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Sorry for the late update everyone! Special thanks to Max Sinclair for taking the time to dump his synth firmware and sharing with us while servicing his equipment! Also, a few older dumps were submitted to me without information, so no credit was given. To correct this, the following dump were all dumped and originally shared by Aleksander Härmas. Thanks Aleks! Yamaha FS1R v1.20, Roland MKS-70 v1.08, Korg Wavestation 1.25, JD990 V1.05 and Roland D550 v1.02. Cigar Box Guitar Emporium. Palmer FAB 5 Röhre Tube E-Gitarren Combo Made in Germany NEU NEW. J h.

Palmer FAB 5 Röhre Tube E-Gitarren Combo Made in Germany NEU NEW

FAB5 - Palmer FAB5 - Audiofanzine. Le Palmer FAB 5 est un petit ampli à lampes trés pratique, typé vintage.

FAB5 - Palmer FAB5 - Audiofanzine

Sa qualité est proche du Palmer Drei, sur le canal 6V6, j'ai eu les deux au même moment et j'ai pu comparer. Zoom Multi Stomp MS-70 CDR. Alexander Pedals Super Radical Delay - Fuzz Monster. The Super Radical Delay takes everything we love about the 80s and pumps up the volume.

Alexander Pedals Super Radical Delay - Fuzz Monster

It’s like ALF, Peter Venkman and Undead Michael Jackson hijacked the A-Team Van for an Excellent Adventure with Iceman Val Kilmer — all to a soundtrack of Bon Jovi and that song from Dirty Dancing. Strap in. It’s about to get bodacious. Bypass / Preset – Tap to bypass the pedal, hold down to select the next preset. - a leading European retailer of fine effects pedals. Fuzz Monster - European online store for boutique guitar effects pedals. Filth factory Fuzz - five knobbed germanium fuzz kit with board-mounted pots. Take a Fuzz Face, mess around on the bench, add some pots and a sprinkling of crazy dust and you have this beast.

filth factory Fuzz - five knobbed germanium fuzz kit with board-mounted pots

Classic, noisy five-knobbed fuzz box with stability, compression, gate, drive and volume controls. The fuzz comes from a pair of specially selected germanium cans which can produce tame, soothing fuzz tones or veer off into wild oscillations and gated madness with the twist of a knob or two. Most builds have fiddly off-board pot wiring. This version of the kit has board-mounted pots for minimal wiring and easy enclosure mounting. If you want to do your own control layout or install in a guitar you should take a look at the wired pot version. Pot spacing is 21mm, so please take that into account when choosing knobs. Into the Unknown - Guitar Synth kit, 39,00 € The Into the Unknown 2.0 is a CMOS based fuzz based around the CD4046 PLL (phase locked loop) chip and a CD4015 shift register chip.

Into the Unknown - Guitar Synth kit, 39,00 €

It can do brutal fuzz, octave down and octave up, self oscillations, theremin sounds, flanger like modulation and more! The 3PDT board is included in the kit! This circuit works best with high output pickups. It is a gated circuit by nature of COMS technology If you are using single coils and need more sustain, try a boost or compressor in front. To tighten up the octave tracking, use your neck pickup with the tone rolled off. Intotheunknown -  PARASIT STUDIO. Dadamachines: music machines for everyone! by Johannes Lohbihler. Risks and challenges Over the last 3 years, working on the automat toolkit – we have gone through several iterations of the electronics.

dadamachines: music machines for everyone! by Johannes Lohbihler

They have been tested in real life environments - in workshops, in the studio, on tour and in installations. We have worked on DFM - Design for Manufacturing with our partners. All key components like cases, cables and motors have been ordered in sample batches to make sure they meet our specifications. We care about local manufacturing as it allows us to make a better product. We already have done pretests for the acquisition of the necessary CE and FCC markings, but need to be fully funded to pay for this expensive tests. We will give regular updates here on Kickstarter and we will make sure we let our backers know when things change in the process. All dadamachines products are proudly designed and engineered in Berlin, Germany.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter. Fame Spaceboard 80. Topseller!

Fame Spaceboard 80

We are happy to help you! The Fame Spaceboard 40 is a pedalboard designed to hold up to eight effects pedals and comes with a padded gig bag. The Fame Sp... Rainger FX - Deep Space Pulsar. Hologram - Dream Sequence. Hologram - Infinite Jets. Syntax Error — Alexander. Neo Series: The sonic scientists at Alexander Pedals have been working overtime to cram the most pedal into the smallest box, and we now present the Neo Series!

Syntax Error — Alexander

Each Neo Series pedal incorporates an advanced 32-bit microcontroller adding presets, expression, and MIDI capability. Controls: Sample (Bonus): Adjusts the sampling rate of the audio computer system. Chase Bliss - Wombtone mkII. JHS Pedals Colour Box Review – Best “Neve 1073” Preamp Pedal? Fairfield Circuitry - Shallow Water. CV Max Tweaker Swash. CV Max Tweaker Swash Basic features.

