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Must monsters always be male? Huge gender bias revealed in children’s books | Children's books: 7 and under. Male characters are twice as likely to take leading roles in children’s picture books and are given far more speaking parts than females, according to Observer research that shines a spotlight on the casual sexism apparently inherent in young children’s reading material. In-depth analysis of the 100 most popular children’s picture books of 2017, carried out by this paper with market research company Nielsen, reveals the majority are dominated by male characters, often in stereotypically masculine roles, while female characters are missing from a fifth of the books ranked. The 2017 bestseller list includes perennial favourites The Gruffalo, Guess How Much I Love You and Dear Zoo, in which all the animals are referred to by a male pronoun, as if by default.

The lead characters were 50% more likely to be male than female, and male villains were eight times more likely to appear compared to female villains. “Authors and illustrators have fantastic opportunities to break down stereotypes. OPINION: Repeat after me: Mi-sog-y-ny, belittling and controlling women and teachers. Writing joy into the transgender narrative. This is a personal essay by Josephine Kroeker, a transgender woman from Saskatoon who is a baker and stay-at-home mom.

For more information about CBC's Opinion section, please see the FAQ. Pride weekend in June 2019, my partner and I had sent the kid to the grandparents' and gone dancing with friends. As the night wound down, I had tied my button-down shirt into a kind of crop-top, which happened to accentuate my breasts, something I've always been self-conscious about.

But instead of feeling shame, I felt joy when I later saw myself in a group photo. What if I thought of my breasts as breasts instead of "man boobs" or whatever derogatory name I have referred to them as in the past? What if I actually embraced my curves, instead of lamenting that I would never have "manly" pecs or a six-pack? This kind of questioning is often referred to as the point when one's 'egg cracks.' "And how did you feel? " "Really good! " Kroeker joined her daughter one day in drawing comic books. The feminist history of the cardigan. Big, sloppy cardigans are as much of a winter time staple as salt on pavement or marshmallows in hot chocolate. But before they became an essential in cold-weather wardrobes, cardigans were a tool of rebellion for women. The cozy knits allowed women to take control of the public presentations of their bodies, and shake off dated gender ideals.

When women changed how they looked, often a social change followed close behind. In the early 20th century, women's fashion was undergoing a transformation. Restrictive, uncomfortable clothes came to symbolize equally restrictive social systems, and rejecting one was rejecting the other. And so, by the 1940s, students at Smith, Wellesley, and Vassar colleges had essentially stopped wearing girdles — that tight garment worn beneath the clothes to shape and slim the contours of the body — and started sporting cardigans. These button-up sweaters became known as "Sloppy Joes. " The public backlash was massive.

Then, the cardigan trend hit Paris. Fake naked photos of thousands of women shared online. Instagram censored one of these photos but not the other. We must ask why | Instagram. Last week brought an issue to the attention of millions of Instagram users – one that we in marginalised communities have been aware of for years: the Instagram algorithm favours thin, white, cisgendered people and effectively censors the rest of us. On Friday, Australian comedic juggernaut Celeste Barber posted the latest in her #CelesteChallengeAccepted series of parody images to her audience of 7.3 million: a side-by-side photo of her imitating a post from former Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, clutching her bare breast and exposing side boob. But while both photos revealed the exact same parts of each body (Barber, in fact, added a string bikini), Instagram wouldn’t let fans share Barber’s post, notifying some users that it “goes against our community guidelines on nudity or sexual activity”.

Swanepoel’s post, meanwhile, went unreported. This is not an isolated incident. Nicholas-Williams’s followers – now 60,000 - rallied behind her, using the hashtag #IWantToSeeNyome. 'Not married but willing to be!': men in love from the 1850s – in pictures | Art and design. The Zoom Signal Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors | by Aviva Stahl | Oct, 2020 | OneZero. The UCP’s war on women (and why it might cost them the next election) - The Progress Report. When Wing Kar Li revealed Health Minister Tyler Shandro’s personal connection to a private health brokerage that stood to benefit from decisions he was making as a minister, the United Conservative Party attacked her on social media. As the situation unfolded and threats started rolling in, Li began to worry that enraged supporters would find her home and seek retribution. While going after Jillian Ratti for a video she posted that was critical of Premier Jason Kenney and his caucus, Kenney’s ‘issues manager’ Matt Wolf linked to a photo of Ratti’s children.

