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Bricklet: New property platform allows investors to spend as little as $21k on a property. Rhys Richards invested 23,000 dollars into Bricklet.

Bricklet: New property platform allows investors to spend as little as $21k on a property

Picture: David Swift Good intentioned investors keen to hack the housing market can now start their portfolio for the price of a new small car, while simultaneously supporting the affordable housing sector. How to profit as a developer post-pandemic. The Author of this article, Anton Flynn, is a development manager and strategist for FLYNN Subdivision experts based in Perth, Western Australia.

How to profit as a developer post-pandemic

He has written a 225 page guidebook, The Infill Developer: a Concise Guide to Small Lot Subdivision and Development in Western Australia, and has also put together a correlating 14 module online course on infill property development in Western Australia. For property developers, securing financing for their next project is essential- as many developers would know, this has not been an easy task in recent years. This article will explain to you the different developer finance options available, and what you need to do in order to secure the best finance solution for your property development project.

Understanding different loan types and lender policies is key to getting your project off the ground, and maximising your profit margins. Important risk factors assessed by the lender are: The tax structure set up for the development (i.e. Othalo. Adam Danyal on LinkedIn: #technology #construction #apartment. November_1999,_Lawyers_Education_Channel,_Avoiding_Hidden_Stamp_Duty_Traps_in_Transfers_of_Shares_and_Units_in_Private_Companies_and_Trusts. By James Johnson, Minter Ellison Released November 1999 Lawyers and accountants need to be wary of hidden stamp duty costs which can be triggered by transfers and other dealings in shares and units in unlisted companies and unit trust schemes.


The State Governments have agreed to abolish the 30c/$100 duty on listed marketable securities as from 1 July 2001, as a step towards the gradual reduction of stamp duties and transaction taxes by 1 July 2005. This is part of the ‘A New Tax System’ reforms which will follow the start of the 10% goods and services tax on 1 July 2000. However there are no plans for the States or Territories to abolish duty on unlisted marketable securities, other than an announcement that they will review this duty with a view to abolishing it prior to 1 July 2005. This means that the stamp duty cost of a simple transfer of unlisted marketable securities may not be just 60c/$100 of the value of the securities. 1. 1.2 Shares, etc. in trustee companies. Property Development 101:Feasibility Study Template for Property Planning.

One of my mentees recently asked me what I thought to be the single most important step in my property development process.

Property Development 101:Feasibility Study Template for Property Planning

I suspect my response, , wasn’t the flashy sound bite he was looking for, but I still stand by my answer one hundred percent. I went on to explain that the number one reason why property development projects fail is because of inadequate planning. And just as I did for him, in this article I will share with you an overview of the reasons why effective planning should be the basis for your property development project, introduce the concept of a Property Development Feasibility Study and explain how a documented plan will help you fast-track various aspects of your project. Plastic offset is here. Here's how to do it right - rePurpose. A new paradigm is entering the environmental zeitgeist, and that paradigm is plastic offset.

Plastic offset is here. Here's how to do it right - rePurpose

So what is it really, and how could it stem the global tide of plastic pollution? Put simply, for every dollar contributed by a polluter, a certain amount of plastic waste would be intercepted from the environment on your behalf as an individual or a company. All across the developing world, waste management social enterprises have popped up to provide ethical & efficient solutions to our plastic epidemic, yet they are often underfunded and left unable to scale.

Become scores $12.5M Series A for its business lending marketplace. Become, the Israeli startup that operates a business lending marketplace to give SMBs more funding options, has closed $10 million in Series A investment.

Become scores $12.5M Series A for its business lending marketplace

In addition, the company — formerly known has Lending Express — has raised $2.5 million in venture debt. The round is led by Benson Oak Ventures and Magenta Venture Partners, with participation from RIO Ventures Holdings, iAngels and Entrée Capital. The debt funding is provided by Viola Credit. Timber can be more sustainable than other building materials, but it comes with some caveats - Science News - ABC News. Timber can be a beautiful, living building material.

Timber can be more sustainable than other building materials, but it comes with some caveats - Science News - ABC News

Species like spotted gum, teak, silky oak and merbau each have their own unique strength, grain, colour and scent, and are prized for things like construction, furniture, sculpture and decking. But Interpol estimates that up to 10 per cent, or $800 million worth of timber coming into Australia each year comes from sources classified as "high risk" for illegal logging. And badly managed timber operations in Australia are destroying critical habitat for species like the Leadbeater's possum. At the same time, we are told that we need to be keeping trees in the ground to help suck rising CO2 out of the atmosphere. Thousands of owners on narrow blocks set to benefit under NSW government changes to housing code. Owners of small, narrow properties who never thought their blocks were suitable for development are set to benefit under new statewide planning laws designed to fast-track medium-density housing in NSW.

