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Top Ten Tips for getting settled in Spain. Whatever your reason for moving to Spain, here are a few golden tips to help you ease you into your new environment and to keep you in touch with your friends and family back home.

Top Ten Tips for getting settled in Spain

The pre-move is often fraught with worry and concern, plus you have to contend with all the practicalities of moving and the feeling that you are leaving everyone behind, but really this doesn’t have to be the case… please read on: 1. BEFORE YOU MOVE. It’s really useful to spend some time on the internet searching expat sites and associations in the area you will be moving to. Spain Google Satellite Maps. Original name: Castillo de Locubíngeographical location: Jaen, Andalucia, Spain, Europegeographical coordinates: 37° 32' 0" North, 3° 56' 0" West detailed map of Castillo de Locubin and near places Welcome to the Castillo de Locubin google satellite map!

Spain Google Satellite Maps

Vueling. 2 Bed Apartment for sale in Marbella, Malaga, Spain - AP1491328. Spain - Owning or Keeping a Car in Spain. One of the important decisions to make when moving to Spain is what do with your car.

Spain - Owning or Keeping a Car in Spain

Is it worth taking over and registering it over there or should you sell it and buy another in Spain? There are several things to bear in mind: 1. Your British car will be a right-hand drive vehicle. Spanish motorists drive left-hand drive cars which are easier for overtaking and generally for driving on the right. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 3 Bed House for sale in Fuente Álamo, Murcia, Spain - AP1464047. Property in Spain. Spain - Furnishing your Spanish home. I know it’s tempting to bring everything with you to Spain, but honestly, don’t!

Spain - Furnishing your Spanish home

Things that look lovely and complement the style of your home in the UK may look quite out of place in your new home and then you will have to sell them or give them away. The brocade sofa that has been so comfortable for years just won’t look right in a Spanish house, nor is it worth paying to have basic items carried over - such as flatpack bookcases, side tables, most furniture, (unless antique).

On the other hand, if you have some good rugs, they will be useful as Spanish homes mostly have tiled floors or maybe wooden floors, not a carpet to be seen. Modern properties in Spain tend to have small bedrooms compared to those in the UK but with fitted wardrobes, well equipped bathrooms and kitchens and nowadays double glazing, especially in the north of the country. Fridges and freezers do not move well, so leave them behind and buy new in Spain.

YESTESPAIN,spanish finca,castles in spain,eco holiday,RIKYANDNINA. Glamping Spain. Get a free quote for a motor green card. The simple way to keep a car overseas As an overseas homeowner, are you pondering how to keep a British car there as your holiday run around?

Get a free quote for a motor green card

Or are you about to spend an extended period overseas, perhaps with the view to relocating, and want to take your car with you? If either of the above applies to you, we’ve found an easy way to insure your British car overseas for a whole year, rather than the limiting 90 days typically offered by UK insurers. Green Card Motor insurance is a UK-based insurance product designed exclusively for insuring UK-registered cars that are kept overseas. The policy also includes cover in the UK for up to 28 days a year, if required. The true cost of emigration: ten top expenses to factor in - A Place in the Sun. Many of you will be dreaming of a new life abroad with endless days of sunshine, numerous rounds of golf – and much smaller council tax bills.

The true cost of emigration: ten top expenses to factor in - A Place in the Sun

But moving to another country is a serious endeavour and one that can't be taken lightly. Not only are there all sorts of practical and lifestyle considerations but finance is a big area that involves more than the price of a pint of beer, cup of coffee or other daily expenses. With this in mind, looked into some of the key expenses involved that might not immediately be apparent to those looking to begin a new life in a different country. 1.

Visa costs - These are wide and varied depending on the country that you're looking to move to and one of the main expenses to bear in mind, as they can run into the £1,000's. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


Sayalonga country house to buy. Colmenar country house for sale. Featured properties € 499,000Finca Malaga € 450,000Finca Malaga € 1,980,000Villa Malaga Ref: 606 4 beds | 2 baths | Pool Lovely Original Spanish Finca with 6000 sq mtrs of land and spectacular views.

Colmenar country house for sale

Ref: 604 6 beds | 5 baths | Pool This property is quite exceptional and offers a variety of unique opportunities. Ref: Cortijo De Mala. Olvera Townhouse For sale. Olvera Townhouse For sale. Pruna Townhouse For sale. Oria village house for sale. Oria village house for sale. Spain Buying Guide expert advice on buying property in Spain. Who we are : country properties in andalucia,inland spain at the costa del sol. We are sure to have the perfect property for you; this is assured by our growing portfolio of properties.

Who we are : country properties in andalucia,inland spain at the costa del sol

This portfolio is being updated on a daily basis, and is accessible 24/7/365 through our multi-lingual web-site . Kingsway Estates, Costa del Sol Spain. Benalmadena Costa commercial property to buy. Cabopino commercial property to buy. Featured properties € 950,000Commercial Alicante € 450,000Villa Alicante € 845,000Villa Malaga Ref: C1321A This Building is for sale or for rent with a total of 884m2, located in a prime location front to the road N-340 where more than 3.000 vehicles pass by every hour this comm...

Cabopino commercial property to buy

Comprehensive information and resources - Cabopino commercial property and businesses.