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Ten Laws to Design By « Web Design Marketing Podcast & Blog. As designers we have to be aware of the function of our work and design as much as we care about the aesthetics and visuals.

Ten Laws to Design By « Web Design Marketing Podcast & Blog

There are a lot of terms for the design of how the site functions and works, from “usability design” to “user experience,” what remains constant is that if we want to become better designers we have to pair these two concepts together. Using clear and effective design laws as guides we can use proven formulas for better design. These laws both assist in the usability / experience of our design as well as the aesthetic values. Furthermore being able to refer and cite these laws when presenting or discussing design you can further establish yourself as a expert with justified reasons for your design choices. 1.

Hick’s law states that with every additional choice the time it will take for one to make a selection increases. The classic case study for Hick’s law involves a grocery store which put out free jam tasting for customers. Read more about Hick’s Law. 2. 3. 4. 15 Web Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software. Web applications for business have come a long way.

15 Web Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software

They used to be poor imitations of their desktop counterparts, with only one or two functions and not at all practical. But my, have these apps grown. Today’s SaaS business and CRM apps have become so powerful and useful that in many cases, they’ve begun to replace traditional desktop software such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, etc. Desktop apps are great and all, but they don’t provide the same benefits as business apps that make use of cloud computing.

CSS-Tricks. WordPress Fat-Loss Diet to Speed Up & Ease Load. Last week we looked at some useful plugins to enhance and protect WordPress, following on with the WordPress topic let’s look at how you can tweak your WordPress install to increase the speed of your site and ease the load on your web servers.

WordPress Fat-Loss Diet to Speed Up & Ease Load

We’ll be putting the front end code on a strict diet, while trimming the fat from the database to produce a fast, lean website that doesn’t clog up your server’s resources. Despite its general awesomeness and wide adoption across the web as both a blogging platform and a trusty CMS, it’s no secret that WordPress is a greedy old memory hog. This high memory usage soon becomes apparent when your blog receives a decent number of visitors and your blog goes missing due to your server throwing in the towel. Installing one of the many caching plugins fixes 90% of these server problems, while upgrading your server specs solves the rest. But it’s not all about uptime and downtime, we also want a speedy site that loads in a flash every day. Web Development Tutorials & Resources. UX Movement - User Interface & User Experience Design Ideas and Best Practices.

Newsmap. 6 Ways To Subliminally Tell Users "Don't Come Back" There are many practices that I can't believe are still on the internet.

6 Ways To Subliminally Tell Users "Don't Come Back"

Here are a few ways to tell the user to never come back to your website. Resize The Main Browser Window. TutorialShock. Tutorial Lounge [Learn Step by Step] iA » The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard. By Oliver Reichenstein Most websites are crammed with small text that’s a pain to read.

iA » The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard

Why? There is no reason for squeezing so much information onto the screen. It’s just a stupid collective mistake that dates back to a time when screens were really, really small. So… Screen vs. magazine: 100% is NOT big; image by Wilson Miner. 25 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know. 50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers - Smashing Magazine.

How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial. Update: We’ve created a second edition of this popular tutorial!

How To Create a WordPress Theme: The Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial

It contains updated code samples, coverage of the latest theme development techniques, and more. Check it out at The ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd Edition. Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20 Common Bugs and Fixes - Noupe Design Blog. Jun 15 2008 Without a doubt, a logical and structured layout is the best way to go.

Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20 Common Bugs and Fixes - Noupe Design Blog

Not only because your layout varies between browsers, but also because CSS has a lot of ways to position every element you have. Today we wanted to share with you some quick tips on how to avoid easy pitfalls when creating your CSS layout. This is the first part in this series as there are SO MANY good tricks out there and if you see an easier or better methods, then post a comment below or email me.

I will do my best to include it in our next post in this series. Blog design Blog for Blog Designers. How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch Part 1 » Themetation. I’m going to show you how to create a wordpress theme from scratch in these 3 parts of tutorial series.

How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch Part 1 » Themetation

I will cover from Structuring, designing in Photoshop, slicing, coding into fully css based html, and finally wordpress implementation. Table Of Content Below is the index of the topics that we will go through: 50 Useful Articles and Resources You May Have Missed - Noupe Design Blog. Jul 21 2010 When it comes to online tutorials and articles, you have to be very careful in choosing the right one from tens of thousands of articles you find as you are seeking help in the Web.

50 Useful Articles and Resources You May Have Missed - Noupe Design Blog

Mega Collection Of Cheatsheets for Designers And Developers. Cheatsheets and various quick reference guides are available for almost any type of software and language these days.

Mega Collection Of Cheatsheets for Designers And Developers

IT. Finding Inspiration. As a designer, I think we all have experienced the hard time of finding new ideas and inspirations. That's why I've chosen to talk about this topic in my presentation at the FOWD conference. In this post, I want to do a recap of my slides – Finding Inspiration From Your Environment. Faster Page Loads – Bundle Your CSS and Javascript. Have you ever watched your status bar while you wait for a page to load and wondered why several files seem to be downloaded before you see anything at all on your screen? Eventually the page content displays, and then the images are slotted in.

The files that keep you waiting are generally the CSS and Javascript files linked to from the “head” section of the HTML document. Because these files determine how the page will be displayed, rendering is delayed until they are completely downloaded. HTTP Overhead For each of these files, an HTTP request is sent to the server, and then the browser awaits a response before requesting the next file. CSS3 Generator. ColorTheory_Screen_White.jpg (JPEG Image, 1224x792 pixels) Designers Toolbox: Graphic Design Tools : Lorem Ipsum Text Generator : Create An Online Portfolio. 35 Stunning Hi-Res “Public Domain” Astronomy Images.

If our freebies have benefited you personally or have helped you earn a profit please consider donating via paypal. Donate Now In the wake of Shepard Fairey’s debacle with the AP over the rights to the image he used as reference/inspiration for his wildy popular Obama poster, I wanted to share a list of Public Domain Licensed images, in this case, astronomy. Fairey’s situation should hit home with all pixel junkies out there and remind us that we have to pay close attention to the licenses associated with the images we use in our design work. I’ve compiled a list of beautiful, inspiring astronomy images that all have a Public Domain License. Astronomy intrigues me. Earth Full resolution: 3,000 × 3,075 pixels Full resolution: 2,048 × 2,048 pixels Full resolution: 3,000 × 3,002 pixels Full resolution: 1,696 × 2,074 pixels. ThriftDeluxe - DIY For the Hip. Tutorial - Controlling The Real World With Computers.

Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies at Discount Prices. 1001 Free Fonts - Download Free Fonts - Free Windows and Mac Fonts. Documentation search engine. Popular RFC Title Index 1. Industrial design courses ? designboom. - Dreamweaver Menus, Widgets, Extensions and CSS Templates. Digital Photography Tutorials. Learn how to take and edit digital photographs using visual tutorials that emphasize concept over procedure, independent of specific digital camera or lens.

This is a complete listing of all tutorials on this site; click the drop-down links in the top menu to see particular topics. Photography is going through an exciting transition period as many film photographers are beginning to explore the new capabilities of digital cameras. While the fundamentals have remained similar, other aspects are markedly different. World History : HyperHistory.

Readymech Series 002. Gorgeous. The Internet Theatre Bookshop - Plays & Musicals & Play Scripts. SP*C**L D*F*CTS. Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed. Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots. Nice and Free CSS Templates. HTML Playground, html, css reference by example. Recipes for: C (Page 150) - Complete Recipes.

CSS Cheat Sheet.

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