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Speed Up Firefox by Loading Tabs On-demand. Firefox users who are used to having fifteen or more tabs open while surfing the web, or perhaps tend to load up their browser with a bunch of open pages from their last session, will surely know the impact this can have in terms of performance. It may not be a major issue on powerful desktop PCs with processing muscle and memory to spare, but you can bet more modest rigs and most laptops will struggle trying to pull up a huge list of pages at the same time. Luckily, there are ways heavy tab users can ease the memory-guzzling effect that their browsing habits can have on their systems – and today we’ll specifically mention two: using the BarTab extension or making a quick about:config tweak. The aforementioned BarTab extension lightens Firefox’s memory load and prevents crashes by unloading tabs that you are currently not using but want to keep accessible.

It’s a pretty straightforward tool. . * Top image by Foomandoonian. Reduce load time by compressing UPX. UPX Compression of Firefox.exe? [GUIDE] Compressing Firefox - DotA Forums. First off, of course we'll need the open-source compression program UPX (click here for the SOURCEFORGE page). Follow the link and then download the latest zipped binaries (click here for direct download). Now, once you've downloaded the zip file, open it, and extract UPX.EXE to your windows directory (typically at C:\Windows). You may type in %SYSTEMROOT% on Start -> Run to open the windows folder directly. STEP 2 Now, we'll create a batch file for the compression process. Open up Notepad, and then paste the following: Code: pushd "%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox" for %%v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx "%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\%%v" popd Save it as compressff.bat on the same folder where you extracted UPX.EXE (on your windows folder; C:\WINDOWS or %SYSTEMROOT%).

Then open a new blank Notepad window, and paste the following: Save it as decompressff.bat on the same folder as above. STEP 3 We will now execute the batch file. Cd \ cd %SYSTEMROOT% compressff.bat. How to Make Firefox Load Faster. (This tip is for experienced computer users only.) You can slash Firefox's slow load time by compressing the DLLs and executables. There are many choices for compression but I suggest you use UPX which is free, efficient and time proven.

Download UPX from Unzip upx.exe into your Firefox installation folder which is normally C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox. Make sure Firefox is not running then shell to a command prompt in the Firefox installation directory. That's it; enjoy the difference! Gizmo. Firefox tweaks. This page contains advanced Firefox configuration options and performance tweaks.

Performance Improving Firefox's performance is divided into parameters that can be inputted while running Firefox or otherwise modifying its configuration as intended by the developers, and advanced procedures that involve foreign programs or scripts. Note: Always use the latest version of Firefox. Advanced Firefox options This section contains advanced Firefox options for performance tweaking. For additional information see these Mozillazine forum posts. Network settings Advanced network settings can be found on the about:config page (try searching for network). Note: These settings need to be configured based on your connection. Turn off anti-phishing Note: Deleting files from your profile folder is potentially dangerous, so it is recommended that you back it up first. The anti-phishing features of Firefox may cause Firefox to become slow to start or exit. . $ rm -i ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile_dir>/urlclassifier*

A quick-and-dirty way to speed up Firefox (a lot) I can see sjvn chortling over there, reading this post. I can hear him thinking, "I'll show you how to speed up Firefox. It's simple: run Chrome. " See also: Firefox 11 review: Firefox has jumped the shark See also: Chrome: The people’s Web browser choice He's probably right, but there are things about Chrome that annoy me, and I haven't taken the time to really get to know Chrome and make it a friend. The Firefox we had running on our media PC had slowed to an unbearable, unusable crawl.

The point is, it was moderately usable last week and completely unbearable this week. Diagnosing the problem My wife and I share the media PC, which we use when watching the big screen from the couch, so we each have a Firefox profile. So I did what I recommend to others to do. Finally, I decided to try the nuclear option. Once I launched into that new profile, everything ran far better.

Next, rather than copying my extensions over from the old profile, I downloaded them from the Firefox add-ons page. How to Optimize Firefox for Better Performance. Your web browser of choice is truly the gateway into accessing the global Internet. The web has been growing exponentially, and we have seen tremendous changes to browsing software as well. Mozilla has been keeping up well considering the recent release of Firefox 10 which has seen mostly positive review.

But as we all know, your web browser tends to slow down over time with repeated use. Firefox is not immune to this, but there are some tweaks you can use to optimize the browsing experience. The key values we’re looking for include startup speed, reduced load times, and accessible web pages. Quick Shortcut Commands A good place to start is with a few handy keyboard shortcuts. Only a couple examples may seem relevant to your needs. 1. Security is of the utmost importance to consider whenever you’re surfing the web. This short menu which pops up is a condensed version of the settings panel. Shortcut - Ctrl + Shift + Delete 2. Shortcut - Ctrl + / 3. Shortcut - Ctrl+J 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. How to Make Firefox Load Pages Faster: 8 Steps. Edit Article Edited by Tom Viren, Sean Hickey, Travis Derouin, Justin A. and 45 others If you have a fast connection, you can make webpages load even faster in Firefox by enabling pipelining. But if you have a slow connection, do not do this because slow connections can not handle many requests.

Normally, the browser will make one request to a web page at a time. When you enable pipelining, it will make several requests at once, which can make page loading faster. Ad Steps Tips If you have problems like slow down, pages not loading or images loading weird, just undo the tweaks in about:configYou can also run Firefox in your RAM (no reading from the HD means faster Firefox) by following this article.Resetting Firefox can also start you off fresh, by keeping your bookmarks and history, while fixing most problems. Warnings Take note that doing this can actually make certain pages run slower. The Ultimate Guide to Making Firefox Faster. If you’ve been using Firefox for a long time, you may have noticed it getting slower as time passed.

Maybe it takes a few seconds to start up or takes a bit longer loading webpages. You might start noticing that it takes a second or so to switch between tabs or that the menu option doesn’t pop up instantly. If your installation of Firefox runs slow or freezes more than you’d care for, there are a lot of different ways to speed things up a bit. In this article, I’m going to go through all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years to keep Firefox fast and efficient.

Depending on your operating system and system configuration, some tweaks might give you more of a boost than others. Note that some tweaks require changing the browser settings in about:config. Enable HTTP Cache There is a new HTTP cache option that can be enabled in Firefox, which will help reduce UI glitches and various other browser crashes.

Browser.cache.use_new_backend Refresh Firefox Enable Safe Mode Clear Cache. SpeedyFox - Boost Firefox,Skype,Chrome,Thunderbird in a Single Click! | CRYSTALIDEA Software.

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