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Lateral Thinking and Logic Puzzles. Bus Stop shenanigans. The best mind bending gif of all time~! Funniest Fat Man Instant Gym Gif | Best Gif Moments. Here Is A Ridiculously Genuine Prank To Blow Your Mind | Best Gif Moments. A boy asks her girlfriend to steal the watermelon from the supermarket. The girl denies him but after some requests she stole it. And what happened to the next… See below via tumblr and youtube. Here Are 20 Photoshopped GIFs to Make Your Day Delightful | Best Gif Moments. These short photoshopped gifs will help us to communicate, express feelings and are still downright enjoyable. These gifs will provide you endless entertainment. 1. via: mashable, imgur, reddit, tumblr.

15 Daring Acts That Completely Panned Out, #3 What A Comeback! 45 Perfectly Timed Photos. Cats Sleeping In The Weirdest Places And Positions | Exploring With Intelligence. How To Draw Your Hand In 3D | The Kid Should See This. How to make Halloween pumpkins with scary teeth How scary and realistic do faces look when you give them big teeth? YouTuber DaveHax demonstrates five pumpkin carving techniques for making your own scary and surprising Halloween Jack-o'-lanterns, including how to: ...

At-Bristol: How to make a hot air balloon What is a hot air balloon made of and how are they made? Find out as At-Bristol Science Centre's Ross Exton visits Cameron Balloons, one of the world's oldest hot air balloon manufacturers, to learn more about the mat... Journey of Two Animator and illustrator Joshua Mulligan explores his detailed, hand-drawn animation style in this dreamlike moment between two retro-futuristic friends. ExpeRimental: How to Make Balancing Sculptures Physics!

Solar Powered Classroom When Aaron Sebens started talking about renewable energy with his fourth grade class, they kept coming back to their excitement about solar power and making it a more hands-on learning experience. The amazing thing about domino chain reactions | The Kid Should See This. How To Draw Your Hand In 3D Here’s a fun, quick trick: How To Draw Your Hand In “3D”. What other things around the house or outside can you use this technique with? Related drawing vids: how to draw th... How to create chocolate out of nothing Geometry has never looked so sweet… or perplexing: Mariano Tomatis shows us how to create chocolate out of nothing.

Moser Lamps: 60 watts of free, natural light In 2002, Brazilian engineer Alfredo Moser invented a simple way to bring the sun’s light indoors: fill a clear plastic 2 liter bottle with water and two capfuls of bleach, then make a hole in the roof and secure it wi... Rebus Puzzles - IQ Test Experts. Rebus puzzles are basically little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word, phrase, or saying. important=important Answer U R YY 4 me Once upon a time (Once Up On A Time). ESROH Riding Car Explanation: CAT - T + R = CAR Be inspired (B in Spired). Row Boats for sale (ROW BOATS 4 SALE). R+R Nacl meta meta meta meta Sitting on top of the world. Bad Intention (BAD in TENTION). 1. glance 2. 3. glance 4. glance 5. glance Comfortable (Come 4 Table) Pot OOOOOOOO Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Altus Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Cumulus Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Cirrus Ag Ag Ag Ag Ag Every cloud has a silver lining. Explanation: Altus, Cumulus and Cirrus are the names of clouds and Ag is the chemical symbol for silver.

Never underestimate your enemy. Who is in charge? An + A friend in need is a friend in deed. Struggle for existence (Struggle 4 existence). Handed Steam Engine (Steam in Gene) Someone is (some ones) following me. STAND in alphabetical order. This IS The Most Epic Ad ever Made A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE. These 28 drawings that best explains what the situation is in the world | Daily Pastime. These 28 drawings that best explains what the situation is in the world by admin · May 31, 2014 Pawel Kuczynski is a Polish artist who began drawing satirical illustrations since 2004. At these illustrations is best presented the current situation in the world.

They feature satirical illustrations of today’s politicians, social media, social networking … We can say that this is true for the famous adage “A picture is worth a thousand words.” source Tags: drawingsexplainspoliticsituation is in the worldworld situation You may also like... Follow: Interesting 21 Restaurants you must visit! More. This is the best thing i've seen with a balloon ever! What you’re about to see is a hungry snake having a bit of a snack | Funny and Touching Stories. This huge snake is an olive python. It’s native to Australia… and like many other animals on that continent, it’s pretty deadly. For example: it can just eat a crocodile as a snack. What you see here is the python consuming a juvenile saltwater crocodile. After eating a meal this size, this snake probably won’t eat for months. When eating something THIS big, pythons will basically re-arrange their internal organs to make room for the food.

Their heart will increase in length to make room. Also, their intestines experience massive hypertrophy in order to pump out enough digestive enzymes to consume this meal. Whatever the snake can’t digest will be passed… eventually. That just can’t be comfortable. This is actually very similar to how I look after Thanksgiving. All done. If crocodiles can eat humans and snakes can eat crocodiles, that means if you see a huge olive python, you should probably head in the other direction. I think I’m just going to stay inside from now on.

