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Tori Amos: the pop star who taught me how to be a woman on my terms. My childhood best friend introduced me to plenty of cool musicians: Nine Inch Nails, Shakespears Sister, Suzanne Vega.

Tori Amos: the pop star who taught me how to be a woman on my terms

But I remain eternally grateful for the moment in the mid-90s when she slipped me a dubbed cassette of a Tori Amos album, its song titles spelled out in purple and green pen on the J-card in loopy handwriting. I was certainly familiar with Tori: the pianist’s flame-red hair and inscrutable, mischievous singles such as Cornflake Girl were impossible to miss on MTV. Even during a decade in which musical weirdness bubbled to the surface, the way she contorted her voice around piano, synths and other keyboards – an anguished howl one moment, a knowing growl the next – were striking.

Before diving into her music, my listening tended to be framed from male perspectives (REM, the Smiths), or driven by aggressive, extroverted angst. Michael Kimmel: Why gender equality is good for everyone — men included. Go With the Flow. Mover & Shakers: Julia Nagele is an architectural icon in a male-dominated industry. Inspiring and visionary are just a few words that could be used to describe Julia Nagele.

Mover & Shakers: Julia Nagele is an architectural icon in a male-dominated industry

From an architecture student to Director of Design at Hewitt (as well as being a professor, mother and wife), Nagele's journey towards becoming one of the most influential female architects in Seattle has been a serendipitous one. Nagele grew up in northeast Pennsylvania, where she felt the pull towards the architectural field from a young age. The Casualties of Women's War on Body Hair. How then, in the span of less than a century, did the unnatural state of hairlessness become the standard for American women?

The campaign against body hair on women originates in Darwin’s 1871 book Descent of Man, explains Herzig. Men of science obsessed over racial differences in hair type and growth (among other aspects of physical appearance), and as the press popularized these findings, the broader American public latched on. Darwin’s evolutionary theory transformed body hair into a question of competitive selection—so much so that hairiness was deeply pathologized. “Rooted in traditions of comparative racial anatomy, evolutionary thought solidified hair’s associations with ‘primitive’ ancestry and an atavistic return to earlier, ‘less developed’ forms,” Herzig writes. MADNESS: Shocking Disparity Between Male and Female Facilities at NCAA Tournament.

It’s a tale of two training rooms (watch above).

MADNESS: Shocking Disparity Between Male and Female Facilities at NCAA Tournament

On the one side, elaborate color-coded amenities including workout benches, exercise machines, and rows of free weights. On the other, a single rack of dumbbells alongside a stationary bike. The level of competition doesn’t account for the stark disparity – both areas are designated for DI basketball players competing in this year’s NCAA March Madness. So what gives? Gender. Why Did Women Stop Dominating the Beer Industry? Editor’s note, March 17, 2021: Last week, we ran this story that originally appeared on The Conversation, a nonprofit news outlet that publishes writing by academic experts from around the world.

Why Did Women Stop Dominating the Beer Industry?

After publishing, we heard from multiple scholars who disagreed with the framing, analysis and conclusions discussed in the article below. They argue, in fact, that contemporary depictions of witches originated in sources other than women brewers and that the transfer from women to men of the work of brewing, in various geographic and historical settings, came about for economic and labor reasons.

We addressed a number of factual errors in our March 10, 2021, editor’s note, found at the bottom of the page, and we have changed the headline from its original version. What do witches have to do with your favorite beer? When I pose this question to students in my American literature and culture classes, I receive stunned silence or nervous laughs. A routine household task. BioNTech co-founder says gender equality made vaccine possible.

The co-founder and chief medical officer of BioNTech has credited its speed at producing a viable vaccine to the fact its workforce is more than 50% female.

BioNTech co-founder says gender equality made vaccine possible

Speaking on International Women’s Day, Özlem Türeci also said the fact women are so under-represented in decision-making roles in medicine was “destroying value” for stakeholders. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was the first to be approved in the UK and Türeci said it was the company’s balanced workforce that “made the impossible possible” in creating a jab in just 11 months. Türeci told a World Health Organization (WHO) briefing that the lack of gender equality in patient care, medical research and the biopharma industry is “obvious every day”. She added: “The higher the ranks, the more value-destroying [is] the lost opportunity of mobilising precious talent.” According to WHO data, women make up 70% of the global health and care workforce, but occupy just 25% of decision-making roles. Women tell men how to make them feel safe after Sarah Everard disappearance. Social media has been flooded with women sharing their experiences of having felt unsafe in public, as well as advice for men on how to help prevent this, in the wake of Sarah Everard’s disappearance.

