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How to master a new subject — Quartz. I wasn’t always a good learner.

How to master a new subject — Quartz

I thought learning was all about the hours you put in. Then I discovered something that changed my life. The famous Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman understood the difference between “knowing something” and “knowing the name of something,” and it’s one of the most important reasons for his success. Feynman stumbled upon a formula for learning that ensured he understood something better than everyone else. It’s called the Feynman Technique and it will help you learn anything deeper, and faster. The catch: It’s ridiculously humbling. Not only is this a wonderful method of learning, but it’s also a window into a different way of thinking.

There are three steps to the Feynman Technique. Step 1: Teach it to a child Take out a blank sheet of paper and write the subject you want to learn at the top. Movinhand.

Language - StumbleUpon. Here Are 10 Fashion Hacks That Every Woman Should Know. General learning sites. Learning about The World. Top 20 Life Hacks that Actually Work. - StumbleUpon. 12 Ways Lemons Can Make You More Beautiful. You know what to do if life gives you lemons… make DIY beauty and skincare products!

12 Ways Lemons Can Make You More Beautiful

Okay, so the phrase might not be as catchy, but it’s way true: lemons are natural toners and cleansers, making them the go-to for everything from brightening your hair to banishing oily skin. Plus, they’re extremely cheap for a main ingredient (take that four for $1 deal next time you’re at the market). So we’re putting the spotlight on the yellow citrus in our latest DIY beauty roundup with these 12 easy ways to work lemons into your homemade beauty recipes. 1. Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub: Treat your feet with this exfoliating foot scrub that combines coarse sea salt, lemon peel, and cooling peppermint essential oil. 2. 3.

College Prowler - By Students, For Students. 10 Amazing Sink Designs for Your Bathroom and Kitchen. Historically Accurate: 1920s Makeup Tutorial. I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier. The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence. Tip of My Tongue - Chirag Mehta : Wanelo - bookmark your favorite products. The Top 10 Relationship Words That Arent Translatable Into English. Here are my top ten words, compiled from online collections, to describe love, desire and relationships that have no real English translation, but that capture subtle realities that even we English speakers have felt once or twice.

The Top 10 Relationship Words That Arent Translatable Into English

As I came across these words I’d have the occasional epiphany: “Oh yeah! That’s what I was feeling...” Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan, an indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego): The wordless yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but are both reluctant to start. Oh yes, this is an exquisite word, compressing a thrilling and scary relationship moment.

Celtic Meanings of the Five Fold Symbol. Celtic Five Fold Symbol Meaning This page is devoted to the Celtic Meanings within the Five Fold Symbol (symbol shown at top.

Celtic Meanings of the Five Fold Symbol

The center green circle represents the fifth element.) Lessons. Drawspace Pro Lessons are designed for artists of all levels and educators, and are logically organized into resources and activities.


Eventually, all lessons and E-books authored by Brenda Hoddinott will be available here: four to eight brand new lessons and newly-revised older lessons are being added every month! Upgrade Now: Download all 310 lessons and 4 e-books! Try for Free: Download lessons marked as "Free"! 1.1.R1 Glossary Of Art Terms Definitions of art-related terms used in the resources and activities of Drawspace Curriculum (updated February 2013) $3.99or Upgradeto access all files. Great Ideas. 25 Ways To Make Money Now! The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence.

Get inspired. Get motivated. Practice. Improve your drawing skills! &Seven Blunders of the World& by Mahatma Gandhi. - StumbleUpon. LED Lights Make Augmented Vision a Reality. LED Lights Make Augmented Vision a Reality Okay, this is just freaky.

LED Lights Make Augmented Vision a Reality

We know LED lights are versatile enough to be used for practically anything, but LED contact lenses? Really?! Yes, as it turns out, really. University of Washington researchers have figured out how to implant semitransparent red and blue LED lights in contact lenses, for the purpose of receiving and displaying data in sharp visual images and video. Once miniature green LEDs are developed (and they’re in the works, as of now), full color displays will be possible. Lead researcher Babak Parvis comments “You won’t necessarily have to shift your focus to see the image generated by the contact lens,” it would just appear in front of you and your view of the real world will be completely unobstructed when the display is turned off.

Ah, the real world. Thanks to Extreme Tech for the quote and Trendhunter for the images. - StumbleUpon. SLCC - Learning Handouts. Skip navigation links.

SLCC - Learning Handouts

Materials - HackerThings. Speed Up Your Metabolism - - StumbleUpon. Not happy with the metabolism you've got?

Speed Up Your Metabolism - - StumbleUpon

These strategies—for mealtime, gym time, downtime and bedtime—will help you put the pedal to the metal. Pick protein "Protein is the building block of muscle," says Roberta Anding, R.D., a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association). "The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you expend. " Bump Up Your Burn Your muscles can use only 30 grams of protein at any time, a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association notes.

Color Name - StumbleUpon. Mossgraffiti. 17 Ways To Tie Your Shoelace. Differential Equations.


Science. Language.