Full Punch - Punch The Bone Into The Brain. Lucky People (18 gifs) SCHOPENHAUER'S 38 STRATAGEMS, OR 38 WAYS TO WIN AN ARGUMENT. Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), was a brilliant German philosopher. These 38 Stratagems are excerpts from "The Art of Controversy", first translated into English and published in 1896. Carry your opponent's proposition beyond its natural limits; exaggerate it. The more general your opponent's statement becomes, the more objections you can find against it. The more restricted and narrow his or her propositions remain, the easier they are to defend by him or her. Use different meanings of your opponent's words to refute his or her argument. Ignore your opponent's proposition, which was intended to refer to a particular thing. (abstracted from the book:Numerical Lists You Never Knew or Once Knew and Probably Forget, by: John Boswell and Dan Starer)

Riddles(hard) ] There are three puzzlers in the puzzle forum: A Newbie, a Senior Riddler, and an Uberpuzzler. All three are honest, but can only give answers to the best of their knowledge. Newbies are confused creatures. Until their fifteenth posts, they are only able to make random responses! * Senior Riddlers have great powers of perception, but are not yet infallible. Uberpuzzlers are omniscient beings who are your greatest allies in the Puzzle Forum!!! The Uberpuzzler can exert Influence arbitrarily often. Furthermore, an Uberpuzzler only uses his power of Influence in a very specific way. (Thus, he employs a strategy defined as a mapping f : S3 x {(T|F)*} -> {0,1}, which can be interpreted as follows: for each ordering of the puzzlers "sigma" (a permutation in S3, e.g.

Note that this is different from saying that the puzzler chooses when the Uberpuzzler applies Influence! Determine with proof the minimum number of questions which will allow you to identify which puzzler is which. 30 Brilliant Psychological Life Hacks That Successful People Have Been Using Forever. Math jokes, humor, and poetry. We're moving! I'm in the process of dismantling this joke site and migrating it over to a more accessible, easier-to-update blog.

You can check it out at Let epsilon be less than zero. However, until the move is completed, I'm keeping this archive available... but note that more and more of the links will forward you to their new home. Math jokes Humor Science, technology, and academia The analysis of contemporary music \\ Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device \\ B.S. Harmonic analysis Poetry 4:45 a.m. \\ The axes not analyzed \\ Brokenspacebar \\ Cheers! 10 Jaw-Dropping Videos Of Amazing Scientific Phenomena. Technology Life is full of wonders that most of us will never see.

From the quantum to the cosmic, there are forces at play all around us that shape and mold our world. Most of them are readily visible in day-to-day life, but underneath the veneer of reality lies a realm teeming with the twisted caricatures of familiar scientific principles. Take our hand and let’s dive deep into the dominion of the bizarre, where the natural rules of physics melt into a bubbling pool of pure, unadulterated wonder. 10 Quantum Levitation When you cool certain materials below a base temperature, they become superconductors, which conduct electricity with zero resistance.

At least it was, until the advent of high-temperature superconductors. And since that also happens to be the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, we can tap into some other bizarre traits of superconductors at room temperature, as in the above video. 9 Newton’s Beads This is a pretty simple concept, but it looks really cool in action. Top 10 Lists - Listverse.

Reading test. When a camera's shutter speed matches the rotation of a helicopter's blades. Latest Gadgets and User Electronics – Page 41. Damn wind. Viral Nova - Trending Stories and Pictures Around the Web. 29 Cool Business Cards That Are Unforgettable - Awesome Business Cards. How many business cards have you kept and remembered after meeting someone new?

A few? One? None? More than likely, you have thrown away or stored most of the business cards you were handed without giving them more thought. It would impossible to do that with these 29 business cards. They are all so delightfully creative and memorable, it’s hard to imagine them anywhere but lying on your desk or tacked to a bulletin board. 1.) JWT, Brazil 2.) 3.) 4.) Caserne 5.) 6.) Struck, USA 7.) Piko, Moldova 8.) Marked for Trade 9.) Jamie Wieck 10.) Dario Monetini 11.) OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, Brazil 12.) Michael Häne & Remo Caminada 13.) DDB, Brazil 14.) 15.) Rethink Canada 16.) Igor Perkusic 17.) Healthy People by Grey, Istanbul, Turkey 18.)

Fabio Milito design, Roma, Italy 19.) Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil 20.) Rethink, Vancouver, Canada 21.) Agency: Publicis, Brazil 22.) 23.) Flux 24.) Bos, Toronto, Canada 25.) Leo Burnett, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 26.) 27.) Leo Burnett, Shanghai, China 28.) 29.) 23 Hilarious Gifs Of Instant Karma - People Getting Instant Justice. When bad things happen to you, it’s not good to focus on getting revenge. Vengeance is a bitter, nasty thing to hold onto that can spoil your heart. That’s why we love it when bad people doing bad things get instantaneous justice. No revenge needed! These people got their comeuppance instantly… and it’s hysterical. This is what jerks get for being jerks. 1.) Ebaumsworld 2.) 3.) 4,) He’ll never try to knife someone’s tire ever again. 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 14.) 15.) 16.) 17.) 18.) 19.) 20.) 21.) 22.) 23.)

(H/T Ebaumsworld) The moral of the story is this: don’t be a bad person. Share these awesome examples of instant justice with others! Like a boss : Crazy Liver. - America's Only Humor & Video Site Since 1958. 5 Ways To Hack Your Brain Into Awesomeness. Much of the brain is still mysterious to modern science, possibly because modern science itself is using brains to analyze it. There are probably secrets the brain simply doesn't want us to know. But by no means should that stop us from tinkering around in there, using somewhat questionable and possibly dangerous techniques to make our brains do what we want.

We can't vouch for any of these, either their effectiveness or safety. All we can say is that they sound awesome, since apparently you can make your brain... #5. Think You Got a Good Night's Sleep (After Only Two Hours of Actual Sleep) So you just picked up the night shift at your local McDonald's, you have class every morning at 8am and you have no idea how you're going to make it through the day without looking like a guy straight out of Dawn of the Dead, minus the blood... hopefully. "SLEEEEEEEEEP... uh... Holy Shit! We're pretty sure Kramer did this once on Seinfeld. The best way to start it off is to just jump right in. . #4. . #3. Funny Pictures, Images & Funny Pics, Photos. Really Very Cute animals videos too.

List25 - Consistently Conciliating Curiosity.