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Adv. Effects Picture of the Day: January 17, 2014 Posted 15 minutes ago Detective by BrunoSousa from the contest Penguins 9. It finished with a rank of 2 and an average score of 7.69, and has been collected 2 times. Worth1000 Home Worth1000 Home
Since 1941, Ho Chi Minh had been rebelling against the French colonial rule in Vietnam. Sixty years ago, that struggle reached its climax at a broad vale known as Diên Biên Phu. The French, fifty thousand of whom ruled over the colony of 20 million people, grossly underestimated their enemy’s strength and capabilities, initially unaware that the Vietnamese had been supplied with anti-aircraft and heavy artillery by Red China. In fact, as the first French paratroops were dropped into the valley in November 1953, the French government hoped for a swift victory that might just win back public support for the war in Indochina. It turned out to be a heroic, if foolhardy, last stand. Generals responsible raised doubts whether a defense was feasible as early as January 1954. Iconic Photos Iconic Photos