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Crochet Flowers and Leaves. I created the patterns for these little flowers and leaves and am SO happy to be sharing it with you.

Crochet Flowers and Leaves

They are wonderful and quick to make and can be put to all sorts of pretty uses :: use them to embellish bags, hats, make them into brooches. Try making lots of them and string them together as a scarf or to make your own flowery bunting decoration. I've used Rowan Handknit DK cotton with a 4mm hook for these as it's what I had to hand and also an easy and clear yarn to work with for photographs. But I've also made these flowers using wool (both Cashmerino and Aran wools) and they work just as well. Just use whatever yarn tickles your fancy, with whatever hook goes with it. As is my usual fashion, I'm going to write this pattern out as a tutorial so that hopefully even if you are just beginning to learn crochet, you will be able to give these a go.

I will be using UK terms throughout. OK..ready??? To begin, chain 4 and join into a ring. *Chain 3, miss a stitch, then dc into next stitch* Lust auf Häkelblumen? « Engelenchen. Allgemein, Anleitungen, Tutorial, Wolle Gestern Abend: Horrorfahrt nach Berlin.

Lust auf Häkelblumen? « Engelenchen

Ich mein, würdet ihr euch etwa bequem in die Bahn setzen, wenn ihr doch auch stattdessen 4,5 Stunden von Hamburg nach Berlin im Auto verbringen könntet, inklusive einer netten nahrhaften McD-Pause, weil ihr merkt, dass ihr nicht mehr pünktlich zum Abendessen ankommen werdet? Anscheinend hatte halb Hamburg die Auto-Alternative gewählt… Also nach dieser Horrorfahrt, bei ein paar einfachen Häkelblumen entspannt – schlichte Merino-Wolle von Lana Grossa aus dem Vorrat.

Und weil ich mich immer über Anleitungen freue, dazu eine Anleitung für die kleinen, einfachen, hübschen Häkelblümchen. Selbermachen-Tipp: Blumenkette häkeln. Free crochet patterns: Fern Pattern ~ Craft , handmade blog. Lynn, a Crochet Bouquet reader from Hawaii, asked for help with the Fern pattern (pages 110-111).

Free crochet patterns: Fern Pattern ~ Craft , handmade blog

I am really enjoying yourCrochet Bouquet book! But I need your assistance for the fern pattern. I cannot understand the instructions/how are the clusters created? Do I work both sides of the chain? Then I get lost when it says chain 5 and repeat the whole thing again/Thank you and Aloha, Lynn I wrote back, telling her how the fern is constructed. I know there are lots of words in the instructions. So why are crochet (and knitting) instructions printed all crowded and condensed in books and magazines? Look at it this way: copying out instructions from time to time is a small price to pay for more patterns. Lynn’s story ended happily. Mixed Media Flowers - Embellishing the Flower Using Scrapbooking Supplies. Ideas for Embellishing the Abstract Flower Motif Using Scrapbooking Supplies.

Mixed Media Flowers - Embellishing the Flower Using Scrapbooking Supplies

Ideas for using crochet flowers in projects. Hi everyone.

Ideas for using crochet flowers in projects

It's a long time since my last post. I've been working outside my hobby but managed to fulfil some of my new ideas. I'll show you them later. Still I'm making my little flowers. Pansies are still my favourites and lately they were very popular on etsy and I got a lot of orders from the UK and USA. Floral Print Home Decorating Ideas - Decorate with Floral Prints. Crochet-stone-de-80446128.jpg (360×460) Mimi's Crochet Page. === Please visit my Christmas page === Hi and welcome to my Free Patterns page. I am just starting to offer some free patterns and I hope you'll enjoy them.

Please remember these are copyrighted, so do not post them anywhere else online or otherwise without my consent. You may sell items made from these patterns and sell them locally, but please ask before selling them online, as I also do some online selling. Any questions, comments, let me know. If you find errors, please do let me know! Blumen häkeln – ganz einfach! Du beginnst am besten mit einer ganz einfachen Häkelblüte, sozusagen als Auftakt zu einem wahren Blütenreigen. Ich zeige ein Beispiel mit ganz glattem Baumwollgarn, damit Du genau siehst, wie die Häkelblume entsteht. Wie Du an obigem Foto sehen kannst, ist schon mit so einer einfachen Häkelblume eine Vielzahl an Variationen möglich.

Variiere Farben, Materialien, Anzahl der “Blütenblätter”, Dichte der Maschen…Verbinde die Blüten miteinander, um ein Top, einen Kragen für T-Shirts oder (ehemals) langweilige Pullover, Schals u.v.m. anzufertigen. Und so geht’s: 1. 2. Variation Einstich: Der Innenring der Häkelblume kommt noch deutlicher zur Geltung, wenn Du bei den Maschen der 2. Variation Farben: Als einfache Variante kannst Du für die 1. und 2. It's My Party: Crocheted Flower. Crocheted Cactus Plant Project: Crochet this Amusing Ornament. Here is an amusing project for the crochet enthusiast.

Crocheted Cactus Plant Project: Crochet this Amusing Ornament

It can be accomplished in two or three sessions and is easy enough for the novice crochet fan to practice their skills. How to Crochet Appliques: Tips for Crocheting Motifs. If you’ve ever crocheted a project thinking it needed a little something extra consider adding a crocheted appliqué motif.

How to Crochet Appliques: Tips for Crocheting Motifs

Besides being fun to do, crocheted appliqués (also called motifs) add personality to a piece of otherwise ordinary crocheting fabric such as purses, clothing or blankets. Although they may look intimidating to a new crocheter, they’re actually simple to make. Supplies Needed All you need to crochet appliqués are a few supplies. Yarn – To start out use medium weight warn (4-ply) as this is easier to work with than some of the lighter-weighted finer yards (under 4-ply). Crocheting Flowers.