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Engagement and Sensory Immersion

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How to Improve Group Work. Group work can be a highlight of a class or a pain point for students and teachers alike.

How to Improve Group Work

Cult of Pedagogy’s Jennifer Gonzalez examines the many challenges of group work in her post “Make Cooperative Learning Work Better.” Two key questions emerge for Gonzalez: First, is group work worth doing? The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Unmotivated Students. Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation. Socratic Seminars. "The unexamined life is not worth living.

Socratic Seminars

" Socratic Seminars: Making Meaningful Dialogue. Socratic Seminars: Making Meaningful Dialogue The Common Core State Standards for speaking and listening state that in order for students to be ready for college and career, they must have “ample opportunities to take part in a variety of rich, structured conversations,” and “listen attentively to others so that they are able to build on others’ meritorious ideas while expressing their own clearly and persuasively.”

Socratic Seminars: Making Meaningful Dialogue

Socratic Seminars embody these expectations of the Common Core and are a meaningful way to engage students from upper elementary grades through twelfth grade. Named after the philosopher Socrates, the Socratic Seminar is a structured dialogue between students about important ideas or moral and ethical issues found in a text or across multiple texts. Prior to their engagement in the Socratic Seminar, students prepare for the discussion by reading and annotating a text the teacher has selected.

Socratic Seminar. Teaching English Literature Using A Socratic Seminar. Common core State Standards ELA: English Language Arts W: Writing Standards 6-12 9-10: 9th & 10th Grades 1a: Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts,using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.a.

Teaching English Literature Using A Socratic Seminar

Introduce precise claim(s), distinguish the claim(s) from alternate oropposing claims, and create an organization that establishes clearrelationships among claim(s), counterclaims, reasons, and evidence.b. 5 Steps to a Successful Socratic Seminar - Minds in Bloom. Socratic Seminars: Building a Culture of Student-Led Discussion. 1.

Socratic Seminars: Building a Culture of Student-Led Discussion

Let’s get comfortable. There is no Socratic seminar without risk. And there is no risk without trust. An effective Socratic seminar occurs because of the thousands of invisible connections already built among students and teacher. At the beginning of the year, establish classroom procedures, routines, and expectations. Socratic Seminar. “Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend”: Linda Darling-Hammond on transforming education.

What are the most powerful things we can do to transform education?

“Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend”: Linda Darling-Hammond on transforming education

Linda Darling-Hammond, President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute and the Charles E. Ducommun Emeritus Professor of Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, offers her top five recommendations in an interview with GSE Dean Dan Schwartz and Senior Lecturer Denise Pope. Listen to the full episode at the link below and find more episodes at Stanford Radio. School’s In airs weekends on SiriusXM Insight channel 121. Taking care of children In the 1970s the U.S. was probably, hands down, the number one country in the world in terms of educational attainment … by every measure that was available. Important Questions to Ask Your Students. Why PR pros should consider immersive storytelling. New technology is changing everything for communicators.

Why PR pros should consider immersive storytelling

The future of public relations and journalism are two sides of the same coin, and both are experiencing powerful technological advances that are reshaping how communicators tell and distribute stories. While these changes have disrupted old business models and best practices, they’ve also benefited audiences by making it easier to access and consume the news and content they want, on their terms. The next wave of innovation is immersive storytelling, taking content producers and consumers well beyond the two-dimensional experience of today’s news reports or public relations’ white papers, case studies, press releases and b-roll. Exploring Cognitive Engagement in Amazon’s Six Page Narratives – – Matthew Tippett's Blog. In a previous post, I discussed the Evil Genius of Amazon’s Six Page Narrative, exploring via a Quora post how the document is structured and why it works so well.

