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Managing Stress. Could humans live on Mars? How the economy really works. World without electricity. What does it mean to be a refugee?

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Kielijaosten esimerkit. U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz. How much do you know about religion?

U.S. Religious Knowledge Quiz

And how do you compare with the average American? Here’s your chance to find out. Take our short, 15-question quiz, and see how you do in comparison with 3,412 randomly sampled adults who were asked these and other questions in the U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey. This national poll was conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life from May 19 through June 6, 2010*, on landlines and cell phones, in English and Spanish. Group Writing: Useful Tips and Tasks - ELT Connect. Have you ever introduced a group writing task, only to be met with a yawn from your right, a sigh from your left or a poker-face down the back who you know is thinking, ‘I’m still going to do it on my own properly tonight’?

Group Writing: Useful Tips and Tasks - ELT Connect

So, why are some students so reluctant to collaborate on writing tasks? Cons: (from a student’s perspective) I don’t see the benefits of group/paired writing tasks and sometimes I feel I’m just listening to and ‘learning’ my partner’s mistakes.I’d prefer to do it on my own; there’s always someone lazy or quiet in the group who contributes very little.I’d rather do it as homework individually where I can focus; the classroom is too noisy when we work in groups.When the teacher corrects it, I won’t be sure of what parts were mine and my partner’s. Topher White: What can save the rainforest? Your used cell phone.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - First World Problems. Medical Facts Behind Gambling Addiction. Nelson Mandela’s life story documentary – Multimedia – Nelson Mandela Foundation. Could we actually live on Mars? - Mari Foroutan. 12 Surprising Facts About Secondary School Around The World. By Malaka Gharib, Malala Fund digital manager 1.

12 Surprising Facts About Secondary School Around The World

While primary school education is free in many countries, students in 24% of the world's countries have to pay tuition to continue on to secondary school. The countries in red require students to pay for tuition to go to secondary school. See if your country offers free tuition for all students here. Map: World Policy Forum. Common interview questions and how to answer them. For even the most competent job hunter, interviews are tough.

Common interview questions and how to answer them

While research shows it's important to come across as professional, high-energy and confident what you say will also have a big effect on whether or not you get the job. Some interview questions come up time and time again so what's the best way to answer them? Take a look at our list of the 10 most common interview questions and what our experts advise. 1.

A framework for planning a listening skills lesson. In this article I intend to outline a framework that can be used to design a listening lesson that will develop your students' listening skills and look at some of the issues involved.

A framework for planning a listening skills lesson

The basic framework Pre-listening While listening Post-listening Applying the framework to a song Some conclusions The basic framework The basic framework on which you can construct a listening lesson can be divided into three main stages. Pre-listening, during which we help our students prepare to listen. While listening, during which we help to focus their attention on the listening text and guide the development of their understanding of it. Sentence-Phrase-Word: Capturing the essence of a text.

In this post I will describe the Sentence-Phrase-Word thinking routine.

Sentence-Phrase-Word: Capturing the essence of a text

It is a routine that helps learners engage meaningfully with a text with a focus on capturing “what speaks to them”. It also calls for them to justify their choices which makes it a useful springboard into a speaking activity. Step 1 After reading a text ask students to identify: a sentence that was important, meaningful to thema phrase that moved thema word that struck them as powerful. Reading makes us better. Raphael Lysander, a graphic designer and owner of Bluewolf Aleppo, has just released an infographic on the benefits of reading.

Reading makes us better

We shared reading infographics many times before, but the new visualization brings new facts into the spotlight. The benefits are grouped in chapters (health, brain, success, children, etc.). On top of what we already know – for instance the fact that reading 6 minutes a day can reduce stress by 60% – there are other meaningful comparisons here. How art can help you analyze - Amy E. Herman. I, Pencil: The Movie. The 100 best novels: an introduction. If lists are a guilty pleasure, then book lists are a sinful addiction.

The 100 best novels: an introduction

That's an observation for which the Observer can adduce empirical evidence. Ten years ago, on 12 October 2003, in a headline-grabbing stunt, writing as literary editor, I compiled (with a lot of help from colleagues) a list, provocatively entitled "The 100 Greatest Novels of All Time". Best Young Adult Novels, Best Teen Fiction, Top 100 Teen Novels. It's almost a cliche at this point to say that teen fiction isn't just for teens anymore.

Best Young Adult Novels, Best Teen Fiction, Top 100 Teen Novels

Just last year, the Association of American Publishers ranked Children's/Young Adult books as the single fastest-growing publishing category. Which is why we were only a little surprised to see the tremendous response that came in for this summer's Best-Ever Teen Fiction poll. A whopping 75,220 of you voted for your favorite young adult novels, blasting past the total for last year's science fiction and fantasy poll at, dare we say it, warp speed. And now, the final results are in.

The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2015 – So Far. I use short, funny video clips a lot when I’m teaching ELLs, and you can read in detail about how I use them in The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them).