Thousands of owners on narrow blocks set to benefit under NSW government changes to housing code

Under the new medium-density housing code announced last week, duplexes, terraces and manor houses can be approved as complying developments in as little as 20 days, skipping the development application process. However also part of the new rules is that blocks now only need to be 12 metres wide for a duplex, overriding existing council rules requiring frontages to be at least 15 to 20 metres. Homes on narrow blocks may now fall under new planning rules. Most suburban homes across Sydney will be affected by the new regulations, which aim to tackle housing affordability. The changes could see thousands more humble cottages bulldozed to build duplexes, with homeowners across Sydney who sell their properties to developers set to see significant windfalls. “The planning controls have gone mad. 'Demographic tsunami' will keep Sydney, Melbourne property prices high. There's no shortage of housing forecasts but none quite like this one: rather than the key markets cooling, they are about to be hit by a demographic tsunami.

'Demographic tsunami' will keep Sydney, Melbourne property prices high

And, should that be the case, the tricky bit is that the higher demand will meet reduced supply. The consensus view is that building approvals have certainly peaked and housing construction, while still strong, is set to substantially decline. This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Beginning of dialog window. End of dialog window. The ‘Plug-in House’ costs $13,000 and takes one tool to build.

A number of skylights help illuminate the home.

The ‘Plug-in House’ costs $13,000 and takes one tool to build

Picture: People’s Architecture Office / Gao Tianxia WHILE some of us might struggle to put together a flat pack bookshelf in less than five hours, there is a firm that claims you can build its tiny house with a single tool in less than a day. Beijing firm, the People’s Architecture Office (PAO), recently showcased a “Plug-in House” it designed for a local resident who had landed in a spot of trouble with her housing situation.

The lady, known as Mrs Fan, had been living in the courtyard of her parent’s property, but was forced to reconsider her options when her small and dilapidated home became uninhabitable. Sydney homeowners face properties being reduced in value because of climate change, Climate Risk group says. Sydney's coastal homeowners face their property values being reduced, as the future risk of increasingly extreme weather events grows, a climate risk consultant says. Dr Karl Mallon, director of science and systems for Sydney-based consultants Climate Risk, said Australia's quintessential problem is that "you can build a house which is insurable tomorrow, but is wholly unsuitable 30 years down the track".

Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% What are east coast lows? Emergency one-stop app set to save lives Climate change action 'unstoppable': UN. Real estate agents from around the world jockey for attention of Chinese buyers – Domain. If they were anywhere else in Beijing, the five young women in cowboy hats and matching red, white, and blue costumes would look wildly out of place. But here at the city’s biggest international property fair — a frenetic gathering of brokers, developers and other real estate professionals all jockeying for the attention of Chinese buyers – the quintet of wannabe Texans fits right in. As they promote Houston townhouses (“Yours for as little as $350,000!”) , a Portugal contingent touts its Golden Visa program and the Australian delegation lures passersby with stuffed kangaroos.

Welcome to ground zero for the world’s largest cross-border residential property boom. Motivated by a weakening yuan, surging domestic housing costs and the desire to secure offshore footholds, Chinese citizens are snapping up overseas homes at an accelerating pace. Busted: Six myths about Chinese property buyers. Chinese buyers have taken centre stage on Australia’s property scene following an exponential surge in real estate investment from offshore markets. China is by far the biggest foreign buyer of residential and commercial property, proposing $24.3 billion of spend in 2014-15 – more than triple the United States and six times the outlay from Singapore, the Foreign Investment Review Board annual reports shows. This is a giant leap, considering the value of China’s proposed investment was behind the United States and Singapore in 2011-12 – at just $4.2 billion. Some experts tip India will be the next major player in Australian real estate.

Australian first home buyers and Chinese investors are unlikely to compete for the same property. Photo: Alistair Walsh. How much does a kitchen cost? How much does a kitchen cost? Ask a kitchen designer that question and they are likely to think, “How much do you want to spend?” Though they’ll put it more politely and show you your options. A better question might be: “What is the range of costs for a new kitchen?” This way, you can buy a kitchen that fits the area you have to cover and your budget, too. Designer Tobias Fraenzel’s awesome door doubles as a ping-pong table. Got a house full of bored teenagers? Need some budget entertainment in your cramped sharehouse? Then this door designed by Tobias Fraenzel could be the door for you.

‘The Ping Pong Door’ –a fully-functioning door which doubles as a ping-pong table (pretty self-explanatory, right?) The SmartSlab dining table can cook food, chill drinks and charge your phone. Dining tables are hot spots in the home. They’re used for eating meals, gathering friends and family together, and, at times, even as makeshift desks. The bunker house with a window in each room. This unassuming shed located on a 1.7 hectare property in Phoenix, Arizona may not look out of the ordinary, but it’s hiding something.

