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David Wilcock Talks About Russian Pyramid Research. Ciência - Arqueólogo suíço descobre templos no Sudão com arquitetura desconhecida. Três templos descobertos por Charles Bonnet têm milhares de anos e são redondos, contrastando com a forma quadrangular ou retangular típica da zona Um arqueólogo suíço descobriu no Sudão três templos com milhares de anos, conservados debaixo do solo, que revelaram uma forma de construção até agora desconhecida na região.

Ciência - Arqueólogo suíço descobre templos no Sudão com arquitetura desconhecida

As estruturas descobertas por Charles Bonnet datam de entre 2000 a 1500 antes de Cristo e foram descobertas no norte do país africano, afirmou o arqueólogo de 83 anos à agência France Presse. Os templos são redondos, em contraste com a forma quadrangular ou retangular típica de descobertas feitas na zona, junto de Kerma, antiga cidade do reino núbio, uma das mais antigas civilizações africanas, que ocupava a região que é hoje o sul do Egito e o norte do Sudão. "Esta arquitetura é desconhecida. Não há outros exemplos na África central ou no vale do Nilo", afirmou, reforçando que se trata de algo "completamente novo". MAN CAUGHT IN CCTV GOING THROUGH WALL. SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. Dad sets camera to see what's scaring his little girl. Notícias ao Minuto - Planeta gigante colidirá com a Terra em outubro, diz nova teoria. Uma nova teoria da conspiração a circular pelas redes sociais refere que um planeta vindo de fora do Sistema Solar está em trajetória de colisão com a Terra, com o momento que deverá resultar na destruição do nosso planeta a estar previsto para outubro deste ano.

Notícias ao Minuto - Planeta gigante colidirá com a Terra em outubro, diz nova teoria

A teoria começou a ser disseminada por via do livro ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’, de David Meade. Diz o Daily Mirror que este planeta virá a acompanhar uma estrela juntamente com seis outros planetas, com a referida teoria a indicar que será o Nibiru a colidir com a Terra. Uk.businessinsider. Great Pyramid might be hiding 2 chambers. Eerie Goblin Creature Caught on Tape? Viral - Um telemóvel com 800 anos? Esta é a última das teorias da conspiração - Media. Imagens do "aparelho", um modelo em barro semelhante a um telemóvel dos dias de hoje, estão a correr a Internet Uma "descoberta sensacional", garantem os vários fóruns online que se dedicam às chamadas teorias da conspiração.

Viral - Um telemóvel com 800 anos? Esta é a última das teorias da conspiração - Media

Referem-se a um objeto em barro que, alegadamente, foi descoberto na Áustria durante uma escavação arqueológica e que se assemelha a um telemóvel dos dias que correm, mas que terá mais de 800 anos. Segundo o jornal britânico Express, no "telemóvel" são visíveis as teclas gravadas a escrita cuneiforme, que remonta aos sumérios e foi desenvolvida em 3500 A.C, tendo sido um dos primeiros sistemas de escrita no mundo. Facebook users solve mystery of 'ancient' relic unearthed in Jerusalem. Israel’s Antiquities Authority says Facebook users have solved the mystery of a gilded object thought to have been an ancient Jewish relic.

Facebook users solve mystery of 'ancient' relic unearthed in Jerusalem

But far from being a rare historical artefact, the sabre turned out to be a modern device claimed by New Age advocates to be an “energy healer”. Amir Ganor, the authority’s director of theft prevention, says police alerted his office six months ago to a gold sceptre with seven grooves found in a Jerusalem cemetery. It was discovered by a groundskeeper, who initially called the police, fearing it was an explosive device.

Astronauta diz que existe vida extraterrestre. Ex-Gerente da NASA quebra o silencio e diz: ''Bases alienígenas, naves e estruturas gigantes foi o que encontramos lá'' ~ Sempre Questione - Últimas noticias, Ufologia, Nova Ordem Mundial, Ciência, Religião e mais. Múmia de rapaz Inca revela linhagem desconhecida. Trata-se de uma múmia de uma criança de sete anos, encontrada em 1985, no monte Aconcágua, onde agora é a Argentina.

