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Underwater Experiments

Underwater Experiments

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Meet the world’s only immortal animal Email If you’re thinking McLeod, you couldn’t be further from the truth. What you have to do is think small; not microscopic, just big enough to see with your naked eye. Turritopsis nutricula is a hydrozoan, and it’s considered by scientists to be the only animal that cheated death. Solitary organisms are (according to current belief) doomed to die, after they completed their life cycle. Enchanting Marble caves These wonderous marble caves – also known as the “Las Cavernas de Marmol” or “Marble Caverns” – are the main attraction of the lake General Carrera in the Coyhaique province of Chile near the border with Argentina. One of the most visited sites in Patagonia, this labyrinth of caves was created by the water of Rio Tranquilo breaking against the giant limestone peninsula.

Dog And Orangutan BFFs Are Today’s Official “Reason For Living” Update those eFarmony profiles, America, because true interspecies love can exist! The Elle Macpherson lookalike on the left there is named Suryia, and her best friend (and more?) and Roscoe the Dog have taken their unusual relationship (“Where’d they meet? eFarmony?” — Worst Comedian In The World) to the page, as they’ve written a book together called “Suryia And Roscoe” by Dr Antle, Thea Feldman and photographer Barry Bland. Hmm… I wonder if one of the chapters is called “ROSCOE HATES BANANAS”:

Sharaku Tōshūsai Sharaku (Japanese: 東洲斎 写楽; active 1794–1795) was a Japanese ukiyo-e print artist, known for his portraits of kabuki actors and sumo wrestlers. Little is known of him besides the prints he designed; neither his true name nor the dates of his birth or death are known. His active career as a woodblock artist spanned ten months; his prolific work met disapproval, and his output came to an end as suddenly and mysteriously as it had begun. His work has since been recognized as some of the greatest in the ukiyo-e genre. Primarily portraits of kabuki actors, Sharaku's compositions emphasize poses of dynamism and energy, and display a realism unusual for prints of the time—conptemporaries such as Utamaro represented their subjects with an idealized beauty, while Sharaku did not shy from showing unflattering details. This was not to the tastes of the public, and the enigmatic artist's production ceased in the first month of 1795.

Beautiful Portraits of Strangers Beautiful Portraits of Strangers Danny Santos II is a weekend photographer who likes to shoot strangers in the streets of Singapore. He’s been shooting street for about 2 years now. More beautiful portraits of strangers can be found in Danny’s Flickr set or his website Simply love his shots! 30th of June 2010

Creatures of the Lembeh Strait *notcot in nature , 07:40 On visual inspiration, there is something about the overwhelming sense of calm serenity with nothing but the sound of your own bubbles and the occasional boats overhead… as you just swim about watching the most incredible and mind blowing creatures going about their daily lives all around you… so, on “vacation pictures” ~ here are some of the many (there are hundreds of photos, here’s just a selection of fun ones!) creatures i’ve been encountering diving the Lembeh Strait of Indonesia this week (hiding out at Kungkungan Bay Resort)… and besides the diving creatures, you also get a peek at the large crab i ran into, and the impressive Tuna statue in the center of Bitung (tuna capital of indonesia?)… see it all on the next page! For the whole Kungkungan Bay Resort Lembeh Strait dive-cation series - [The dramatic moon] [Wonderpus vs Mimic Octopus] [Frogfish, Nudibranchs, and more creatures!]

Abandoned Technology Scattered Across The Globe What would we do without technology? Often though, whether from disaster or lack of funding, celebrated technology becomes obsolete and is abandoned. Decay sets in to rust the disused places and objects which were once invaluable to us. New Week Nudibranch! - Blue Dragon image credit: image credit: image credit: the doubtful guest image credit: | Dan | image credit: redbubble.comHabitat: around the world in temperate and tropical waters moviebarcode moviebarcode contact | twitter | index | prints 2014/04/12 28 notes The Karate Kid, Part III (1989) 2014/04/11 144 notes 350+ Free Textures 17 scratched and scraped textures grab bag 40 random free textures 14 free high res slate textures Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 1 (50)

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