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[Résolu] désactiver "Aller à l'onglet" Launches Open Badges Project. Today we announced Mozilla’s Open Badge Infrastructure project, an effort to make it easy to issue and share digital learning badges across the web.

Launches Open Badges Project

More and more people are looking at badges to show skills and achievements online. Mozilla is currently developing its own badges for things like Javascript courses at the School of Webcraft. We’ve also talked to groups as diverse as 4H, NASA, PBS, P2PU, Intel and the US Department of Education, all of whom plan to develop digital badges. Open Badges is a response to this trend: an open specification and APIs that provide any organization the basic building blocks they need to offer badges in a standard, interoperable manner.

If we’re successful, the benefits to learners will be tremendous. Miscellaneous. This page contains small, self-explanatory code snippets.


Output Saving the current web page to a local file Although the following code does not prompt the user for a filename, you can do so using the file picker component. Downloading Files. Downloading files Components.utils.import(" const WebBrowserPersist = Components.Constructor(";1", "nsIWebBrowserPersist"); var persist = WebBrowserPersist(); var targetFile = Services.dirsvc.get("Desk", Ci.nsIFile); targetFile.append("file.bin");var privacy = PrivateBrowsingUtils.privacyContextFromWindow(urlSourceWindow); persist.persistFlags = persist.PERSIST_FLAGS_FROM_CACHE | persist.PERSIST_FLAGS_REPLACE_EXISTING_FILES; persist.saveURI(uriToSave, null, null, null, "", targetFile, privacy); If you don't need detailed progress information, you might be happier with nsIDownloader.

Downloading Files

Downloading Binary Files with a Progress Listener To download a binary file with custom progress listener: Broken Firefox add-on update.


Bug 378216 – Disable insecure extension updates by default. Extension Versioning, Update and Compatibility - MDC. Add-on Versioning Add-ons should specify their versions using the Toolkit version format.

Extension Versioning, Update and Compatibility - MDC

As a rough overview this is a version string split by periods, some examples: 2.0 1.0b1 3.0pre1 Note: Before Firefox 1.5 the more basic Firefox Version Format was used:[+] where only digits were allowed. The toolkit version format supports the Firefox version format but allows greater flexibility. Firefox Plugin. Extension Manager:Addon Update Security. Please don't edit this page directly, either add comments to the discussion page or to the threads in the newsgroup or forums.

Extension Manager:Addon Update Security

See also the original newsgroup thread where extension authors discuss the potential impact to the addon community. Overview This specification discusses changes to the Toolkit Extension Manager in Gecko 1.9 with the aim of improving the security of automated add-on updates. [Résolu] Soucis pour publier la mise à jour de mon extension. McCoy - a cryptographic tool for secure add-on updates. Gosh, Ed, I'm sorry to hear this is giving you problems.

McCoy - a cryptographic tool for secure add-on updates

Here's all you need to do: 1) Open McCoy and highlight the RSA entry you created when you installed the program.2) Using McCoy, click on the "Install" button and locate your theme's install.rdf file. This inserts the updateKey.3) Package your theme into a .jar file, calculate a hash, and place the updateHash entry inside the update.rdf file you will be using on your site. (See below for additional info on how to calculate the hash.)4) Using McCoy, click on the "Sign" button and locate the update.rdf file.