Ratti described having a senior government staffer draw attention to it while attacking her as “extremely distressing.” Melanee Thomas did an interview in which she was critical of Kenney. And so the Premier went after her too, calling Thomas out by name in the legislature and attacking her academic credentials. Each in their own way, Thomas, Ratti, Li, and Speta were targets in the UCP’s ongoing war against outspoken women in Alberta. Women on Arctic research mission told not to wear tight-fitting clothing.

A prominent Arctic research mission is coming under fire for a dress code policy that has highlighted concerns about systemic sexism in the polar sciences. The MOSAiC expedition, an international research mission led by Germany's Alfred-Wegener-Institut, had polar researchers navigating Arctic sea ice for a full year collecting data about the Arctic climate and climate change. But shortly after the journey began, women on board a support vessel for the mission, the Akademik Fedorov, were told they could not dress in tight-fitting clothing due to safety concerns. Journalist Chelsea Harvey was on board the ship for six weeks in October 2019 when the policy was first disclosed.

She recently wrote about the rules for energy and environmental research trade publication E&E News. Halfway through her voyage, she said, passengers were told that "thermal underwear" was prohibited as outerwear in common areas. "It definitely sparked a lot of alarm and confusion at the beginning. The Movement Against Sexist and Discriminatory School Dress Codes. Finucane-Terlop says he mentioned the incident to his school counselor right after it took place but didn’t end up getting a response from administrators. April Langston, Finucane-Terlop’s counselor, and David Brown, his principal at Strawberry Crest, however, do not recall talking about or hearing of such an incident.

Beyond this specific case, Emily Greytak, the research director at GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), says the organization has noticed that incidents like the one Finucane-Terlop described are becoming more frequent, when LGBT students are discriminated against either verbally, or via disciplinary action, for clothing choices that don’t fall in line with either a dress code or dress expectations that starkly demarcate different rules based on gender. “This isn’t occasional; this isn’t just some students. This is something that happens quite regularly,” Greytak says. Untitled. Rereading Anna Julia Cooper More Than 100 Years Later. Editor’s Note: Read more stories in our series about women and political power.

A few decades after her graduation from Oberlin College, the scholar and educator Anna Julia Cooper wrote a stern missive in the Ohio university’s alumni journal. Having relocated to Washington, D.C., where she worked in the district’s first Colored Settlement House, Cooper wrote in the early 1900s with clarity and conviction about the importance of social service. She exalted the domestic sphere as a cornerstone of broader community support—and, in doing so, also illustrated just how unevenly groups like white religious entities metered their care.

Her letter, published amid the struggle against gendered discrimination at the ballot box, revealed rifts in which groups of Americans most readily earned others’ sympathy and respect. Sometimes referred to as the mother of black feminism, Cooper was born into slavery around 1858 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Untitled. Dear ladies who are fearful and hostile to trans women, That I grew up and spent most of my life in San Francisco I consider one of my greatest strokes of luck, because it was in its heyday the loudest, proudest queer town around. Even as a straight girl, maybe especially as a straight girl, I benefited endlessly from that. I went to my first gay bar here when I was about 14, with a gay man who was the kindest person in my adolescence. The drag queens who were his friends were also kind, and fortysomething years later my life in and around the queer community has been largely an experience of kindness.

Of kindness and liberation, because all these people made it clear to me that gender was what you made of it, and biology is not destiny, and that was really helpful. As I’ve watched transphobia explode in the American right and the British whatever, I’ve thought over my own experience. There’s also a hullabaloo about young people choosing to be trans who may change their minds. Rebecca. Untitled. A widely criticised peer-reviewed study that measured the attractiveness of women with endometriosis has been retracted from the medical journal Fertility and Sterility.

