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50 Beautiful and Creative Portfolios. Advertisement A creative and well-designed portfolio is able to attract potential clients and indirectly increase your sales.

50 Beautiful and Creative Portfolios

So, it is important for every designer to have an outstanding portfolio. So, are you in the progress of redesigning your portfolio? Here are 50 beautiful and creative portfolios that i had collected. Hopefully these portfolios are able to help you or give you some inspiration. Innspiral Moves. Innspiral Moves. Innspiral Moves. 1.Análisis de los consumidores: Desde todas las fuentes de información de la empresa, más la experiencia, Know-How y Know-Who de INNSPIRAL y su red de negocios, se plantearán hipótesis de los más relevantes “dolores” de los consumidores que podrán ser solucionados por la compañía. 2.Análisis de capacidades disponibles (Open Innovation): Nos conectamos con redes de conocimiento masivas, académicas, industriales, gremiales, etc viabilizando oportunidades a partir de nuevas capacidades desarrolladas.

Innspiral Moves. No partas de la solución…parte desde el problema/oportunidad. ¿Quiénes son los consumidores y clientes a quienes te propones crearles valor nuevo, único y de alto impacto? Elige a tu segmento de clientes y consumidores y destina tiempo y recursos a identificar y entender sus principales problemas emergentes. Comienza entendiendo las necesidades y emociones de aquellos a quiénes crearás valor. Pero no basta con comprar estudios de lo que el mercado opina o necesitará. Tienes que salir a terreno a observar, entender y descubrir. No se puede innovar sin fallar. (+99) Bienvenidos a Mi Mundo! - (Entrar bajo propio riesgo) Wire Sculpture. 35 Brilliant Resume Designs at DzineBlog.

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35 Brilliant Resume Designs at DzineBlog

We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off There is a part 2 to this post which is called 27 More Outstanding Resume Designs Part II. 12 Tips for Creating a Great Portfolio Site. Sep 15 2009 If you’re a designer, artist, or photographer, chances are you need to display your work online. And while there are sites out there that will host your portfolio for you, their solutions are often not quite what you were looking for.

Below are twelve tips for creating a better portfolio site. These suggestions apply to all kinds of portfolios, no matter what your particular artistic field. Also included are examples and a gallery of excellent portfolio sites, with what they’re doing right and what could use some improvement. 1. How To Learn Caricatures. How to Fight Plagiarism - Tips and Tools. Plagiarism is not hard to fight now that there are advanced tools and services that people can use for protection.

How to Fight Plagiarism - Tips and Tools

In this article we will talk about how to fight people who have copied your designs, bandwidth, articles, music, and everything that can be stolen. Preventing people from plagiarizing your works is another matter because it is in their discretion to do so, which is out of your control. But when the unwanted happens you should be prepared to deal with it, that’s why I wrote this article; to help you fight plagiarism with some tips and tools. The last time I checked one of my published articles on CopyScape to see if anyone copied it, it returned 8 websites. Totally plagiarized without even saying thanks to me. What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is when a person, or a group, borrows your idea or work without telling you beforehand and passing it off as theirs. Diseño Web « Creador Gráfico. The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers. 25 bancos de imágenes gratuitos « Creador Gráfico. Libro. Muestras Ejemplos Diseños De Logotipos Logos Publicitarios - Diseño De Logos Para Empresas - Diseño De Logotipos Empresariales - Creacion De Logos Y Marcas Originales - Diseño De Nuevo Logotipo Para Empresa Comercio Tienda - Actualizar Logotipos - Diseños.

La imagen y concepto de Apple. En mi opinión un logotipo siempre ha representado la esencia del diseño y la creatividad.

La imagen y concepto de Apple

Se trata de sintetizar, en apenas un golpe de vista, aquello que deseas reflejar en favor de tu empresa, proyecto, movimiento o simple idea. Fundamentos para diseñar un logo para la web. En la batalla por conseguir cuota de mercado y clientes fieles, el logotipo constituye una de esas armas que resultan esenciales.

fundamentos para diseñar un logo para la web

Establecen los cimientos sobre los que se edifica una buena identidad corporativa, sobre los que van creciendo las marcas comerciales y en los que se construye la cultura de empresa. El logotipo es el medio mas inmediato de comunicar. Es la primera impresión. 60 Mind-Blowing Hand Drawn Website Designs for Your Inspiration. Although digital arts is much appreciated and renowned in the world wide web, it’s undeniable that hand drawn sketches are equally impressive and delightful.

Using hand drawn designs as webpage backgrounds, designer portfolios and illustrator portfolios, is getting popular these days. It has that artistic and personal touch that awes people, and not to mention it surprises the viewers too. It attracts artsy people from digital, animation/cartoon, sketch, and other art fields unmentioned. Though it may be rather challenging at first, it helps when you get inspired by masters.

So in this article, I collected a bunch of very impressive and edgy hand drawn websites that would inspire you. 1.Bearskinrug 2. 3. Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs, co-founder and two-time CEO of Apple, offered his resignation to the company's board Wednesday.

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

"I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know," he wrote. "Unfortunately, that day has come. " Jobs has been in poor health for some time. In January, he announced that he would be taking a medical leave of absence from the company. He returned to the public spotlight in March to help launch the iPad 2. Jobs advised the board to "execute our succession plan" — by naming Tim Cook to replace him. 15 Frases celebres de Steve Jobs. Cinco cualidades que definieron a Steve Jobs. Es impresionante lo que la red se está moviendo durante estas horas en torno a la figura de Steve Jobs.

Cinco cualidades que definieron a Steve Jobs

Es el hombre más comentado en Twitter, motivo de múltiples conversaciones en Facebook y en cualquier otro corrillo virtual o real que se produzca durante el día. Incluso los noticiarios le han dedicado gran parte de su espacio informativo. No es para menos, ¿pero realmente conocemos a Steve Jobs? Photos. Wheel of Concept. OpenIDEO - Home.


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