Múmia de rapaz Inca revela linhagem desconhecida

Newly Discovered Object Revives Speculation of Planet X. Vast Underground River System Discovered In the Western Sahara. NASA releases images of enormous 8,000-year-old patterns. New satellite images from NASA have revealed unusual, massive patterns on the Earth’s surface.

NASA releases images of enormous 8,000-year-old patterns

The geometric shapes are located in Kazakhstan, and are estimated to be up to 8,000 years old. Log into Facebook. Egypt's Minister of Antiquities reveals to Ahram Online details of 'Scan Pyramids' project - Ancient Egypt - Heritage. Nevine El-Aref , Monday 19 Oct 2015 King Senefru's bent pyramid at Dahshur.

Egypt's Minister of Antiquities reveals to Ahram Online details of 'Scan Pyramids' project - Ancient Egypt - Heritage

Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera by Big Horn Mountains. Gorgeous Northern Lights. Drought uncovers 400-year-old church in Mexican reservoir (VIDEO) The relics of a 400-year-old church built by Spanish colonizers have been discovered at the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir in southern Mexico as water levels in the Grijalba River, in the state of Chiapas, dropped by almost 25 meters due to a lack of rain.

Drought uncovers 400-year-old church in Mexican reservoir (VIDEO)

The building, which is known as the Temple of Santiago, as well as the Temple of Quechula, is roofless, over 60 meters in length, and has walls as high as 10 meters. It was abandoned in the 16th century due to “the big plagues of 1773 to 1776,” local architect Carlos Navarrete told ITV. The church was originally submerged after a dam was built, which flooded the surrounding area and formed the reservoir. However, during times of extreme drought, the former place of worship has become visible, with fishermen even taking interested passengers on their boats to getting a closer glimpse of the ancient relics. The church first became briefly visible in 1966, while in 2002, the water level was so low that locals could even walk inside the church.

Há uma estátua de Buda em Marte? Mysterious CITY FLOATING in SKY Over China - Project BLUE BEAM ? Biblical city of Sodom finally uncovered in Jordan Valley? Not so destroyed after all, Sodom appears to have been uncovered by US archaeologists in southern Jordan.

Biblical city of Sodom finally uncovered in Jordan Valley?

The city, which - together with Gomorrah - is traditionally associated with vice, was supposed to be condemned to a fiery death by God for their sins. Shaolin monk runs atop water for 125 meters, sets new record. 'Comboio fantasma' com ouro Nazi pode ter sido encontrado na Polónia. Massive prehistoric monolith found at bottom of Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists discover giant prehistoric monolith at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Movies are white, movies are straight, movies are young, and movies are male, confirms a study released today by the Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Archaeologists discover giant prehistoric monolith at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea

Researchers looked at 700 of the top grossing films released in the United States between 2007 and 2014 and found some utterly depressing stats concerning the representation of women and minorities. Russia on the Road to Triumph! With Vladimir Putin back in full power in Russia we can expect tough dealing with the United States and other Western powers. Already we see him adopting a strong position on Syria and on Iraq. We shall see a difficult time ahead for Western Europe, and we expect to see Europe chained. Indeed the process of economic break-up now taking place can only lead to Russia's rise to dominance.

The Prophecy of the Vilna Gaon: “When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, the ‘Times of the Messiah’ have started, that his steps are being heard” - Destination Yisra'el. Jewish Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna, Rabbi Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman (1720-1797) known as the Gra, or the “Vilna Gaon” It was in the year of 1720 that a young prodigy and genius was born. The Gaon (Hebrew for “genius”), Rabbi Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman was to become the most influential Jewish leader in modern history. He would be known as the most renowned Ashkenazi Torah authority in the past thousand years. His vast skills in memorization, his extraordinary talents, great wisdom and his comprehension of all branches of Torah and secular knowledge were early recognized.

