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Metal Detector. TUCSON REVIEW-NEW EXCITING Crystal, mineral and metaphysical TREASURES FROM THE TUCSON GEM SHOW-check them out now. Estream: A portable water power generator fits into backpack by Enomad. Estream is a portable water-power generator that converts any type of moving water, such as that from a river or stream, into stored energy to charge most of today's usb-connected mobile devices, even while you are off the grid.

Estream: A portable water power generator fits into backpack by Enomad

As a generator, it produces 2.5W - 5W of energy. As Estream is suspended in water, water flow rotates the turbine. The rotation enables the generator to generate electricity. Estream works well even in a weak current or behind your kayak. It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge 6,400mAh built-in battery by running water. Greenwave EMI Filters. Greenwave filters can be plugged into any electrical outlet and will immediately begin reducing unusable electrical energy.

Greenwave EMI Filters

Removing Dirty Electricity with Greenwave Filters Greenwave filters remove dirty electricity, also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and dirty power, from building wiring before it radiates potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) into home and office environments. Dirty electricity exists across a variety of high and low frequencies. In order to target the broadest range of dirty electricity frequencies, Greenwave deploys a system of filtration that targets both high and low portions of the frequency spectrum.

Greenwave® Spectrum 2000 Series filters (2500G & 2500i models) target low, mid-range and high frequencies. Reduction of dirty electricity has been shown to have wellness benefits such as improved mental acuity, relaxation, and stress management. Wavegenome Tesla PSI glasses. The following description courtesy of Wavegenome, Dr.

Wavegenome Tesla PSI glasses

Irene Caesar: Certificate # 0285580 Certification reg. № ROSS RU 001.11AE63. by "OBORONTEST" (DEFENSE SYSTEMS TESTING) Rye Spawn Bags, Bulk Mushroom Growing, Bulk Mushroom Kits and Extras. Premium Liquid Culture Kit - Easy Spore Germinating & Mushroom Cloning System Midwest's Premium Liquid Culture Kit saves you time and money on any larger growing project.

Rye Spawn Bags, Bulk Mushroom Growing, Bulk Mushroom Kits and Extras

Turn one spore syringe into 10 or more! Simply inject 5 cc's of your favorite spores in the culture jar and watch it transform into liquid mycelium. BluBlocker Sunglasses: A major vision breakthrough. MAGNET4LESS-APPLIED MAGNETS-Neodymium Magnets-Rare Earth Magnets-Ceramic Magnets-Industrial Magnets-Magnets Wholesale To The Public. Magnetic Therapy Jewelry And Other Magnetic Devices. Wearing magnetic therapy jewelry is one of the simplest ways to benefit from Magnet Therapy.

Magnetic Therapy Jewelry And Other Magnetic Devices

A magnetic field increases circulation, reduces swelling, decreases pain, and offers protection from electromagnetic radiation. First, I’d like to mention some of the other magnetic devices that can be utilized to provide the body with a therapeutic static magnetic field, which is the target of Magnetic Therapy. Other Magnetic Devices Magnetic Braces. 10 Watt E-Flex Portable Solar Panel with USB Port.

5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Fake! - David Avocado Wolfe - The first time I saw a Himalayan salt lamp, I thought it was the coolest thing ever, based solely on how it looked.

5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Fake! - David Avocado Wolfe -

It wasn’t until years later that I learned just how awesome Himalayan salt lamps really are. They’ll improve your mental clarity, cleanse the air in your room and help you get better sleep, among many other things. Unfortunately, those benefits – along with the lamps’ rising popularity – make Himalayan salt lamps a prime target for counterfeiters.

Essential Sounds Of The Universe. Radionics Machines Devices Software Manifest Desires FAST! Dr. Richard Alan Miller. Soft copper tubing - refrigeration tubing. Frequently Asked Questions Q.

Soft copper tubing - refrigeration tubing

"I have 1/2" copper fittings, can I use 1/2" o.d. copper tubing with those fittings? "A. Probably not. Coconut (Fractionated) Carrier Oil FCO: Essential Oils. Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing & Working With Fungi. Fungi are found throughout the world, often playing critical roles at the center of all ecological webs.

Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing & Working With Fungi

As culturally important foods and medicines, as well as instigators of religious practices, they have been intimately tied to the development and spread of human cultures. And yet, despite their numerous influences on the history of the world, fungi are completely disregarded by the majority of people today. In 2006 Peter McCoy founded Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the many ways to work with fungi for personal, societal, and ecological health.

Nearly a decade later, McCoy has written Radical Mycology to share the wide array of skills and insights that have arisen from the organization’s international work to advance the science of appropriately applied mycology. Throughout this journey, McCoy offers personal and thought-provoking insights into experiencing fungi, based on his 15 years of practice and study in the field.

"... Press Kit. Cistus incanus creticus Warley Rose Rockrose. Salvia microphylla Wild Watermelon Salvia. Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. Masters Blend Finish - Preserve (TM) Woodenware Oil. Available in convenient 8 oz. bottles Preserve™ Woodenware Oil is a non-toxic finish for use on everything from butcher blocks and cutting boards, to salad bowls and children’s toys.