Exploring Cognitive Engagement in Amazon’s Six Page Narratives – – Matthew Tippett's Blog

In Jeff Bezos’ Financial Year 2017 Letter To Shareholders, Jeff covers the Six Page Narrative and goes into the heavy polishing that a good Narrative provides. In the Six Page Narratives that I have read, reviewed or discussed, I have always been frustrated with the tendency for authors to not use standard mechanisms to ease the cognitive load of the reader. For example, below is a typical paragraph that you might find in a Six Pager. Based on our review of the customer surveys, we can see that the US has customers preference as Product A – 10%, Product B – 40%, and Product C – 20%. Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant. In his 2018 annual letter, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos repeated his rule that PowerPoint is banned in executive meetings. What Bezos replaced it with provides even more valuable insight for entrepreneurs and leaders. In his letter, and in a recent discussion at the Forum on Leadership at the Bush Center, Bezos revealed that "narrative structure" is more effective than PowerPoint.

Duh! You Don't Need Technology to Gamify Your Classroom. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a kid that doesn’t have at least some interest in video games.

Duh! You Don't Need Technology to Gamify Your Classroom

Though their preferred play method and style may vary, video games have found their place in almost every home in the nation. Between consoles, computers, and smartphones, most households have at least a few video games within easy reach. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Ww2.kqed. Why Students Forget—and What You Can Do About It. Teachers have long known that rote memorization can lead to a superficial grasp of material that is quickly forgotten. But new research in the field of neuroscience is starting to shed light on the ways that brains are wired to forget—highlighting the importance of strategies to retain knowledge and make learning stick. In a recent article published in the journal Neuron, neurobiologists Blake Richards and Paul Frankland challenge the predominant view of memory, which holds that forgetting is a process of loss—the gradual washing away of critical information despite our best efforts to retain it.

You can create Magic in the Classroom – Metaverse AR Platform. Teachers, you and your students can create Augmented Reality Experiences without needing to write any code.

You can create Magic in the Classroom – Metaverse AR Platform

Metaverse is a FREE Augmented Reality Platform that is being used by thousands of teachers to build all kinds of interactive learning experiences for their classrooms. Creating AR Experiences is easy, takes minutes, and anyone can do it. Amazon. What We Can All Learn from a Montessori Classroom. 10 Characteristics of Learner Centered Experiences   Education Reimagined defines the paradigm shift from teacher-centered to learner-centered as shifting how we see learners and their critical role in their own learning now, and throughout their lives.

The critical shift is that “Learners are seen and known as wondrous, curious individuals with vast capabilities and limitless potential. This paradigm recognizes that learning is a lifelong pursuit and that our natural excitement and eagerness to discover and learn should be fostered throughout our lives, particularly in our earliest years.” When we focus on learners, connect to their interests, needs, and goals, we can create experiences that ignite curiosity, develop passion, and unleash genius. The Highly Engaged Classroom, Tips. Student Choice in the Classroom. Are you looking to engage students on a whole new level? Harnessing the power of choice in the classroom may be what you need. While this is proven through research, sometimes it can be difficult to transfer best practice research to something tangible (and possible) in the classroom.

In the book The Highly Engaged Classroom, Dr. Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You're Not Using. Why Identity and Emotion are Central To Motivating the Teen Brain. How to design and create a card game? Where Does Excellence Hide At Your School? Last night, I went to the advanced guitar and string orchestra concert at West Hills and was blown away by the talent. Student after student stepped to the stage and delivered virtuoso performances to an appreciative crowd. I think many at our school have no idea that some of these kids even play an instrument. The same night, I receive a tweet from @danmcdowell that one of his photo students, and a T.A. of mine, won Best in Show at the district art show.

I’m going to be honest…I didn’t even know she was a photographer. Why Med Schools Are Requiring Art Classes. The Competitive Imperative of Learning. Most executives believe that relentless execution—the efficient, timely, consistent production and delivery of goods or services—is the surefire path to customer satisfaction and financial results. Escape the Music Room!! 7 Music Puzzles to Escape the Room. The Science Behind Stories and Anecdotes – The Principal of Change. When I first started putting this blog/portfolio together in 2010, I wanted to think of a name for it. To some, the title of their blog is something that has actually held them back from starting it in the first place. They have great ideas but they can’t find that “perfect” title. It is kind of a big deal! Throwing around ideas with some friends on the title of the blog, I shared my focus on helping people embrace “meaningful change”, and hence since I was a principal at the time, “The Principal of Change” was born.