By the age of seven, he gave his first public discourse on the Torah demonstrating an intellect that was fully developed to abstract thinking as an adult. PLANETARY - Teaser. WOW! Secrets In Nearly 2,000-Year-Old Scrolls Unlocked by New 3D Technology. Scientists Believe They Have Discovered a New Species of Cannabis in the Australian Mountains. Vírus recém descoberto infeta entre 50 a 75 das pessoas. Another 'Blood Red River' Mysteriously Appears Overnight In China! Water reserves in western US being drained underground – NASA study. 2014 Meteor Shower:Delta Aquarids Peak on July 28 and 29.

Mario Savio, Berkeley Dec. 2, 1964. Coordinated, Depraved, SATANIC Insanity. 11:11 – Have You Been Seeing These Numbers Everywhere? Giant Waves Reveal Surprising True Size of Sun's Atmosphere! News In Two Minutes - Missile Defense - Mysterious Structure - Unknown Disease - Asian Unrest. Huge sinkhole near World Cup stadium. ‘Unprecedented’: 13 aircraft mysteriously disappear from radars in heart of Europe. 8 Reasons Why The 2014 FIFA World Cup In Brazil Could Be A Complete Disaster. Ready or not, the 2014 FIFA World Cup begins on June 12, but host nation Brazil will face intense scrutiny from those who believe that this year’s event will be a disaster. National teams and soccer fans from around the globe will travel to Brazil's 12 host cities to participate in the international tournament.

An estimated one billion people will watch the World Cup's opening match, with 500,000 more expected to descend upon Brazil to observe the games in person. Despite the World Cup's international popularity, the event remains a divisive issue among Brazilians themselves. A recent poll found that 72 percent are dissatisfied with their country's current state, a mindset exacerbated by the government's decision to spend billions of dollars to host a soccer tournament rather than to address the nation's myriad domestic problems. NEW WORLD ORDER Agenda Is In Full Force - Its Time To Wake Up. Ancient Greek sculpture depicting a.... laptop??? Are You Prepared for the Apocalypse? New Japanese Invention. Space Junk: Debris threatens exploration ambitions. ALERT Big Event Coming: Two Stations On Orange Alert At Yellowstone National Park.

Solar Roadways Speech. Bilderberg 2014: "Conspiracy Theorists Were Right" News In Two Minutes - Muslim Clashes - Chinese Stimulus - Teleportation - Ebola - Survival News. US Radiation Rising - A Lot of People Are In A LOT Of Trouble. Biblical! Turkey Just Stopped the Flow of the Euphrates River! The 85 Richest People On Earth, Have As Much Wealth As The 3.5 Billion Poorest! Wi-Fi Now Available On The Moon. How Much Does it Cost? Who Is Getting It? New study shows world is on the brink of sixth great extinction. WASHINGTON — Species of plants and animals are becoming extinct at least 1,000 times faster than they did before humans arrived on the scene, and the world is on the brink of a sixth great extinction, a new study says.

The study looks at past and present rates of extinction and finds a lower rate in the past than scientists had thought. Species are now disappearing from Earth about 10 times faster than biologists had believed, said the study’s lead author, biologist Stuart Pimm of Duke University. “We are on the verge of the sixth extinction,” Pimm said from research at the Dry Tortugas. “Whether we avoid it or not will depend on our actions.” The work, published Thursday by the journal Science, was hailed as a landmark study by outside experts. Pimm’s study focused on the rate, not the number, of species disappearing from Earth. Japan building giant ice wall at Fukushima after all as TEPCO gets go ahead. Vaccine dangers: The facts don't lie - Baby caught by man after falling from second storey window. NASA Say's Big "Particles" Coming: Weekend Meteor Shower Will Pelt the Moon Too! Yes, of course HAARP can control the weather.

