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Animal Motherhood

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Mother elephant and calf munching on water lilies. Hyena cub with mother. Adult and baby Gharials (BBC) Maned wolf with pup. Doe and Her Fawns. Tigress and cub playing in the Snow. Hummingbird Nest. African Wild Dog & her pups. Gorilla Mom Is SO Proud Of Her Perfect Newborn Twins. It's never easy to catch a glimpse of the mountain gorillas who roam Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla Mom Is SO Proud Of Her Perfect Newborn Twins

Known for their natural shyness and poached to near extinction, these gorillas have every reason to be reclusive. There are, after all, just 480 of them here — among just 880 mountain gorillas left on the planet. But on a particular day in January, a gorilla named Isaro had the best reason of all to disappear from the world. Walrus Mom and Baby Cuddle. Bobcat Mother and Kitten. Sloth bear with cubs. Dying tigress bidding farewell to her cub in Madhya Pradesh India.

Golden Retriever Mama is a Little Overwhelmed. Gorilla mother with baby.