Kagan Online Magazine - Featured Structure. Spencer Kagan, Miguel Kagan, & Laurie Kagan For Inside-Outside Circle, students form two concentric circles. Both circles have the same number of students. Students in the inside circle each face out, toward a student in the outside circle. What In The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments [Free Music Lesson Plan] What In The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments [Free Music Lesson Plan] James Alan Sturtevant. 20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention - Minds in Bloom. Music as a Teaching Tool. Many teachers shy away from including music in their classrooms because they presume they need musical training to use music as a teaching tool. However, there are multiple ways to implement music in the classroom that don’t require any training. Arts Integration Lesson: Historical Figures Mashup. Who doesn’t love a good mashup? 20 Ways to Keep Your Students' Attention. As the end of the year approaches, it can be more and more challenging to keep your students' attention.

Brain Breaks are important, but there are plenty of things you can do within a lesson to keep kids from day dreaming...or worse yet, nodding off. If You Get the Chills From Music, You May Have a Unique Brain - Neuroscience News. Cast 10 engagement. Make Images, Videos and Web Stories for Free in Minutes. Why Identity and Emotion are Central To Motivating the Teen Brain. Log In - New York Times. My Sharebar by Post Planner. I taught my 5th-graders how to spot fake news. Now they won’t stop fact-checking me.

Crazy Magnetic Putty - Limited Trending Sales. Game Based Learning. Game Mechanics. Extra Credits: Gamifying Education. Gamification Engages Students with Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Students Sitting Around Too Much? Try Chat Stations. 5 Ways to Create Virtual Learning Experiences in Your Classroom – The Tech Edvocate.

How Virtual Reality is Changing Education – The Tech Edvocate. [#BeFearless Part 1] How VR Can Defeat Your Fear of Public Speaking – Samsung Global Newsroom. Big-five-personality-traits. BizPart Engage Steven Reiss' Sixteen motivators. Neural networks breakthrough: Scientists get computer to think like a human using perceptual grouping. Gestalt Laws of Perceptual Organization. MaKey MaKey Musical Paintings. What Does Integration Really Mean? Measuring Student Engagement During Observation – Swivl. Oliver Herring's TASK Homepage. TASK: Creating Art, Fun and Team Spirit in Your School. Social and Emotional Connections through Arts Integration.

Angela Lee Duckworth: Grit: The power of passion and perseverance. Log In. Halloween Activity: Live Film Scoring With Elementary Students. Lesson grid NEWSLETTER. Feel-Bad Education: The Cult of Rigor and the Loss of Joy (#) Moving fr teacher-centered 2 learner-driven happens on continuum @bbray27 @khmmc @sylviaduckworth #edchat #edpolicy. An Intro To Film Scoring: Same Scene 5 Ways.

How You Can Bring Creativity Back Into Your Classroom With Project Based Learning. Adobe Creativity and Education Why It Matters infographic. COMICS IN THE CLASSROOM: How one Wissahickon teacher uses comic books to connect with his students - Ambler Gazette. Google Offers Virtual Tours of 17 of the Top Museums Using Street View Technology.

Arts & Culture. Arts & Culture. Over 300 Virtual Tours & Museums around the World. TaleBlazer. Overview - Mentira. Why Instructional Design Must Focus on Learning Outcomes, Not Learning Activities. Facebook. Welcome to the Museum of the History of Science - Museum of the History of Science : Museum of the History of Science. Awaken the Learner, Tips. Engagement Vs. Compliance. Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement. Game Based Learning for Language Learners. Storycraft: Using the world of Minecraft as inspiration for writing - ELT Sandbox.

HootBoard. Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing. Modes and Video Games Music. Structuring Collaboration for Student Success (Keys to PBL Series Part 3) Building Rigorous Projects That Are Core to Learning (Keys to PBL Series Part 2) Establishing Real-World Connections in Projects (Keys to PBL Series Part 1) How a TEDx Mission Makes Learning Relevant To Students’ Lives. Those Boom-Whacking Blues - National Association for Music Education (NAfME)