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Untitled. 5 Things Every Quilter Should Know - Quilting Digest. Andie johnson sews: A Sad and Happy Story About Quilter Healing. This story's been floating around in my melon for a few weeks - kinda haunting me.

andie johnson sews: A Sad and Happy Story About Quilter Healing

Let me set the scene for you.... A darling little quilt shop in a darling little town in SE Indiana. I was doing my usual trunk show spiel - talking for an hour about the ideas behind and the process of writing and getting Modern Designs For Classic Quilts published. How to resize quilt blocks: easy (promise!) quilt math. I’ve always had trouble with numbers.

How to resize quilt blocks: easy (promise!) quilt math

I stand in awe of those of you who can manipulate them with skill and finesse. 15 Quilting Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Stitching. Would you like to get more quilting done in less time?

15 Quilting Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Stitching

Are you always on the lookout for quilting shortcuts? Do you ever wonder how other people seem to get so much done? Here are simple tips and tricks for getting a bit more done in a little less time, or at least more efficiently. 1. Use chenille stems for cleaning your machine. They are very inexpensive and easy to find at craft stores. 2. When piecing scrap quilts, use up these different colors of thread. 3. How To Read A Quilt Pattern. Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob Educational Videos. Quiltsizereferencechart.pdf. Roundup: 52 quilting tutorials. Roundup: 52 quilting tutorials When Stitch This!

Roundup: 52 quilting tutorials

Launched just over a year ago, one of our goals was to pack posts with interesting, fun, and helpful quilting tutorials. Recently we took an inventory of those quilting tutorials and were giddy to find that we’d amassed 52 so far—that’s about one tute a week! Today we’ve classified, categorized, and compartmentalized those 52 quilting tutorials into one handy post that you can refer to again and again.

Bookmark it, pin it, however you do it—just be sure to save this page for the times when you need it! Roundup: our top 5 free quilting videos. Need some quilting inspiration today?

Roundup: our top 5 free quilting videos

Check out our top 5 free quilting videos on YouTube—a great group of creative how-to tutorials that’ll get you motivated to try something new! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates whenever we add new videos. Reading this blog post in an email? Click here to see any of the videos below at our Stitch This! Blog or to watch them on YouTube. Quilting Ergonomics - How to Be Comfortable While You Quilt or Sew. DS QAL: Tips for Improving Quilting Accuracy / Quilting Gallery. Welcome everyone to the first post of our Delightful Stars Quilt-Along (DS QAL).

DS QAL: Tips for Improving Quilting Accuracy / Quilting Gallery

My apologies for the technical difficulties today getting this post published. My computer decided it didn’t want to work today. No doubt it’s tired of all this COLD weather too! The first two weeks of our QAL are preliminary lessons. Next week I’ll be covering a couple of methods for making various triangle units, flying geese and the specialty rulers. You can purchase the QAL at any time. Below are some of my recommended tips on improving quilting accuracy that will help you as you create your Delightful Stars quilt. Piecing Thread For piecing, use a good quality, thin and strong thread such as Aurifil 50 wt. How to Sew a Perfect 1/4 Inch Seam. Tools You Can Use: Folding Guide » Stitchwell Fabric Blog. Have you ever been working on a project and thought to yourself, “There has to be an easier way to do this?”

Tools You Can Use: Folding Guide » Stitchwell Fabric Blog

Hemming a project is the time I feel that way the most. I am a ‘guesstimator’ and an ‘eye-baller’ when it comes to measuring… which usually leads to projects that are uneven… So one day while on Pinterest doing research, I found a link to this great tool from the Scientific Seamstress. I printed one out and I have already put it to good use! Quiltmaking Basics - How to Fusible Applique. Applique: Adding fabric motifs to a foundation fabric by hand or machine (see Applique section of Basic Techniques).

Quiltmaking Basics - How to Fusible Applique

Basting: This temporarily secures layers of quilting materials together with safety pins, thread or a spray adhesive in preparation for quilting the layers. Use a long, straight stitch to hand- or machine-stitch one element to another holding the elements in place during construction and usually removed after construction. Batting: An insulating material made in a variety of fiber contents that is used between the quilt top and back to provide extra warmth and loft. On Point Quilts! Quilters just wanna have fun: roundup! Quilters just wanna have fun: roundup!

Quilters just wanna have fun: roundup!

Back in June we hosted Quilt Tutorials Week, featuring 50 of our favorite single-topic tutorials from the past year. But some of our most popular posts from the past year aren’t single-topic tutorials… What to do? Today we’re rounding up those posts into the only category we could think of that would encompass them all: Click through and add a little quilty fun to your day.