Women tell men how to make them feel safe after Sarah Everard disappearance

The 33-year-old marketing executive vanished after leaving a friend’s house in Clapham, south London, at about 9pm last Wednesday. A serving Metropolitan police officer has been arrested on suspicion of her murder, with a woman arrested at the same location on suspicion of assisting an offender. After the Met told women in Clapham not to go out alone, many took to social media to reflect on how women are repeatedly expected to change their behaviour and reduce personal risk, shifting responsibility away from the decisions and actions of men.

Everard’s disappearance prompted an outpouring from women deeply distressed by the story, expressing that they did not feel safe and sharing their own experiences of sexual harassment, abuse and being made to feel scared and unsafe in public spaces. Meet the Few Women With Vancouver Streets Named After Them. What do the first Chinese Canadian teacher to work for the Vancouver School Board, the first Black woman elected to a Canadian provincial legislature, and the woman who introduced the first sex education program in British Columbia’s schools have in common?

Meet the Few Women With Vancouver Streets Named After Them

Vivian Jung, Rosemary Brown, and Tilly Jean Rolston are part of a surprisingly select group—women with streets or laneways named for them in the city of Vancouver. Of Vancouver’s several hundred streets, fewer than two dozen are named for women. So who are these women the city has recognized with local streets? And why are there still so few? Jung Lane, near Sunset Beach in Vancouver, is named after groundbreaking educator Vivian Jung.

What’s in a surname? The female artists lost to history because they got married. Generations of female artists, composers and writers have been lost to history because their names changed after marriage.

What’s in a surname? The female artists lost to history because they got married

According to growing academic consensus, the conventional switch of surnames at the altar has erased a key cultural legacy. And the story of the painter and designer Isabel Rawsthorne, told in a new biography, is among the first to make this powerful argument. A star of the London art scene in the late 1940s and 50s, Rawsthorne was billed as one of five key artists to watch alongside Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. Diego Garijo: MMA Fighter and Drag Queen. This article originally appeared on VICE Germany.

Diego Garijo: MMA Fighter and Drag Queen

It’s not unfair to say that the worlds of mixed martial arts, bare-knuckle boxing and drag don’t often intertwine. But in Diego Garijo – an upbeat 41-year-old covered in prison-style tattoos, who sees himself as a fighter, painter and all-round entertainer – these art forms have coalesced. The History of Female Titles: Mistress, Miss, Mrs or Ms. “Historians have long known that Mrs indicated social status, but they normally assume it also shows that the woman was married.

The History of Female Titles: Mistress, Miss, Mrs or Ms

'It was a misuse of power': how screen sex scenes have been forced to change. Once ubiquitous, the screen sex scene is in deep trouble. Keira Knightley, star of Misbehaviour, Official Secrets and Colette, appears to have driven the final nail in the coffin of the traditional sex scene with recent comments that she will no longer participate in “those horrible sex scenes where you’re all greased up and everybody is grunting”, and that she is not prepared to shoot sex scenes with male directors so as not to “portray the male gaze”.

Knightley’s stance reflects an increasing dissatisfaction with the way film-makers have handled such scenes in films and TV shows. Philippa Lowthorpe, who directed Knightley in Misbehaviour, the 2020 film about feminist protesters who disrupted the Miss World competition in 1970, admires the actor for her comments. “I totally understand where Keira is coming from. 'Why isn't crying manly?': a comic and a Bake Off star ask what makes a man. “I was baking in a fairly well known tent in Berkshire and was crying into a deep fat fryer”, the 2019 Great British Bake Off contestant 27-year-old Michael Chakraverty says of the inspiration behind his new podcast – Menkind. “Lots of men were messaging me, telling me that I was weak … And I couldn’t work out why crying wasn’t manly.” The deep fat fryer incident in episode five triggered something, and after meeting the comedian Mark Watson online during lockdown last year, the pair decided to work together on a podcast around what masculinity looks like, interviewing a range of personalities, from performance artist Travis Alabanza to presenter Riyadh Khalaf and Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Throughout the interview, Chakraverty pokes at his co-host (“our worlds don’t meet, like Mark is 73/74 and a white straight man”). For his part, Watson seems happy to play along (“I’m 75 actually”). Who do our children see in Canadian and American TV shows? When Josanne Buchanan was growing up, she loved to become fully immersed in her favourite cartoons on TV. “I wanted to live like their characters. Why are increasing numbers of women choosing to be single? I remember the moment my sister told me she was having a baby. I was spending the evening with a group of friends and, halfway through, Kate said she needed a word.

We ducked into a bedroom, where she looked at me so solemnly that I ransacked my brain for anything I could possibly have done wrong in the past half-hour. The seriousness of her announcement made me giggle out loud. I had a flashback to the pair of us as kids, when a secret meeting like this meant we’d broken something in the house and were working out how to present the news to our parents. UGA professor: Teen describe their sexual encounters as ‘body counts' Neuroscience Explains Why Instagram Is So Bad For Teen Girls. Thanks to ongoing brain development and increased sensitivity to dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with motivation, pleasure and reward), teenagers are more likely to crave reward-based experiences. And, because their prefrontal cortex (the area associated with understanding, evaluation and decision-making) is still developing, social interactions greatly shape impulse control and critical thinking.

