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Adv. Effects Picture of the Day: April 19, 2014 Posted 20 hours ago Captain Penguin by Teo75 from the contest B2B: Wooden Bucket. It finished with a rank of 2 and an average score of 7.39, and has been collected 3 times. Worth1000 Home Worth1000 Home
Being featured on the cover of Time magazine used to be a big deal, so much so that movies use that as a visual cue to signify the noteworthiness of the protagonist. Is it still a big deal? Iconic Photos is turning five soon – so maybe time to finally submit a thesis and graduate? We looked back at the last five years (April 2009 – March 2014) during which time Iconic Photos had been alive. During this time, Time America, Time International, and its regional prints have published 125 different covers featuring 139 faces. Assuming 500 different covers during that period (260 weeks, one U.S edition cover and one International cover), 25% of Time covers feature famous people. Iconic Photos Iconic Photos