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The red pill

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A pilula vermelha é uma referencia à trilogia Matrix, quando ao Neo é oferecida a oportunidade de, tomando a pilula, saber de toda a verdade e ser liberto do jugo da Matrix.

Essa coleção começou muitos anos atras com a indignação que senti ao estudar e descobrir o embuste que é a industria alimentar dita moderna. Depois foi se ampliando mais e mais, e novas pastas foram surgindo para os mais variados tipos de malfeitos e embustes, em praticamente todas atividades humanas na chamada civilizaçao global. Minha intençao com essa coleção é a mesma da pilula vermelha dada por Morpheus para o Neo, despertemos desse sono quimico de chumbo que nos mantem presos às trevas. Saber como estamos escravizados e tornados zumbis dos embustes da falsa modernidade é somente o primeiro passo. Para cada malfeito há um modo saudavel de fazer bemfeito. Mãos à obra!!

Untitled. Academia is built on exploitation. We must break this vicious circle. Not for the first time, I watched as one of our PhD students was loaded into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

Academia is built on exploitation. We must break this vicious circle

He had collapsed in one of the university research labs about 20 minutes earlier. A few hours later we received word from the hospital that the student was now alert and all tests were normal. Just as I had seen previously, the student had fainted as a result of stress, anxiety and fatigue. This was not what I had in mind when I accepted a position as a non-academic member of staff. Rather than the relaxed conditions I expected, I found myself in the most stressful environment I had ever experienced. I initially assumed this was isolated to my university. Having been part of the university system for some time, I’m now able to see past the imposing architecture and impressive titles. For starters, mental health issues for PhD students are so common, they could almost be considered part and parcel of the qualification. I once witnessed an incident that still saddens me. New Book: The Ethical Algorithm.

Personal SCAM

Political Scam. Corporate Scam. Money Scam. Media Scam. Medi - Pharma SCAM. FOOD Scam. Water Scam. Technology scam. Education Scam. Labor SCAM. Music Scam. Beauty and Higiene Scam. Sex Scam. Religion Scam. Interpersonal Scam.

ENGANA que gosto!

Fake News Perfis Falsos. Suspicion. Anti SCAM. Rob Dial - New video! Have you been getting brainwashed... Handbook of Frauds, Scams, and Swindles: Failures of Ethics in Leadership. Documentaries. NASA Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It's Not Looking Good for Us. For as long as there's been desire, we've struggled with the question of how to articulate that out loud.

NASA Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It's Not Looking Good for Us

If we were all as brave as the '90s band the Vengaboys, we'd all have the courage to come out and tell our crushes: "Boom, boom boom boom, I want you in my room. " But because that level of bravery eludes most of us, there are other, subtler methods to ask for what we want. Case in point: the now-ubiquitous meme "Netflix and chill. " On its surface, the meaning of "wanna watch Netflix and chill" is both obvious and innocuous: It means inviting someone to watch a movie and hang out. But since the phrase first gained popularity on Twitter, it's become synonymous with asking someone to come over and hook up. While the phrase itself is relatively new, the idea of shrouding one's sexual desires in similarly innocuous phrases has plenty of historical precedent. While rarely used today, the phrase "Want to come up and see my etchings?

" Since then, "want to come up and see my etchings? " Has industrialized farming left nature’s bank in need of a bailout? Counterfeit ‘natural capital’ has started entering the market to hide the fact that agriculture is running a deficit.

Has industrialized farming left nature’s bank in need of a bailout?

For instance, reports abound of widespread, indiscriminate use of synthetic fertilizers and carcinogenic pesticides, used to replace natural soil fertility and biological pest control. Switching capital providers results in increasing financial costs for farms, inhibits nature’s bank to provide these services for free in the future, and can also cause significant impacts to public health through pollutants emitted to air, land, and water. TEEB for Agriculture and Food, a project hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme responsible for promoting the sustainable use of natural capital in agriculture, asked Trucost to investigate further. Where to begin It turns out that ecosystem services are the most popular form of currency used to withdraw the hidden value of nature. Um artista criou ilustrações deslumbrantes sobre a sociedade moderna. Global warning: ominous signs for climate in Trump administration – live. 4) Where are the public on this issue?

