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Color Tool - Material Design. Kit de survie du créatif. The WordPress Template Hierarchy - a visualization resource. Instant WordPress. 21+ Square Brochure Mockups. Brochure marketing is huge in today’s time.

21+ Square Brochure Mockups

Quite easily one of the most penetrative ways of publicity and promotion, brochures are here to stay and they are here to grow. Brochures are available in different shapes, in today’s post we are targeting square brochure mockups. Mockups are an inexpensive way to tell and show customers and clients how a particular object is going to look in its implemented, actual form. There is need to design Branding Mockups for brochures as well – in this case, square brochures. In this compilation we list out for you the latest trendsetters in the category. Jpg to png.

The HTML5 Robot choisit le tag sémantique idéal pour vous. Fresh Background Gradients. Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur. Dashboard. The Web Font Blender - Find neat web font combinations. Bttn.css - Demo. IMAGES. Video - images - sons.

Banque images. Text to ASCII Art Generator (TAAG) ASCIIFlow Infinity. ❺❺ Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool, Google Snippet Generator & SERP SEO Tool, Meta Description & Breadcrumbs CTR. How to make a Title & Description for Google SERP: Google SERP snippets are formed to be relevant to user's search query.

❺❺ Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool, Google Snippet Generator & SERP SEO Tool, Meta Description & Breadcrumbs CTR

In some cases, Google takes a text for the snippet from the meta name="description". In order to show up in the snippet the text from meta name="description", it must not be empty, relevant for the query and not short. Google will highlight in bold the words that are looking for. In this case, if you want more accurate results, you should allocate these words in Description with tags <em>.. In the snippets you can use special UTF-8 characters: In <title> Google may not show them. Different UTF-8 characters Google handles differently. How to make a Breadcrumb for domain root (homepage)? Also, there are differences when displaying snippets in and regional versions: .de, .fr etc. CSS transitions, CSS transforms and CSS animation. Part of the design for the Southampton Hackney Association included a grid of sponsors.

CSS transitions, CSS transforms and CSS animation

The design was such that on hover or click, they would flip over revealing a contact number, email address or URL. We wanted this site to work on browsers that didn't support 3D transforms, as at the time, only webkit had support. Code path for browsers with 3D transforms The code used is exactly as above. The markup consists of a div, containing two divs for the back and front faces. Fallback In older browsers, jQuery Flip is used. Due to issues with getting jQuery flip to work on hover, the behaviour was changed to work on click. Card Flip · Intro to CSS 3D transforms › Docs. We now have all the tools to start making 3D objects.

Card Flip · Intro to CSS 3D transforms › Docs

Let’s get started with the basics, flipping a card. Here’s the basic markup we’ll need: <section class="container"><div id="card"><figure class="front">1</figure><figure class="back">2</figure></div></section> The .container will house the 3D space. CSS Flip Animation. You've all asked for it and now I've added it: Internet Explorer support!

CSS Flip Animation

Annoyingly enough, the change involves rotate the front and back elements instead of just the container. Skip to this section if you'd like the Internet Explorer code. IE10+ is supported; IE9 does not support CSS animations. CSS animations are a lot of fun; the beauty of them is that through many simple properties, you can create anything from an elegant fade in to a WTF-Pixar-would-be-proud effect. One CSS effect somewhere in between is the CSS flip effect, whereby there's content on both the front and back of a given container.

Quick note: this is not the first tutorial about this effect, but I've found the others over-complicated. The HTML The HTML structure to accomplish the two-sided effect is as you would expect it to be: There are two content panes, "front" and "back", as you would expect, but also two containing elements with very specific roles explained by their CSS. The CSS. /chapter: Sigil / Créer un Epub. Sigil est un logiciel libre de création/modification de fichiers epub.

/chapter: Sigil / Créer un Epub

Free Graphics Editor. Page Title Pixel Meter - SEO Tool - Webshoptimizer. After the discovery of SEOMofo that Google not counts characters but pixels of a page title, I had to made a “tool” for it.

Page Title Pixel Meter - SEO Tool - Webshoptimizer

And by “I”, I mean my good friend Yoeran. Measure the amount of pixels of any given page title. After some experimenting, I found out that the maximum width of a page title is between 466 and 496 pixels. Since Google determines all by itself what to show as page title on a SERP, you better make sure that your expanded page title is relevant to the content. E.g. filling a page title with 121 “|” characters won’t work – Google will replace your page title on the SERP. Experiment to expand your content Ok, it’s not the most nifty SEO tool you’ll ever see. Detect which CMS a site is using - What CMS? Vecteurs gratuits et autres fichiers graphiques. JuxtaposeJS — Northwestern University Knight Lab. Kit de survie du créatif.