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How to Make a Hologram with your Smartphone. Epic Pokemon first generation perler part one by mininete on DeviantArt. Nähen mit Cherrygrön: Anleitungen. How to Make Turn an Old Tire into a Rope Ottoman. Voxel Builder. Gallery:Paper Mario: Sticker Star. How to Make 2 Incredible Ways to Make Yarn Pom Poms. Tools: ScissorsFork2 toilet paper rolls Supplies / ingredients: 2 skeins of yarn (thicker and thinner one to tie)

How to Make 2 Incredible Ways to Make Yarn Pom Poms

Une cuisinière montre une façon originale de faire du pain. Si vous n'avez jamais fait votre propre pain, vous manquez vraiment quelque chose.

Une cuisinière montre une façon originale de faire du pain

Rien de plus satisfaisant que de sortir sa première miche du four. Cette cuisinière inventive a fait de ce procédé plutôt simple un art très spécial. Avec du colorant alimentaire et du pain aux raisins, elle crée une miche de pain à plusieurs couches qui ressemble à une pastèque! Elle n'ajoute pas d'arôme, donc le pain a seulement l'aspect de la pastèque, pas le goût. En tout cas, c'est un moyen très simple de fabriquer quelque chose que votre famille ne sera pas près d'oublier! DIY craft projects, recipes, and ideas for creative family living. Et bons plans : déco, bricolage, beauté, maison, jardin... How to Use a Kreg Jig.

You can build things.

How to Use a Kreg Jig

You can! I am going to show you how! Specifically I am going to show you how to use a Kreg Jig to make these awesome book ledges. These ledges can be used for so much more than just books! Frames, small jars of crafts, mugs, keepsakes…the list goes on! I am currently 29 weeks pregnant. Supplies Needed to create 18” Book Ledges: .5” x 1.5” x 36” board (I used 36” and cut in half to make 2 shelves…you can use any length that suits your needs!).

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Paper toys/crafts

Fait Maison. How to make a Dreamcatcher. Weave it whimsy diy. Recycle plastic bags and milk cartons into baskets So… what shall we start with?

weave it whimsy diy

Well, I am celebrating Shavuot, which is known to be one of the oldest holidays in Judaism. On this holiday, harvest of the first grains is being celebrated with songs and dances, remembering the old times when the people went up to Jerusalem, to the Temple, bringing with them gifts and offerings of the first fruits, veggies and flowers. Today, among other customs, we fill nice little baskets with goodies, and decorate both the baskets and the kids that carry them. My little league dived happily into our little basket project while maintaining the opportunity of keeping green.

Wait, don’t throw: those milk cartons, or plastic jugs, or those cubic tissue boxes;grocery plastic bags that come in all those cool colors. Cut your colorful plastic bags into many long, thin strips, about 1 inch wide. Knot string to string in a way that eventually produces one long, multi-colored “thread” for your weaving. Make a Lamp from an Orange in 1 minute. Luminaria de jornal - luminaria newspaper - luminaria hechas de periódicos.


Handimania. Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow. DIY : Bracelets brésiliens tresse en épi de blé (fishtail bracelet) Pour réaliser un style de bracelet brésilien HYPER facilement, il suffit juste de tresser en épi de blé pour donner cette forme chevron.

DIY : Bracelets brésiliens tresse en épi de blé (fishtail bracelet)

Cela permet de créer ces bijoux aisément sans se prendre la tête en 10 minutes top chrono. Dans ce tutoriel je vous propose deux versions, à vous de les découvrir : Liste du materiel MètreFil de broderie : lienScotchCiseauxBreloque : lien ; Anneau : lienChaine en strass : lien VERSION 2 : Kit à petit prix By Isnata disponible ici :lien J'espère que ce tutoriel vous a plu, si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas à me les poseren commentaire ou via les réseaux sociaux (liens sur les onglets du haut) A bientôt. Il primo social magazine del fatto a mano. 15 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs. Colored eggs is the universal symbol of Easter, and the tradition dates back way to Mesopotamia.

15 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Some cultures today are more keen on buying colored or even chocolate eggs, but let’s be honest, decorating them yourself is always much more fun! Luckily, there are endless ways and tons of different materials you can use to make a gorgeous custom egg. Flowers, threads, tape, even an old tie – everything can be used to make your eggs exceptional.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, in the worst case scenario, we can add your egg to this list. To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of 15 creative DIY Easter ideas – some of them are so pretty that it’s gonna be hard to crack and eat the eggs later! 1. More info: 2. More info: 3. More info: 4. More info: 5. More info: 6. More info: 7. More info: Etsy. Spellbinders Curiosities. Le bois et le papier. {Valentines day} pixelated popup card.

I‘ve been scratching my head trying to come up with a card for my hubby {AKA the non-romantic type}.

{Valentines day} pixelated popup card

I finally decided to make this pixely popup heart card! They are really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope). You can even make some pixely confetti to put inside the card (if you are a big kid like me!). Full instructions and printable templates below! (BTW I remember seeing something similar in a popup book years ago.