The study, Attractiveness of women with rectovaginal endometriosis: a case-control study, was first published in 2013 and has been defended by the authors and the journal in the intervening years despite heavy criticism from doctors, other researchers and people with endometriosis for its ethical concerns and dubious justifications, with one advocate calling the study “heartbreaking” and “disgusting”. The study’s conclusion was: “Women with rectovaginal endometriosis were judged to be more attractive than those in the two control groups. Moreover, they had a leaner silhouette, larger breasts, and an earlier coitarche.” Coitarche is the age at first sexual intercourse. “Fertility Sterility should be ashamed they accepted it for publication,” she wrote, adding: “Objectifying women has no place in medicine. Sex and Gender in the Victorian Era. Domineering, moody, given to fits of displeasure, a fiend for detail, Edward was a cartoonish Victorian patriarch. His children were frightened of him.

“He brought too heavy guns to bear on positions so lightly fortified as children’s hearts,” his son Fred wrote. Minnie put up with Edward’s bullying, accommodated his ambitions, soothed him when he was depressed, entertained the hordes of guests that high clerical office entailed, and only occasionally lapsed into bouts of ill health. But there was much more going on in the archbishop’s marriage than a simple story of feminine acquiescence.

Edward Benson clearly understood, and to a certain degree accepted, his wife’s longings for other women. If all of this sounds bewildering, that, for Goldhill, is precisely the point. Domineering, moody, given to fits of displeasure, a fiend for detail, Edward was a cartoonish Victorian patriarch. Edward Benson clearly understood, and to a certain degree accepted, his wife’s longings for other women. Untitled. Welcome to the seventh entry in the Comics & Complication series. The first dealt with the concept of heroism and The Nail, the second looked into anger and World War Hulk, the third is about comics as propaganda for social change, the fourth entry is about Spider-Man and his place in the health care system, the fifth entry looked at the concept of patriotism in the comic industry, and the sixth entry looked at the relationship comics share with violence and adolescence.

This week we look at how western comics have depicted women over the years. Sarah Pezzini, in the scant Witchblade armor, is a striking image in any rendition, fully equipped and covered or with next to nothing left to the imagination. First impressions depend on one's unique introduction to comic books as a whole. However, it was clear with very few brushstrokes from Marc Silvestri that the target market for this supernatural thriller was not intended to be a younger audience. Enjoyed this article? Untitled. Fathers Who Serve as the Primary Parent. After taking leave following the birth of each of our two sons, I returned to work assuming my career trajectory would not really change. I planned to make extra time for the kids by being more efficient at the office. If Anne-Marie and I functioned as equal co-parents, in the short term helping each other to cope with work deadlines and travel, and in the longer term trading off periods of being the primary parent, everything would surely turn out fine.

Our children would thrive, and we would still be able to grab professional brass rings as they passed by. We had bought into the prevailing wisdom among other dual-career families we knew: 50–50 parenting was not just desirable, but doable. While our boys were young, it was. We also discovered that as our children grew, parenting posed new challenges. Confronted with such realities, most two-career families sooner or later find that one person falls into the role of lead parent. While our boys were young, it was. Untitled. Glass ceilings and phallic towers. Mean streets and dark alleys. Road names and statues of men. From the physical to the metaphorical, the city is filled with reminders of masculine power. And yet we rarely talk of the urban landscape as an active participant in gender inequality. A building, no matter how phallic, isn’t actually misogynist, is it? That said, our built environments can still reflect patterns of gender-based discrimination. As far back as 1977, an American poet and professor of architecture named Dolores Hayden wrote an article with the explosive headline “Skyscraper seduction, skyscraper rape”.

If the sexism of the city began and ended with architectural symbolism, I would’ve happily written a grad school essay about this then turned my attention to more pressing matters. Yet the city can be a place of great freedom. During the Industrial Revolution, the populations of European cities and many others in the colonised world grew rapidly. Hardly. The Women Who Still Don’t Matter to Hip-Hop. In hip-hop, as ever, Black men’s stories of vulnerability and pain receive consistent attention, while their conduct toward Black women is either ignored or defended. That dynamic garners them sympathy from fans. “It’s how we treat celebrity and our heroes. We would much rather turn the other way than lose that,” Joan Morgan, the author of When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks It Down, told me.