The real point of high speed rail: property development. Where To Find A Bargain Beach House In Australia. It’s the great Aussie dream – a place to call your own near the water. Rule Change Puts Property Developers' Plans in Limbo. Mike Baird unveils details of $1.1 billion affordable housing fund. Why a property crash in Australia could totally screw up our economy. The Great Australian Dream. Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Home Improvement. Neighbourhoods: Lindfield. Nearly 80 per cent of all homes in this upper north shore suburb are occupied by families. Lindfield is a popular family-oriented suburb on the upper north shore with nearly 80 per cent of all residences occupied by families.

More than 40 per cent of homes have four or more bedrooms and the suburb is home to several schools including Holy Family and Newington Preparatory as well as being within the Killara high school catchment. Transferring Property – The New Rules You Need to Know. There are many things to think about when looking to buy or sell property, but have you considered the process of changing ownership of the land title? Fast growing towns: Toowoomba. This fast growing city of 157,000, 130 kilometres west of Brisbane is one for investors to watch. While many regional centres decry the lack of opportunities, that doesn’t wash in Toowoomba. You can see the “T-Bar spirit” on display at its spanking new airport, which opened to QantasLink flights last year.

Building Supertowns: Going Regional. Despite the size of our country and the prevailing romance of the bush, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics we’re a very urbanised country. 8 signs a suburb is about to surge in value. Metro rail: Twenty-storey apartment towers proposed for north-west suburbs. Slowing market triggers the highest rate of auction withdrawals in years. Aussie property crowd-funding. New rules give neighbours bargaining power. Chinese developer wants to bring large-scale residential estates to Australia.

A view or some dirt? Lifestyle choices define the new split in property buying. Virtual reality app allows buyers to walk through an apartment before it's built. China's rich snub new Australian stocks-for-visa program. How To Choose A Great Sofa. Falling house prices in Sydney and Melbourne: Why we should invest in business instead. The Japanese innovation that lets you stay in bed all day. Don’t fear boarding houses: they’re probably not what you think. Property News – Are moveable walls IKEA's best hack yet? Amazing skylight window that transforms into a balcony. In the zone: Insider trading rife in land rezoning racket. What is the property cycle and why does it matter? Capital city prices grow 4.7 per cent over June quarter. Cherie Barber fails to sell Leichhardt renovation project at auction.

Google Earth Sydney and NSW property sales data is now available. Explainer: Why the interest rate decision by the US central bank is one of its most important ever. Download a sustainable home from the government, save $10,000. Buy Australian Properties Corporation - Investing with Integrity. Why ordinary Australians are investing in commercial property. Plying Development Code / Certifiate: Sydney Architects. Foreign students set to power housing. Queensland is the new hot spot for Chinese buyers, according to New Zealander builds high-tech, solar-powered retreat for $68,000.

The suburbs where unit buyers most want to live. China doubles down on Australian real estate. HomeStart wants Commonwealth to roll out national lending scheme for first home buyers. Don’t buy into housing bubble ‘bulls**t’, says property tycoon Nathan Birch. Melbourne suburbs property packages China-style: house, land and a visa. GFC was ‘merely the beginning of the end’: What do you do when the iceberg hits? Sydney's property 'bubble' hits city fringe. Solution to housing affordability staring politicians in the face. Connected developers get favourable treatment.

Stricter loans to cool property market. Sydney's skyrocketing house prices are worrying, but Chinese buyers aren't to blame. One sector of the regional property market is really starting to bounce back, according to CoreLogic RP Data. The suburbs where everyone is buying property. Will housing bubble pop in 2017? Chinese developer made secret bid to NSW government for Sydney Fish Market. The rise of Parramatta: 'Once in a lifetime opportunity' Money laundering burden yet to hit property market. ATO hunts down foreign buyers of residential property breaking the law.

Chinese property investment through the roof: What it really means. Apartment boom has years to run, developers say. China's $60 billion Australian property splurge. What you need to know about GST and commercial property - Domain Blog. Sydney housing affordability worsens despite low rates. Sydney's 38-square-metre family home shows importance of clever design. You can buy an apartment in Rozelle or ... Buyers caught in $5 million first home rort. Mercial investing 101 - Domain Blog.

Timber and tile buying guide - Flooring - CHOICE. One in three rich people and private companies targeted by ATO. Finding a season-proof home - Domain Blog. Inside the complex world of John McGrath. Brickwork and blockwork. Overseas-born investors buying up in Australia prompts new website that compares local home loans in Mandarin. First home buyers guide: Stamp duty - Domain Blog. Living solo in Sydney: successful women and lonely men. The changing face of the Australian share house. 7 landscaping tips to increase your property’s value - Domain Blog.

Is this Italian apartment building the world's biggest tree house? Real estate ‘crowd-funding‘ promises property investment for just $100. The affordable housing solution that actually works.