Anna Breytenbach 2013. The Sinking Ship and Rising Phoenix. 2014 BRAZIL WORLD CUP RIOTS - Anti World Cup Protests Spread Across Brazil. BRAZIL Unveils ROBOCOP Suit to Protect ELITE POLICE during 2014 BRAZIL WORLD CUP. Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose Their Satanic Rituals. Last month I was reporting that Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Church of England will be prosecut... Last month I was reporting that Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Church of England will be prosecuted for child trafficking and genocide. The Queen of England was already found guilty by a previous trial. Here is how the trial is unfolding: This article was based on today's exclusive interview with Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State on this week's litigation in the Brussels Common Law Court of Justice.

Five judges and 27 jury members from six countries including the USA, considered evidence on over 50,000 missing Canadian, US, Argentine and European children who were suspected victims of an international child sacrificial cult referred to as the Ninth Circle. Two adolescent women claimed that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices. Confirmed: DNA From Genetically Modified Crops Are Transferred Into Humans Who Eat Them. In a new study published in the peer reviewed Public Library of Science (PLOS), researchers emphasize that there is sufficient evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments carry complete genes that can enter into the human circulation system through an unknown mechanism. (0) It’s interesting to ponder if the scientists at these biotech corporations have already identified this method?

In one of the blood samples the relative concentration of plant DNA is higher than the human DNA. The study was based on the analysis of over 1000 human samples from four independent studies. PLOS is an open access, well respected peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers primary research from disciplines within science and medicine. Skull clue to exodus from Africa.

28 January 2015Last updated at 14:43 ET By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website The individual lived close to the time when modern human migrants interbred with Neanderthals An ancient skull discovered in Israel could shed light on the migration of modern humans out of Africa some 60,000 years ago. This migration led to the colonisation of the entire planet by our species, as well as the extinction of other human groups such as the Neanderthals. Iceland Volcano Shows Signs of Catastrophic Event! Gematria of the Blood Moons and Hanukkah 2014. 'CLIMATE CHAOS' IN 2015: Strange Events/Apocalyptic Sounds Increasing Around The World (2014-15) Oct. 20, 2014. Remains of Alexander the Great's Father Confirmed Found. Enorme Grieta se abre en México. Ciência. Equipa de cientista português. Siberian crater mystery deepens as two NEW holes appear. Graham Hancock Breaks the Set on TED Censorship, Lost Civilizations & War on Consciousness.

More mystery holes appear in Earth’s crust. Text smaller Text bigger. Sun goes spotless, baffling scientists. Confirmation from russian's archives! Nibiru is coming at the end of 2013. Biblical Prophecy is Happening NOW 2014-2015. Road 'Melts,'in Yellowstone Park Sign of Possible Super-volcano Eruption? Fatalities, Vehicles Crushed As Bridge Collapses In World Cup Host City! RAW Footage! Crazy! Mother and Son Drive Into Sinkhole, Truck Runs Over Them! 2014 Warning Cataclysmic Pole Shift & Mass Extinction Apocalypse Imminent Are You Prepared. Magnetic Pole-Shift Sun, Earth, Ice Age? Check out Graham Hancock. Strange Sounds & Explosions Worldwide. WORLDWIDE END TIMES SIGNS MAY 1ST - 31ST 2014 - SINKHOLES, MASS ANIMAL DEATHS, FLOODS, VOLCANOES.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WEATHER ? - JUNE 2014. Extreme Weather : Birth Pang Weather Events from different areas of the World (May 21, 2014) Yellowstone Eruption Alert Yellow/Orange Cover-up: Greed. 2014 WHAT IS GOING ON? (Strange Weather Phenomenon) HEAVENLY SIGNS: SOLAR ECLIPSE & BLOOD MOON TETRAD. Something Is Going On - Strange Weather Around The World 2014. UNPRECEDENTED EVENTS - MAY 25 2014 CONNECTION. Historic Floods : Worst Flooding in more than a Century hits Eastern Europe May 19, 2014. Proof of Magnetic Pole Flip Coming: Things you Can See Now!