. ★ Check out the comments section of this post for more great single-block project ideas from our readers!. Sewing Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Press before you sew! Fun strip quilts, 4 ways + a cutting tip (and a sale!) Issue: Ooh-Rah. Fabric Metric Conversion Guide for Quilting & Sewing. Pre-Cuts: Everything You Need To Know For Successful Quilting. Cheddar Bow-Ties!! 2011 Leader/Ender Challenge! Every year there is at least ONE quilt that we ALL fall in love with.

Cheddar Bow-Ties!! 2011 Leader/Ender Challenge!

This year it was a bowtie using a cheddar solid as a background. Do I have to remind you of how much I love solid cheddar? When I look at antique quilts, those with solid cheddar in them are the ones that jump out at me and straight into my heart. We decided that this year we would use this quilt as a Leader/Ender project --- not to be completed by this time next year necessarily,but to at least show how far we could get in a year if we used these pieces strictly as leaders and enders in between the seams of other lines of chain piecing on current projects.

This was my first glimpse of this lovely quilt hanging over one of the racks in the antique quilt booth. Here it is spread out a bit better….I love that there are no borders, it is just bound with a terrific old indigo blue! Would you like to join us in the 2011 Bow Tie Challenge? Make it Right: 8 Tips for Precision Piecing. Precision piecing is an important part of your quilting projects. After all, since you are spending the time to prepare, cut, sew and quilt your fabrics, why not make sure everything goes together well. These tips for precision piecing will make perfectly pieced quilts a breeze. Photos via A Quilting Life 1. Prepare your fabrics. One of the first steps in quilting is the preparation of your fabric.

From Martingale...

Drifting. QM Shorts: No-Mark Stitch & Flip. Today’s QM Short comes courtesy of Donna Amos, a member of the 2011 QM Scrap Squad. It’s a great tip and a real time saver! Donna lives in Decatur, Arkansas and blogged about her Scrap Squad experience. Recently I had a large stack of rectangles (over 100) that called for using stitch-and-flip. AQS Design Team Color and Design Tips  At AQS, we work with a fun and friendly group of designers who toil at their computers every day designing ads, book covers and book pages, layout and design for magazines, show books, web pages, and much, much more.

They work hard, put in overtime, and we appreciate all they do! (You’ll see some of them at most QuiltWeek® events, too!) Some of our designers are quilters, and some are not. Regardless, they’re each armed with more than an average share of color and design knowledge. Recently, they were asked the question: “What bit of advice would you like to give quilters about color and/or design?” From Jeff Beck, who creates OnPoint‘s colorful designs and many e-mail ads: Making half-square triangles? Never skip this step (+ sale!) Look—half-square triangles surrounded by half-square triangles! How many ways can you make a half-square triangle?

Quilters have dreamed up loads of techniques for stitching this humble little unit. Some methods focus on simplicity, while others focus on accuracy. But it’s no wonder that there are so many homages to this simple building block: it’s the workhorse behind oodles of patterns. More than ONE Way to Trim a Triangle! Yesterday while doing a bit of clean-up in the studio – yes, I’m one of those who has piles grow on every available horizontal surface before I get kicked into gear to set it all right again ---that’s the way my creativity works –I came across a zip lock baggie chock full of bonus triangle cut-offs that had been gifted to me at some point. These are fairly large – and I measured the. A bit less than 3-1/2” on the straight grain edges, so I am confident that they were snip-offs from something like snowball blocks or large flying geese ---or something of the sort. The triangles were matched with one print against one solid white. SewEasy-RowAlign. How to choose quilt fabrics in five minutes (+ giveaway!)

Quilt designer Kathy Brown admits that choosing fabric for quilts has never been difficult for her. (Envious? 23 secrets for stress-free quilting. Inside Quilters Newsletter. There were many great tips shared by you, our readers, on our National Quilting Day giveaway, and since not all of us have time to read through all the comments, I thought I would pull some of the more general ones which weren’t covered in our original posting to share (paraphrased and combined, in most cases):

FREE Quilt Lessons and Videos from McCall's Quilting University/MQU. Generations Quilt Patterns, Your 24/7 Online Quilt Teacher. Advice to seasoned quilters…from a beginner (+ videos) How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method. If you don’t like cutting and stitching loose triangles together on the bias, or need to make lots and lots of half-square triangles for a quilting project, here’s a quick and easy solution. 1.414: every quilter’s magic number. Numbers. I confess a love/hate relationship with them. Sewing Tips & Tricks. 24 Blocks. My Quilt Place - Inspiring Quilters, Stitch by Stitch. 23 secrets for stress-free quilting. All People Quilt Video Index.