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Action for Happiness

Action for Happiness
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10 Things Creative People Do | Randy Taran Have you ever wondered why some people are more creative than others? Did you ever wish that you had more of that particular gene? The good news is that research shows that happiness and creativity are not only related, they can be developed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. By nourishing your creative side, you'll bring happiness not only to yourself but to those around you. Be Mindful The Alcoholism and Addictions Help Forums- by Most users online at one time was 2,208 (08-27-2012 at 09:47 AM). • Administrator • Forum Leader • Social Network Moderator • Community Greeter • Chat Monitor

What are you living each day? - The Bounce Blog As I’ve been moving rapidly toward the half-century point in my life, I’ve noticed a certain shift in my thinking. And it’s not that freeing shift that I’ve noticed among many women in their fifties, that ability to say “I don’t care what you think” and take action thereupon with utter ease and confidence. Although, I have to say, I am looking forward to that. No, this swaying of thoughts has more to do with one word: Legacy. What do you want on your tombstone? What will I leave behind? I’m not worried about material things. I wonder what people will say about me when I’m gone. Like the old pizza commercials, I ask myself, “What do you want on your tombstone?” When I’m working with clients who are stressed out and depressed because they’re not “good enough” or “getting enough done,” I’ll ask them with gentle humor, “So, what do you think they’re going to put on your tombstone? Here lies Mary Smith. She finished her reports before the deadline. And kept her house clean at the same time. Dammit.

The Science of Happiness - Happiness in Life | Happify Want to feel happier? Let science show you the way! Learn about the happiness-boosting strategies from groundbreaking research in positive psychology. What is Happiness, Anyway? What is happiness—and what is it not? Read More Happiness by the Numbers What do the happiest people have in common? Read More 3 Ways to Get Out of a Bad Mood You're cranky. Read More Money Can Buy Happiness Michael Norton, a marketing professor at Harvard Business School and co-author of Happy Money, reveals strategies for getting the most happiness bang for your buck. Read More The Secret Upside to Stress We all think of stress as the enemy—but it doesn't have to be! Read More Train Your Brain for Gratitude Just what do grateful people have in common—and why is it worth practicing gratitude all year round? Read More 6 Ways to Be More Resilient Whether you're struggling now or simply want to build up your resilience for tough times in the future, here are six science-based strategies that really work.

holy isle Keep a 5 Year Journal - Daily Prompts with Steps for Getting Started and Prompts for January and February by Tami Taylor (Click here to see all 12 months.) What’s a 5 year Journal? That was my question when I first heard of it. What is your number one goal this year? Getting Started Step 1. Do you want to write a line about the day as it occurs to you or would you like to have a little direction each day? 365 Questions – January 365 Questions – February Step 2. You’ll need a place to actually keep your journaling. a spiral bound notebooka moleskin notebooka ‘junk journal’ or smash booka mini-albuman ATC holderkeep it with your project life or capture 365another altered projecta text document on your computera blog I am keeping mine in a 7 gypsies drawer. Step 3. Don’t worry about the fact it’s not the beginning of the year, start today or start tomorrow. I hope you join me on this journey. Tami Taylor writes for Get It Scrapped!

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