processes involved are at best fuzzy for most educators: what is “collaboration,” “student-designed,” and “student-led” learning? What is the role of formative assessment in empowering students to learn about learning? The Design Thinking School helps you learn from the creative practices of some of the best media and tech companies in the world, with whom NoTosh works every day. Discover the independent and collaborative learning skills and processes that these growing creative industries—and other businesses—require, and how they map perfectly to the latest research on what we know makes learning great. Read about The Design Thinking School.

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Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit The Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit contains the process and methods of design adapted for the context of K–12 education. It offers new ways for educators to be intentional and collaborative as they design solutions for their schools, empowering educators to create impactful solutions for complex challenges. Teachers all over the globe are using it to create new solutions for their classrooms, schools and communities—using empathy to help develop curriculum, engaging students in helping to design their spaces and working with each other to create new tools and processes for school-based challenges. The effort is helping teachers become agents of change within their schools, driving new small- and large-scale innovations. At IDEO, we’ve been using similar processes, methods and tools for years in tackling some dauntingly complex challenges. More often than not, we’ve experienced how Design Thinking helps to get to the next step.

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Your elearning induction New to elearning? Well, this page is designed for you. It points you to a wide range of resources which will get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. Contents create Photoshop tutorials Automatically create interactive step-by-step Photoshop tutorials Recent Updates January 15, 2013 — Tutorial Builder 3 and Tutorial Player 3 are here. These updates allow you to create interactive tutorials that not only interactively show you how to do things in Photoshop but also follow along as you try to use a tutorial. Plus, it's now easier than ever to make changes to any generated tutorial. Submit the tutorials you create to the Adobe Education Exchange and compete to get your tutorial in our iPad application, which is being used by thousands of Photoshop users from around the world.

Balance Kids spend more time engaged with media than they do in any activity other than sleeping. And who can blame them? The digital world is loaded with interesting and entertaining activities designed to capture and hold our attention. While young people participate in a number of positive activities online, such as using the Internet for school work (85%), and staying in touch with friends they rarely see in person (82%), there are some downsides too. One of these downsides is spending too much time with technology. Online Learning Boasts Bright Future Thanks to Virtual Reality Platforms - Getting Smart by Guest Author - blended learning, EdTech, Online Learning, virtual worlds Online learning has become a hallmark of modern times; people spend so much time on the internet that it has infiltrated the world’s greatest bastions of education. Every school on the spectrum has given in to the wild demand for online learning, from Harvard to University of Phoenix. Once viewed as purely supplemental to a traditional college experience, online learning now stands alone as a viable, more low cost alternative. As the popularity of these programs continues to skyrocket, many new innovations are adding depth to online learning. One of the most promising innovations for the potency of online learning is virtual reality education.

Data Visualization, Design and Information Munging // Martin Krzywinski / Genome Sciences Center ▲ 2013 day ▲ 2014 day ▲ 2015 day Respectful - Synonyms and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary respectful adjective marked by or showing proper regard for another's higher status <the children were remarkably respectful while in the president's office> Related Wordsreverent, reverential, venerating, worshipful; fawning, genuflecting, groveling (or grovelling), hagiographic (or hagiographical), kowtowing, obsequious, servile, subservient, sycophantic, toadying; civil, courteous, gracious, polite; kid-glove, kid-gloved Accessibility Guide for Teachers - Accessibility - Implementation - E-standards for Training The Scope of this Guide Accessible E-Learning: A Guide For Teachers (MS Word 613KB) This guide has been designed to provide an introduction to web accessibility requirements for VET teachers and trainers wanting to improve the accessibility of e-learning content and systems. It does not provide a definitive list of Australian Government accessibility requirements; for a comprehensive guide to the Australian Government Accessibility requirements please refer to: Getting Started

Game of Thrones: The History Behind the Red Wedding Dark portents aligned to make Catelyn, Robb, and Edmure’s trip to the Frey’s castle ominous, including the endless rain and Robb’s direwolf’s jumping in his cage. Catelyn Stark mistrusts Lord Frey and frets he is leading them to a trap. But, did historical events inspire George RR Martin when he envisioned the Red Wedding? To pen the Red Wedding Martin takes a page from a real-life event in medieval Scottish history known as the Black Dinner and may also have been inspired by the Skirmish at Heworth Moor, which I’ll cover in the next blog post. Welcome to the Virtual Crash Course in Design Thinking Welcome to the’s Virtual Crash Course resource page! We know not everyone can make a trip to the to experience how we teach design thinking. So, we created this online version of one of our most frequently sought after learning tools.

E-learning Quality Model Research was undertaken by the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) in 2012 to identify quality criteria for e-learning.In 2013, FLAG endorsed the following quality model for e-learning. The model complements existing quality and regulatory frameworks for all Registered Training Organisations, by defining particular quality expectations for e-learning more clearly. It concentrates on aspects considered high value, high risk and perceived to be inadequately addressed by current standards for VET regulation. Illuminating North Korea Faced with mystery, we project ourselves onto it — stretching our misapprehensions to fill the glaring gaps on the screen. For decades, North Korea has been the least illuminated of mysteries, the rare insights often stranded without context.

Bad Designs - Dead battery! We recently went on vacation to Hawaii. One morning, just before sunrise, we drove our rental car down the coast to a harbor for a snorkeling trip. I decided to be safe and use the headlights. When the boat got back to the harbor after the snorkeling trip, our rental car's battery was dead. I had left the headlights on.

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