Masters Blend Finish - Preserve (TM) Woodenware Oil

This unique blend of nut oils penetrates deeply into wood fibers preventing woodenware from absorbing food juices and odors. Rejuvenate your badly abused wood knife handles, cutting boards, dry cracking salad bowls and unprotected butcher blocks. Watch as Preserve™ enhances the wood grain with its golden tone. Preserve™ can also be used on varnished surfaces to hide scratches instantly. Preserve™ is a rare blend of oils from the meats of exotic nuts. Benefits: Totally non-toxic directly from the container (made from nut oils). Directions: Apply generously with your hand or soft cloth to the clean dry surface of wood.

Safety: Individuals who are known to have nut allergies should avoid nut oil products. Bioshield, Herbal Oil - Non-Toxic, Primer and Sealer for Food Grade Surfaces - Green Building Supply. Primer and sealer for food grade surfaces Bioshield Herbal Oil is a cold pressed linseed oil.

Bioshield, Herbal Oil - Non-Toxic, Primer and Sealer for Food Grade Surfaces - Green Building Supply

It penetrates deeply and creates an elastic, breathable and water resistant finish that enhances the natural beauty of any wood. It's for use on food surfaces such as butcher blocks, wooden counter tops, salad bowls, wooden utensils and cutting boards. Bioshield, Wood Counter Finish - All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Oil Wax Finish - Green Building Supply. AFM SafeCoat, Hard Seal - Non-Toxic, Odor Blocking Sealer for Wood and Painted Porous Surfaces - Green Building Supply. Hard gloss sealer for toxic off-gassing. Chlorine Shower Filter, Chlorine Filter Shower Head, Chlorine Shower Filters, Rainshow R Shower Filter. Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association according to NSF/ANSI 177 for the Reduction of Free Chlorine.

Did you know that by putting your fingers for 15 seconds into an ordinary glass of municipal tap water you absorb over 80 percent of the chlorine into your body? Imagine how much chlorine you absorb in a 10 minute shower! What's more, chlorine is not only absorbed by your skin, but inhaled from the steam and spray, where it goes directly into your bloodstream. Chlorine creates dry hair, flaky skin, accelerated aging from free radical damage, reduced oxygen transport in lungs, and destruction of vitamins in the body. The Best Power Inverters on the Market. Analytic Systems has been producing Pure Sinewave Inverters since 1994. Originally designed for running navigation computers on commercial and fishing vessels, the line has evolved into a range of models with power outputs from 300 to 3600 watts featuring Digital Signal Processor control. High power MosFet technology creates a low voltage Sinewave that is fed into a compact toroidal step-up transformer to produce a very clean low EMI AC output.

Northrup Grumman evaluated inverters from all major manufacturers and chose the IPSi series by Analytic Systems for their Army portable command centers for precisely this reason. Battery voltages of 12, 24, 32, 36, 48, 72 and 125 volts DC are supported, although the SPSi2400 and SPSi3600 are not available for 12 volts DC In (currents are too high) and the SPS300 does not support 125 volts DC In. We currently offer two series that are sealed to IP66 standards, the 300 watt IPS300MW and the 3000 watt IPSi3000MW.

8 Inch Glass Straws. Free shipping on orders over $100 – US only. simple elegance 8" length Our flagship straw in 3 popular diameters, designed for the average 12 - 16 ounce glass. ICED TEAsku-se95na89.5mm x 8" - $9.00 (5.5mm inside diameter) - Compound Microscopes. Lobelia Herb. Browse Plants Online. Peaceful feelings/Orgone. Cloud Storage Simplified - SkyVault360 Computer Backup. The Power of the Aether as Related to Music and Electricity by Eric Dollard - Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage. Watch Independent Movies, Documentaries & Indie Films Online. Ad-free

This Handy Device Will Let You Send Text Messages Even After The Grid Crashes. Charcoal Making Methods. Making Moccasins- Making Native American Indian Moccasins- Crazy Crow Craft Focus. Conspiracy themed t-shirts and clothing. FREE eBooks, Apps Download - Buycott App - Boycott App Vote With Your Wallet. Conspiracy themed t-shirts and clothing. Upload and 3D print your products on Shapeways. This Solar Powered Tent Can Power All Your Mobile Gadgets. Now THIS solar powered off grid camping tent is probably the coolest tent I've ever seen. I've been an outdoorsman all my life and have owned many tents, but this concept is phenomenal. Now, this isn't designed to haul around the hiking trails, as it would be too heavy for regular hiking/camping trips.

But, it could probably be utilized well at events, and longer term camping. It's designed to sleep 4 people comfortably, and would supposedly power you mobile devices through the built in solar panel array on the roof. Beginner's Guide to SSL Certificates: Making the Best Choice When Considering Your Online Security Options Free White Paper. Animal Track Guides: An Excellent Field Guide for Animal Track Identification- Features Over 22 Different Animal Tracks Common To North America. Was that a coyote or a fox that walked through here? Take the guesswork out of identifying North American animal tracks. The North Woods Tracks Guide features 22 different animal tracks commonly found in North America.