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Phantasma Gloria – Los Angeles, California. In front of an Echo Park home known as Randyland, a rainbow of colors is refracted through the bottles and glass items hanging in the sculpture web of Phantasma Gloria.

Phantasma Gloria – Los Angeles, California

Phantasma Gloria is a glittering sculpture created in the front yard of artist Randlett Lawrence, better known simply as Randy. Hidden away in the residential community of Echo Park, Randy's work is a towering icon created out of colorful glass bottles, wire, and colored water. When viewed by the morning light, the bottles refract the sunshine, creating a beautiful glow of color, light, and a topsy-turvy view of the world contained in each bottle. Within the bottles, Randy has created patterns that echo stylized dolphins, and even a Virgin de Guadalupe, honoring the multicultural community of Echo Park. Randy has been working on his sculpture for over a decade, and continues to work on it to this day, creating new additions and iterations.

This Awesome 10 Min Short Film on Glass Making Won a 1959 Academy Award. Mar 28, 2016 Glas is a 1959 Oscar®-winning short film on glass-blowing and glass-making automation, directed by Bert Haanstra.

This Awesome 10 Min Short Film on Glass Making Won a 1959 Academy Award

The film contrasts the production of hand made crystal from the Royal Leerdam Glass Factory with automated bottle making machines in the Netherlands. The wordless film says a lot without saying a word. Channels: AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE Tags: · art, award winning, documentary, glass, industrial, manufacturing, sculpture, short film, vintage. Faux Stained Glass. I love to peruse my vintage craft books and bring back ideas that seem new to some.

Faux Stained Glass

And I stumbled upon an idea to create faux stained glass using only acrylic paint and glue. What is great about this project is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. The project is relatively child friendly and a page from a coloring book can be used for your pattern along with an 8×10 photo frame. Or, you can go all complicated like I tend to do and use a huge sheet of glass and draw out a ridiculously detailed pattern. Your choice. For this project I used: One 32 x 24 thrift store framed picture covered with glass One bottle of white glue One bottle of clear glue Acrylic paints Black Sharpie pen Craft Blade Super GluePeacock pattern (or page from a coloring book) Clear acrylic spray sealant I started by drawing out my pattern in the same size as my sheet of glass.

I then took my thrift store find apart, and set aside the frame for later. 378-4_NarcissusQuagliata.pdf. Stained Glass Know HowStained Glass Know How. Tutorial-Faux Vintage Stained Glass Windows for pennies-great gift idea! The Michaels promotion is on again!

Tutorial-Faux Vintage Stained Glass Windows for pennies-great gift idea!

(see the ads here on my page). That is just perfect, because the home decorating craft that I am going to show you how to make today was made with supplies that I purchased from Michael's. I purchased them with the coupons, and now you can too! Making A Leaded Window Tutorial for Stained Glass Work. Finally, it's time to start making a leaded window.

Making A Leaded Window Tutorial for Stained Glass Work

All of the preliminaries are done. Your cartoon is prepared and the glass is cut, or at least the first few pieces are cut. You have the tools necessary to do the work. There's nothing holding you back, so let's get started. When making a leaded window, you will need to know where to cut off any internal lead that meets the two borders that do not have framing boards and lead. To make life easier, we will draw lines across each lead line that meets those two borders.

Now that your "cut off lines" are drawn, the first step is to put the left side border lead in place. Step two is to put the bottom or top (depending on which end of the cartoon you are starting from) piece of lead in place. Stained Glass Tutorials on Pinterest. DIY Stained Glass Window. Faux Stained Glass. Step by Step Beginner's Guide to Making Your First Stained Glass Piece.

This easy step by step guide will guide you to making your first stained glass piece!

Step by Step Beginner's Guide to Making Your First Stained Glass Piece.

Tools you will need Carbide glass cutter Cutting oil Grozing pliers Running pliers Burnisher Aluminum push pins Horseshoe nails Foil pattern shears Lead pattern shears Flux and brush Lead cutters or lead knife Soldering iron (see discussion below) Safety glasses Cork backed ruler Work surface Additional supplies Black fine tip Sharpie Pencil Bench brush. All Stained Glass Instructions and Tutorials on This Web Site. These stained glass instructions will teach you all of the basic techniques that are necessary to learn if you're a beginner.

All Stained Glass Instructions and Tutorials on This Web Site

They also go into more detail for those of you that has been working with glass for a while but need to review a technique that you haven't used for a while. The instructions are all step-by-step, with pictures, covering a large range of stained glass techniques. Click on the links below to get to each specific tutorial. Most of the following stained glass tutorials consist of more than one page of instructions. Once you have read the first page of the tutorial, click on the links near the bottom of the page to get to the next set of instructions. Faux Stained Glass Window Tutorial with DecoArt! This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of DecoArt's Glass Stain.

Faux Stained Glass Window Tutorial with DecoArt!

All opinions are 100% mine. We have this issue with our front door. It's the only thing that separates us from the rest of the world. No foyer, no sprawling yard. Only a few short feet away is the sidewalk where people (strangers) can stroll by and see directly into our house. The other issue is that our home is very dark on the inside. DecoArt has this amazing line of all sorts of paints you can use to decorate glass. ✓Americana Gloss Enamels have excellent coverage and a superb gloss finish that make them the best paint for decorating glass, tiles, glazed ceramics, and other non-porous surfaces.

How To Make Stained Glass - Free Tutorials.