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How to Build Self-Discipline. Discipline is freedom.

How to Build Self-Discipline

You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of freedom. In fact the opposite is true. As Stephen R. Top 10 Ways to Perfect Your Daily Routine with the Power of Science. Rise and shine - Athlete and running ultimate motivation. Inspire Me Now. Inspiration. Inspiring. Art/photos.


PICS. How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci. Edit Article Cultivating CuriosityThinking ScientificallyPracticing Creativity Edited by, Krystle, Teresa, Sondra C and 28 others Leonardo da Vinci was the ultimate Renaissance man: an accomplished scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, and writer.

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci

Whether you want to cultivate curiosity, creativity, or scientific modes of thought, using Leonardo Da Vinci as a role model is an excellent idea. The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. How to think like Leonardo da Vinci. Léonard de Vinci. Activist Arts. Street Art.


Derek Sivers: How to start a movement. Movements. GLOBAL DIALOG. Conspiracy Theorists. Occupy Wall Street. One OccupyWallStreet graph to rule them all. Since the year of my birth the working class has gotten NOTHING while the wealthiest 1% have taken EVERYTHING.

One OccupyWallStreet graph to rule them all

And this graph stops at 2007, right before the biggest crash since the Great Depression. I can only imagine how much worse things look from a statistical view since then when it comes to graphing income inequality. When people ask "What are demands of #OccupyWallStreet? " Helping Around The World.


Lion Whisperer. Young girl who's best friends with African wildlife. Born in Africa to French wildlife photographer parents, Tippi Degré had a most unusual childhood.

Young girl who's best friends with African wildlife

The young girl grew up in the African desert and developed an uncommon bond with many untamed animals including a 28-year old African elephant named Abu, a leopard nicknamed J&B, lion cubs, giraffes, an Ostrich, a mongoose, crocodiles, a baby zebra, a cheetah, giant bullfrogs, and even a snake. Africa was her home for many years and Tippi became friends with the ferocious animals and tribespeople of Namibia. As a young child, the French girl said, “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends.” Parents Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert documented Tippi’s life and relationships with the African wildlife and transformed those moments into captivating books and movies. Looking past some fairly obvious and natural parental worries, Tippi had the most amazing upbringing. 22 badass facts about tigers. Wild Cats.


Technology. Neuro. The future. 2020s Technology. Emerging Trends. Architecture. The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck. Ok, I have a confession to make.

The Complete Guide to Not Giving a Fuck

I have spent almost my whole life– 31 years– caring far too much about offending people, worrying if I’m cool enough for them, or asking myself if they are judging me. I can’t take it anymore. It’s stupid, and it’s not good for my well being. It has made me a punching bag– a flighty, nervous wuss. But worse than that, it has made me someone who doesn’t take a stand for anything. Today, ladies and gentlemen, is different. We’re going to talk about the cure. Do you wonder if someone is talking shit about you? Well, it’s time you started not giving a fuck.

FACT NUMBER 1. Yes, it’s really happening right at this moment. How to Change the World. Amazon start selling the paperback edition of my latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

How to Change the World

APE explains how to publish a book by breaking the process down into three stages: Author explains how to write a book. Publisher explains how to produce both ebooks and printed books.Entrepreneur explains how to market and sell your book with an emphasis on social media. You can order APE here: Inspire ...justice. Unjust Justice.

"We All Need Some Light" by Transatlantic on "2003 - Live In Europe.

Real Justice

Unjust System. How-to-fix-the-world-with-references.pdf (application/pdf-objekt) Print - 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years. · People will be fluent in every language.

Print - 110 Predictions For the Next 110 Years

Acoustic. Tigers. Naked female scientist tries to tame beluga whales in the arctic. By Daily Mail Reporter Created: 23:47 BST, 15 June 2011.

Naked female scientist tries to tame beluga whales in the arctic

The Zeitgeist Movement. Whistleblowers. "Lanceurs d'alerte" / Whistleblowers. Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century by Rank - StumbleUpon. Streetart. Leonardo da Vinci Drawings.


Inspiring Views. 22 Motivational Pictures To Get You Off Your Ass : DormStormer. 100%

  1. b37lars Jul 17 2013
    Are you on reddit? I love the simplicity of curating in mind maps, which is effectively what Peartrees is. A contributor is afforded a certain level of artistic input, making the structure more aesthetically pleasing in an elegant associative net, while providing the 'yearbook' or 'timeline' of your interests. I find that I easily become overwhelmed the enormity of the data and interest I have and how to indulge and harvest those interests in meaningful ways. Either way I have never actively engaged another person on Pearltrees, in part b/c no one has inspired me to reach out and make that intro and partly b/c I have been self-limiting myself in refusing to investigate the multiplying power of connecting with other like minded curious individuals. Just curious but where are you from, what's the bio? Me: 33 yrs old, married, 4 kids, US citizen (from MN but lived in UK for 8 years. Incredibly driven by the discovery process and accumulating insights into undercovered stories etc
  2. aroman Jul 17 2013
    The final debate lies on whether it should be as a news reporter, article writer, radio podcast, video editor to upload onto C4T (Conspire for Truth) YouTube channel; analyzing all of these options to make this not just a hobby but a career is my ultimate goal. Ideally to establish something very similar to what Alex Jones has done with, Mike Adams with Natural or Luke Rudkowski with or to be a part of those already existing phenomenal networks. The Paul Revere $100,000 film contest going on now on Infowars is a beautiful example of where I would like this creation to go, but video editing is not something I am familiar with, it would take time to learn and incorporate this Pearltree into a visual film project like that. All working for the same goal: true Freedom and Independence, not this current illusional matrix of lies and control. Thanks again for your comments and the positive vibe!