CV Max Tweaker Swash

JBL LSR310S aktiver 10" Subwoofer. JBL LSR30 + MSI Speaker Pads - Set. Tous mes amis sont des Machines Beat / / 4 x 2 passif Mini. DigdugDIY » /// Devices. /// Devices • click pictures for more info on each device ¬ • devices available for sale @ MEET - digdugDIY. Cooper FX - Outward. FIELD KIT - Electroacoustic Workstation by KOMA Elektronik GmbH. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched Everything Categories. Snazzy FX Tracer City(out of production) - Boutique Pedal NYC. If you are a DJ, producer, sound designer, keyboard player, bassist, or a guitarist in a band; if you are looking for one piece of original analog hardware to transform your creative setup - the TRACER CITY is the box.

SNAZZY FX designed the TRACER CITY to provide a whole range of new textures, from envelope follower effects to filtered tremolo, from aggressive filter sweeps and subtle coloration, all the way on through completely bizarre tones which have little to do with the incoming signal. This box is made to suit your musical personality with enormous room to grow. Featuring a true analog multi-mode resonant filter and powered by Synth level power rails, the TRACER CITY is perfect for tweaking drum loops or live drums, synths, bass, field recordings, or anything else you feel like putting through it.

TRACER CITY has the ability to handle line or guitar levels and enough gain to drive the signal into smooth overdrive. "In Harmony" - Voice Box Video by Nataly and Jack - Vocal Harmony Machine/ Vocoder. Electro-Harmonix Stereo Talking Machine demo by Bill Ruppert. EHX Good Vibes Modulator. Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork. Catalinbread - CSIDMAN Glitch/Stutter Delay. Yes, it’s digital. did I stutter? I see technology as the optimistic push through the limitations of existing paradigms: limitations in materials, processes, functionality, cost, and foresight.

With each spearhead of technology, the limitations of incumbents are resolved. All too often, a slew of new issues are introduced that the marketplace is willing to overlook, at least for a short period of time. It isn’t too long before the marketplace demands better, and is willing to abandon the past and pay for the next-generation solution.

Within a period of 125 years we’ve seen the evolution of recorded media go from wax cylinder phonograph, to tape, to digital. Somewhere along the way, creatives exploit and embrace the way that limitations of technologies impose themselves. Boredbrain - The Patchulator 8000 8-Channel Mini Patchbay. Sonic Potions. The LXR is a full fledged digital drum machine with integrated sequencer. Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak. It can produce a wide variety of sounds, ranging from classic analogue emulations to crunchy digital mayhem. On the first look the sequencer seems to be your basic, off the shelf 16 step sequencer. Electro-Harmonix H.O.G.2 Demo.

Hyve Touch Synth: Make the future of musical expression by Skot Wiedmann. Kickstarter. Dr. Scientist - BitQuest - Andere Pedale - Effektgeräte. The Dr.Scientist BitQuest! This pedal has been well over a year in the making, I had to learn a whole new programming language to make it, (Spin FV-1 based) and it's really weird and fun. The BitQuest is a simple multi-effect pedal, no menus or presets, but it has 8 different weird and cool effects and enough control to be quite powerful. This is a really experimental and creative pedal, full of adventurous sounds. Here's the features: - 8 custom designed effect patches: Flanger, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Bit Crusher with Sample Rate Reducer, Infinite Reverb, Notch Filter, Ring Modulator, +/- 1 Octave Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer, 1 Second Digital Delay. - 2 modes of operation, Clean and Dirty.

. - Analog controls include clean blend, volume for wet signal, tone for wet signal, plus 3 digital controls for the effects. Charlie Foxtrot - The Effect Factory. Harmonic Decoder / Sunsine Audio. The Harmonic Decoder can sound like a fuzz, an octave/harmony pedal, a filter/wah, a complex waveshaper or some crazy bent 8 bit glitch box but all of it’s effects are derived from an analog VCO, a phase detector, and a simple filter in an arrangement known as a Phase Lock Loop. At the heart of the Harmonic Decoder is a true single oscillator analog synthesizer.

It effectively resynthesizes any signal delivered at the input, providing extreme waveshaping and harmonic effects in the analog domain. The frequency of the VCO can be modulated either by the internal envelope follower or via the external control voltage input. Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Device Analog VCO Envelope Follower External Control Voltage Input (1/8 inch) Accepts any 2.1mm 9 Volt Negative Pin DC Adapter (not included) High Quality Components Rugged Aluminium Knobs and Enclosure All Analog Signal Path True Bypass Numbered, Signed, Dated One Year Electronics Warranty Hand made in the USA.

Dr. Scientist. Eventide Space Effects Pedal. Lavry Engineering. Top 20 Best Compressors Of All Time. Teenage engineering – start. Platine Vinyle Audiophile - Platine vinyles. Platines vinyle Hi-Fi Thorens TD-190-2 sur Son. Cleaning a Record with Wood Glue. Analog Rules!!! Pro-Audio Parts and Service. Lightpad Block: Super Sonic Surface.


MMTA Spring SYNTHFEST 2013: I DREAM OF WIRES Presentation.