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A while back I posted a similar tutorial, but it's such an easy way to wrap a present, I thought it was worth posting another one.

Not to mention, it's wedding shower season. Have you noticed? Top your present with a flower like this - the bride will love it! Tissue Paper Flower Supplies: - (5) sheets tissue paper, cut to 7" x 12" - 1 piece floral wire, 12" long 1. 2. Paper Flower Bouquet Tutorial. 5 Genius Tips for Paper Flower Making. We're excited to share a special guest blog post on paper flower making by instructor Lia Griffith!

5 Genius Tips for Paper Flower Making

Lia is the founder of, a creative lifestyle brand offering daily inspiration for a handcrafted lifestyle. From the highest quality interior design inspiration to stunning DIY paper craft tutorials, Lia Griffith is defining, educating and growing the DIY movement around the world. Do you love flowers but wish they would last longer than a few weeks? I'm here to share five simple but effective tricks to making long-lasting, beautiful paper flowers.

With these tips and the free downloadable paper flower lei pattern from the Lia Griffith studio, you'll get plenty of practice making beautiful blooms. Photo via Lia Griffith. 1. One of the most important decisions you will make when you start a paper flower—making projects is which paper to choose. 2. Other than a stash of great papers, you will need very little to make stunning paper flowers. 3. 4. 5. Get the free pattern » Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet. This project, using paper roses to create a bouquet, has been on my mind since I posted the first paper rose tutorial.

Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

It is timeless and elegant and though I show it here in the white, it could easily be made in any color or even multiple colors by printing the template on a colored letter weight paper. Here are my instructions: PAPER ROSE BOUQUET You will need: 24 prints of the paper rose template, scissors and hot glue, florist wire and florist tape, ribbons for handle and bow. 1a) Print 24 rose templates onto a letter weight paper. The PDF has 3 pages (large, medium and small) so you can print 8 of each page. I used common copy paper for my roses, which works beautifully. When you think of paper and weddings you most likely think of invites, programs, and menus but there is so much more you can do with paper – would you believe that all of these bouquets are handmade from it?

Carrying paper blooms at your wedding means you can enjoy your bouquet for decades after your big day. These keepsake bouquets can be made as whimsical or as realistic and nature inspired as you like. A paper bouquet can be especially fitting for green weddings when made out of recycled paper, old maps or newspaper, or from the pages of your favorite book (one pictured last is made from the pages of Jane Austen novels). Inspired yet? Learn how to make crepe paper anemones on our DIY page. 1) Whimsiful Pretties 2) Savvy Sugar 3-7) The Crimson Poppy 8) Sunny and Stumpy 9) Crafting by Knight 10) Pinterest 11) Wedzu 12-16) aNeMonE Paper Flowers 17) Anthology on Main Related.

I have always been a perfectionist, and choosing wedding flowers can be such a difficult decision, especially if you don't have a wedding planner.

There are just so many options. Because I'm a paper crafter at heart, I love dreaming up all the beautiful ways you can incorporate paper flowers into your wedding scheme to make your event both elegant and affordable. Paper flowers can be used in your wedding bouquet, backdrops, centerpieces and cake decor — and the list goes on! Here are just a few ideas on how to personalize your paper flowers to create your perfect special day. More: How to brighten your home with handcrafted paper flowers 1. Adding a few paper flowers to a fresh bouquet can create beautiful visual texture and allow you to play around with some flowers that might not be in season. 2. Making a bouquet with paper can allow you to incorporate colors you might not be able to find at the flower shop. 3. More: 10 All-natural cleaning products you can make at home 4. 5. 6.

Sheet Music Cascading Bouquet Paper flower par DanasPaperFlowers. Mini livre Page Rose Bouquet par withloveandpetals. Bouquet de Page de livre sur le thème violet par withloveandpetals. Paper flower wedding bouquet. Woodland wedding theme is extremely cozy, and many couples choose it today, but how to pull off a winter woodland wedding?

Incorporating forest-inspired touches for creating a chic atmosphere is essential, and I’d like to tell how to do that right. Pinecones Pinecones are cheap and totally cool as they just scream forest. You can gather them yourself and then use for various types of décor: place card holders, favors, boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces, table runners, cake décor and so on. What’s good about them is that pinecones needn’t any special décor, they look ideal themselves but of course if you want, you can dip dye or gild them. Wood Logs And Slices Another budget-friendly idea is to use wood logs and slices for wedding décor. Evergreen Branches Evergreen branches are super cute for décor, add them to favors, place cards, make table runners and wreaths for decorating walls, your aisle or even your wedding cake. Antlers Moss Cakes. Woodland weddings are a huge trend, especially in spring and summer when the weather allows to stay outdoors without any problems.

Today I’d like to share woodland wedding bouquets that will finish and polish your woodland bridal look. Greenery bouquets here are not only super trendy but also a very suitable idea as woodland means greenery. If you want flowers, add tiny woodland details to the bouquet: pinecones, fern, berries, any leaves and even mushrooms you like. For a boho feel go for feathers and antlers as they are perfect for adding that special bohemian charm. Find some beautiful examples below and get your Pin button ready!