Global warning: ominous signs for climate in Trump administration – live

Is there is an ideological dividing line as in the US, or is there a broad consensus about the science? In 2015, 28% of Brazilian municipalities entered into emergency or calamity due to extreme weather – droughts, floods, storms, landslides. This affected millions of people so that are aware things are changing. We don’t face the same debate as the US about whether climate change is related to human activities. Last year, the Paris climate treaty was ratified easily despite our political crisis. 5) What does this mean in concrete terms? The past two years have seen a 60% rise in deforestation. 6) How might climate policy be affected by the 2018 presidential election?

I don’t think Brazil can elect someone like Trump who denies climate change, but we could have someone with very conservative ideas who sees the environment as an obstacle for development. 7) Given the current trends, are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future? O grileiro dos Jardins. O maior desmatador da história recente da Amazônia é filho de um rico e tradicional pecuarista de São Paulo.

O grileiro dos Jardins

Ele próprio operava sediado no bairro dos Jardins, na capital. Até ser preso, comandava um esquema sofisticado de desmatamento, grilagem e falsificação no Pará, que contava até com profissionais de geoprocessamento para enganar os satélites de monitoramento. Denunciado por índios, o caso levou a recente operação conjunta entre o IBAMA, a Polícia Federal, o Ministério Público e a Receita Federal, revelando detalhes sobre como hoje se organiza o crime na expansão da fronteira agropecuária amazônica. Helicóptero do IBAMA sobrevoa área desmatada ilegalmente. O sistema competitivo que extingiu a Humanidade (Noam Chomsky) Bene Fonteles - Zen comentários... The global forces inspiring a new narrative of progress.

Growth is shifting, disruption is accelerating, and societal tensions are rising.

The global forces inspiring a new narrative of progress

Confronting these dynamics will help you craft a better strategy, and forge a brighter future. “The trend is your friend.” It’s the oldest adage in investing, and it applies to corporate performance, too. We’ve found through our work on the empirics of strategy that capturing tailwinds created by industry and geographic trends is a pivotal contributor to business results: a company benefiting from such tailwinds is four to eight times more likely to rise to the top of the economic-profit performance charts than one that is facing headwinds.

It’s easy, however, to lose sight of long-term trends amid short-term gyrations, and there are moments when the nature and direction of those trends become less clear. Video Our work on the empirics of strategy shows why understanding trends is an important skill for corporate leaders. All good questions. The first three crucibles reflect today’s global growth shifts. DATAS COMEMORATIVAS NADA MAIS SÃO DO QUE MAQUINAS DE FAZER DINHEIRO PARA O COMERCIO – "Realizo, Logo Sou" Dia das mães, páscoa, dia dos pais, natal, ano novo, etc.


Esses dias são apenas comerciais, nada mais são do que datas que estimulam o comércio, estimulam as dívidas, estimulam que você compre, consuma e gaste seu dinheiro. Datas em que você tem a obrigação social de dar presentes. A mídia como instrumento dos grandes empresários criou uma obrigatoriedade de consumo. Você não tem a opção de não dar presentes. Ele previu a crise das notícias falsas, agora teme pela democracia. É nesse contexto dominado por WhatsApp e Facebook que chegamos na véspera das eleições no Brasil.

Ele previu a crise das notícias falsas, agora teme pela democracia

The Dumbest Business Idea Ever. The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value. By Lynn Stout By the end of the 20th century, a broad consensus had emerged in the Anglo-American business world that corporations should be governed according to the philosophy often called shareholder primacy.

The Dumbest Business Idea Ever. The Myth of Maximizing Shareholder Value

Shareholder primacy theory taught that corporations were owned by their shareholders; that directors and executives should do what the company’s owners/shareholders wanted them to do; and that what shareholders generally wanted managers to do was to maximize “shareholder value,” measured by share price. Today this consensus is crumbling. As just one example, in the past year no fewer than three prominent New York Times columnists have published articles questioning shareholder value thinking.1 Shareholder primacy theory is suffering a crisis of confidence. This is happening in large part because it is becoming clear that shareholder value thinking doesn’t seem to work, even for most shareholders. Get Evonomics in your inbox Consider the example of the United States.

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Percorrer as infinitas praias de areia branca de Lombok. Sucumbir à cativante espiritualidade de Bali.

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