The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2015 – So Far

In short, there are many ways to use them that promote speaking, listening, writing and reading. I’ve posted quite a few of them during the first six months of this year, and I thought it would be useful to readers — and to me — if I brought them together in one post. I’ve also published quite a few during the previous seven years of this blog. Electric Vocabulary. Electricity. History. The Grammar Aquarium. English4u. Natural Disasters. Male Activists. Female Activists. A MESSAGE FROM THE QUEEN. 07 November 2012 To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

In light of your failure in recent years to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. (You should look up 'revocation' in the Oxford English Dictionary.) Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except North Dakota, which she does not fancy). Your new Prime Minister, David Cameron, will appoint a Governor for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. Learning English - Exercises, Grammar, Vocabulary, Exams.

Beijing's Black Market Egg Trade Targets College Girls. Robots are getting more like us and famous scientists are concerned. If 1984’s cautionary tale, The Terminator, is anything to go by, humanity should be wary of any more advances in robotics or artificial intelligence. Elon Musk recently pledged $10 million to keep artificial intelligence from running amok, and physicist Stephen Hawking told the BBC in December: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Musk and Hawking are backed by other scientists, professors, and security analysts who are worried about the rise of artificial intelligence that doesn’t do what humans ask. Ford Model T - 100 Years Later. Ben and Jerry's Social Justice Ice Cream. What kind of Asian are you? Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans, Machines Merge. On Feb. 15, 1965, a diffident but self-possessed high school student named Raymond Kurzweil appeared as a guest on a game show called I've Got a Secret.

He was introduced by the host, Steve Allen, then he played a short musical composition on a piano. The idea was that Kurzweil was hiding an unusual fact and the panelists — they included a comedian and a former Miss America — had to guess what it was. English Grammar Reference and Exercises. People Who Are Bilingual Are Smart, Creative And Better Lovers. If you thought accents were sexy, imagine how absolutely mind-blowing it would be to have the person of your dreams tell you those three magic words in more than one tongue. There’s just something about people expressing their thoughts in multiple languages that is so appealing. It might be that they’re more in tune with their own thoughts and emotions. Or, perhaps they’re just better communicators in general. A growing body of research indicates that people who learn to speak more than one language throughout their lives have essentially trained their brains to be stronger muscles, making them smarter, more creative and more responsive to their own feelings and emotions.

Yes, You Have a Sixth Sense, and You Should Trust It. Rethink Refugees - Najeeba's story. The Truth About Refugees. What Humans Are Really Doing to Our Planet, in 19 Jaw-Dropping Images. Last week, Pope Francis and church officials encouraged everyone to consume less and think more about our impact on the environment. It's a timely warning because the next six months will be critical to our future. Ahead of a series of major events later this year, The Foundation for Deep Ecology and the Population Media Center released a collection that illustrates the devastating effects of out-of-control growth and waste, and it's breathtaking. Five ways to survive your daily commute. TeachingEnglish. Youtube. Exercise 'not key to obesity fight' - BBC News. Physical activity has little role in tackling obesity - and instead public health messages should squarely focus on unhealthy eating, doctors say.

Finland's education success. What a difference a day makes (music by Moby) ENGLANTI - KIRJOITELMAKURSSI. Art is my activism. Imagine If Every School Played *This* Video Before Class. Wisdom comes with age, huh? Understanding the Lives of Lions. Teaching teens. Free English Worksheets. Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing. Daily ESL: Conversation Starters for English Students.

Stunning Portraits Of The World’s Remotest Tribes Before They Pass Away (46 pics) The Most Beautiful Photographs Of 2014. Literacy. Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures. Puheen ymmärtäminen. 20 Teen and Tween Conversation Starters.

Symphony of Science - the Quantum World! 50 Things I Wish I'd Been Taught in High School  As I prepare to leave high school and head into college (aka the ~real world~), I realize I'm lacking knowledge in a lot of important areas. I can recite the quadratic formula from memory, name you 52 prepositions in the English language and write a 10-page research paper, no problem. (Note: some of those are more valuable skills than others.)

Onlinelanguagecenterblog. Cohesion: linking words and phrases. Career Test High School College Students Free Job Quiz Best Tests. Why Do We Tell Stories? A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change. The skill of describing. Here Is A View Of The World If The Ice Caps Melted, Yikes. We're NASA and We Know It (Mars Curiosity)

All About That Space. The History of English in Ten Minutes. Aol. Photos du journal - Itä-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos. Bio Rad GTCA Song. Nature Is Speaking. Britain is Great. Top 10 New Species of 2014. How to Write an Effective Essay. 10 Dumbest Criminals Caught On Camera. Welcome. Museo Nacional del Prado. Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell. WWF Footprint Calculator.

Stories of Afghan girls whose lives have been turned around by education revealed. The Malala Fund. The history of marriage - Alex Gendler. Medical Facts Behind Gambling Addiction. Why I'm a weekday vegetarian - Graham Hill.