Must monsters always be male? Huge gender bias revealed in children’s books. Male characters are twice as likely to take leading roles in children’s picture books and are given far more speaking parts than females, according to Observer research that shines a spotlight on the casual sexism apparently inherent in young children’s reading material. OPINION: Repeat after me: Mi-sog-y-ny, belittling and controlling women and teachers. Writing joy into the transgender narrative. The feminist history of the cardigan.

Fake naked photos of thousands of women shared online. Instagram censored one of these photos but not the other. We must ask why. 'Not married but willing to be!': men in love from the 1850s – in pictures. The Zoom Signal Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors. The UCP’s war on women (and why it might cost them the next election) - The Progress Report. When Wing Kar Li revealed Health Minister Tyler Shandro’s personal connection to a private health brokerage that stood to benefit from decisions he was making as a minister, the United Conservative Party attacked her on social media. Women on Arctic research mission told not to wear tight-fitting clothing. The Movement Against Sexist and Discriminatory School Dress Codes.

Untitled. Rereading Anna Julia Cooper More Than 100 Years Later. Editor’s Note: Read more stories in our series about women and political power. Untitled. Untitled. Sex and Gender in the Victorian Era. Untitled. Untitled. Fathers Who Serve as the Primary Parent. Untitled. The Women Who Still Don’t Matter to Hip-Hop.

The Still-Misunderstood Shape of the Clitoris. Untitled. What ‘Because of Sex’ Really Means. Untitled. Canada’s chief medical officers put women’s leadership in spotlight. How the "strong, silent" archetype is hurting men. Untitled. Untitled. Chicago Tribune. Untitled. Untitled. Male rape survivors suffer in silence. We need to help them talk. Hunger Makes Me. The crusade for menstrual equity. The History of Women's Terrible Pockets. Maiden Names: Here Are Places Women Can't Take Their Husband's Name.

The Casualties of Women's War on Body Hair. Terre des Femmes – Appearances Are Not a Measure of Worth. When To Tell Kids About Transgender Gender Identity. (DOC) On Pejoration of Women Terms in the History of English. Eight words that reveal the sexism at the heart of the English language. Alaska High School Swimming & Diving’s Inexcusable Swimsuit Scandal. A Cultural History of Feminine Nouns Turned Into Insults. If You Ever Hurt My Daughter, I Swear to God I’ll Let Her Navigate Her Own Emotional Growth. NPR Choice page. Beware of feminism lite. Guy Illustrates How Boys Develop Sexism From Seemingly Small Interactions With Adults. The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Deserves to Celebrate. 'Botanical Sexism' Could Be Behind Your Seasonal Allergies.

The Myth of Testosterone. Michael Reichert on How to Redefine Masculinity. Women Are Sharing Their Disturbing Experiences With Unwanted Advances From Men. The Genderless Digital Voice the World Needs Right Now. What Do We Mean When We Say “Toxic Masculinity?” - by Luke Humphris. Stop talking about testosterone – there’s no such thing as a ‘true sex’ How to Help Teenage Girls Reframe Anxiety and Strengthen Resilience. The 2019 MAKERS Conference: Jameela Jamil Reads "Tell Him" - EXPLICIT. Why Women Have to Wait in Longer Bathroom Lines Than Men Do. What Teenage Boys Still Don’t Know About Sexual Assault.

The Best Men Can Be. Gillette’s inspiring new toxic masculinity ad asks: “Is this the best a man can get?” An artist replaced the men in these classic Westerns with women. The images are awesome. Why Do We Only Love Genderbending When White Twinks Do It? Manifestation-of-patriarchy-the-surprising-feminist-history-of-women-s-pockets-1. Pulling 'Baby It's Cold Outside' is puritanical and absurd. Toy advertising moving away from classic gender stereotypes. Male Coworkers Were Asking This Woman Whether They Were ‘Mansplaining’, So She Created A Chart. Qz. Why Teachers Are Walking Out – Known. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Clothes: A Tedious Backlash. Swim England in deep water over women's dress code. The greatest love story never told: We need more movies about friendships between gays and lesbians.

Why Chimamanda Adichie Will Not 'Shut Up' Look closer? - Jason Chatfield. To All the Beautiful, Kickass, Beautiful and... Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence. Megan Kamerick: Women should represent women in media. I’m a woman who imitated the swagger of an entitled white male — and it got results. Author Explains Women's Anger Today In A Way Men Can Truly Understand. The lessons women are asking men to learn.