She added that sometimes the decision to support an artist accused of assault doesn’t even require believing that he’s innocent. It just requires an indifference rooted in misogynoir, a term that describes the misogyny and racism directed at Black women. This culture of indifference is only reinforced when men such as Simmons receive carte blanche to publicly besmirch their accusers—especially under the guise of social justice. Read: R. Even those who admit to causing women grievous bodily harm still seem to enjoy widespread acclaim. The Still-Misunderstood Shape of the Clitoris. Untitled. What ‘Because of Sex’ Really Means. Untitled. Canada’s chief medical officers put women’s leadership in spotlight. How the "strong, silent" archetype is hurting men | Etcetera. Untitled. Untitled. Chicago Tribune. Untitled. Untitled. Male rape survivors suffer in silence. We need to help them talk | Owen Jones. Hunger Makes Me. The crusade for menstrual equity.

The History of Women's Terrible Pockets. Maiden Names: Here Are Places Women Can't Take Their Husband's Name. Terre des Femmes – Appearances Are Not a Measure of Worth | Brandingmag. When To Tell Kids About Transgender Gender Identity. (DOC) On Pejoration of Women Terms in the History of English | Bożena Kochman-Haładyj. Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language | David Shariatmadari. Alaska High School Swimming & Diving’s Inexcusable Swimsuit Scandal. A Cultural History of Feminine Nouns Turned Into Insults. If You Ever Hurt My Daughter, I Swear to God I’ll Let Her Navigate Her Own Emotional Growth. NPR Choice page. Beware of feminism lite. Guy Illustrates How Boys Develop Sexism From Seemingly Small Interactions With Adults. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Deserves to Celebrate. 'Botanical Sexism' Could Be Behind Your Seasonal Allergies.

Opinion | The Myth of Testosterone. Michael Reichert on How to Redefine Masculinity. Women Are Sharing Their Disturbing Experiences With Unwanted Advances From Men. The Genderless Digital Voice the World Needs Right Now. What Do We Mean When We Say “Toxic Masculinity?” - by Luke Humphris. Stop talking about testosterone – there’s no such thing as a ‘true sex’ | Katrina Karkazis. How to Help Teenage Girls Reframe Anxiety and Strengthen Resilience. The 2019 MAKERS Conference: Jameela Jamil Reads "Tell Him" - EXPLICIT. Why Women Have to Wait in Longer Bathroom Lines Than Men Do. What Teenage Boys Still Don’t Know About Sexual Assault. The Best Men Can Be | Gillette® Gillette’s inspiring new toxic masculinity ad asks: “Is this the best a man can get?” An artist replaced the men in these classic Westerns with women. The images are awesome. Why Do We Only Love Genderbending When White Twinks Do It? Manifestation-of-patriarchy-the-surprising-feminist-history-of-women-s-pockets-1.

Pulling 'Baby It's Cold Outside' is puritanical and absurd. Toy advertising moving away from classic gender stereotypes. Male Coworkers Were Asking This Woman Whether They Were ‘Mansplaining’, So She Created A Chart. Qz. Why Teachers Are Walking Out – Known. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Clothes: A Tedious Backlash. Swim England in deep water over women's dress code. The greatest love story never told: We need more movies about friendships between gays and lesbians | CBC Arts. Why Chimamanda Adichie Will Not 'Shut Up' Look closer? - Jason Chatfield. To All the Beautiful, Kickass, Beautiful and... Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence. Megan Kamerick: Women should represent women in media. I’m a woman who imitated the swagger of an entitled white male — and it got results. Author Explains Women's Anger Today In A Way Men Can Truly Understand. The lessons women are asking men to learn. The Medusa statue that became a symbol of feminist rage — Quartzy.

BABY X | Animated Short Film. Tony Porter: A call to men | TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We should all be feminists. Travis Wall discusses his inspiration for "It Takes A Lot To Know A Man" on SYTYCD. Taylor & Darius Perform to "It Takes A Lot To Know A Man" by Damien Rice | Season 15 Ep. 12 | SYTYCD. On Manhood Archives.

The Mask You Live In - Trailer. Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection) The Kavanaugh Hearings - John Graham | Adventurer, Author, Speaker. Edmonton boy, 12, convinces company to change 'sexist' sign. Man Opens Up About Unspoken Struggles Men Face, And 330,000+ People On Twitter Agree. Hollywood Has a Secret LGBT History. We Shouldn't Dismiss It. Update to Transgender Style Guide: Avoiding Invalidating Language Traps | Radical Copyeditor. The Radical Copyeditor’s Style Guide for Writing About Transgender People | Radical Copyeditor.